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Corona Virus Diary 3/22/20

Updated on April 4, 2020
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Many people have written diary entries about historical events. I am writing a diary about my experiences during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Author of the Corona Virus diary
Author of the Corona Virus diary

Corona Virus Diary

Corona Virus Diary 3/22/20

Most diaries we keep secret from others. To hell with that. I will share my thoughts and feelings pertaining to the Corona virus pandemic. It is a disease that started in China and spread throughout the world. People believe that it came from some kind of animal . We will find out the truth someday. Where I live , California the businesses, resturants, and forms of entertainment have shut down by the governor. We are now essentailly in quarantine lock down. Where I live as of I believe Thursday of this week the days are starting to blend together. The resturants have shut down except for walk ins. I am avoiding this to be safe. The only businesses open for the most part is places where you can get medicine and food. We are supposed to stay home to avoid getting sick and getting others sick. This is a strong flu that can affect people's breathing so bad that they can end up on a respirator and in some cases even die. The grocery stores are mostly bare. People panicked and bought more than they need in fear of this disease. The Corona Virus seems to affect the really old and people with pre existing conditions the most. I purposely have made a rule that I will not buy and food until all the food that I have purchased is gone. This is to avoid the long tines and also to keep myself safe for I do have a preexisting condition which is diabetes. In the last week I went to Costco twice. These experiences were completely different. The first time there was a crazy line of carts that probably extended for a half a mile. Everyone was in this incredabily long line not knowing if there would be any food once we got to Costco , which is a warehouse business with food. As we were walking to Costco and slowly advancing through this line I saw many abandoned carts in the dirt of people who gave up because the line was extremely long. I feel bad for the workers who would have to pick up these carts and return them. In times of crises there are always one person who tries to break the rules. The vast majority of people in what seemed like an endless line were, polite, quiet, and tried to make the best out of an unusual situation. There was one lady that was on a mission to quickly get her food and instead of staying on the endless sidewalk line took her cart into the street and passed buy everyone. Normally people have a short temper and will get vocal if someone breaks the rules or promises and sometimes for safety reasons and angrily honks their horn. But when this lady clearly broke the rules no one protested. Nor did anyone copy what she just did. Later I saw another lady that did something incrediably dangerous we were getting close to Costco a huge big rig truck with Costco food was driving to help Costco barren shelves - I wondered if there would be any food on the shelves by the time I arrived. The driver told her to stop- we had to make a wide turn. Of course a big rig truck would make a wide turn way wider than the average car. The driver of the big rig Costco truck with his hand told her to stop and instead she kept walking with her shopping cart. I thought that she would be crushed. She thankfully was not. Once we got there there was more food than I thought there would be. The night before there was hardly anything in the grocery store Vons. The second time I went to Costco a few days later because I want to exchange a few items and there was much more food there than the last time. Both times toilet paper , regular water, and lotion did not exist. These are items that people tend to hoard during this crises. I was working hard to change my life before this crises began and was working on getting out of my current job as a substitute teacher, getting married and having children. I have created other forms of income they are 1) renting my home to an immigrant family from Jordan in the middle east.... (I live with them) 2) helping a lady from the local senior community with her car and other projects 3) help people with resumes and cover letters . Recently I got a potential client on an internet side called clarity. He wants me to be his life coach. If he follows through and sets up an appointment I will get paid $1.00 a minute. I was fearful as a substitute teacher that I would not get paid but fortunately I found out I will be paid between $1,900 a month and $2,400 a month. I will not stop pursuing and focusing on my goals.I already set up a daily plan or ritual essentially a routine to follow when I am unable to work because the schools have shut down. I start off the day waking up at 4:00 AM. This causes a mindset that creates a positive frame of mind. Then I play a war strategy game that gets me in a competitive mood. After this I go into the garage and practice playing a game called straight pool. Once I miss 12 times I quit. After this I pick up my stoic journal and answer a question that helps me examine my life and what I should be doing to improve myself. After this I do gardening in the backyard, one hour in the front yard, and one hour in the backyard, then I organize my room for one hour- getting rid of things I do not need. After this I read for two hours . Right now I am reading a famous book called The Art Of War. After reading I look at Bumble , an app for business networking. Now during the quarantine lock down due to the Corona Virus if I get a date it will have to be a internet remote date on Zoom where we can see each other on the computer screen. Since we can see each other we can play cards , or some board game , or just chat. This might work well if we both have the same board game at home- so we can both look at the same game pieces. After this I work on different way to create income that will use Zoom and Pay Pal. I will let you know if these work out. I also have a plan based on a book I read to improve my networking. I will step by step improve my networking. On Sundays I will write in this journal, which will be read as a You Tube video. Everyday I will record You Tube videos to keep myself on track and motivated to keep fighting to achieve my goals even during this hard time in the history of the world. This will pass.

© 2020 Robert Laurie


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