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Corporate Seduction Poem

Updated on November 26, 2014

Art of Seduction

Art of Seduction
Art of Seduction | Source

Office Tease

they left me alone with keys clicking

monitor’s politely humming with soft facial light

trusting me while no one surveys actions

maybe having mistaken outer solace for kindness

weakness isn’t far- fetched stranger

maybe even impressed at the pixie like expression

smile of maple sweetened laughter

but they left me here in maze’s of grey

speckled neutral grass and frequent sound

of raving white collation, mechanical whir

foot-steps unsuspected while other’s tapping

not expecting I am suspect of the suspecting brood

aware of the tireless eye’s in crisp shirts

well suited and Gentleman’s Quarterly

good ole’ boys in duck downing, sophisticated female maybe’s

never considering a Jamesetta Bond

in Fendi spectacles is a lone… scrupulous

decked in diligence, industriousness overtime

to flirt with opportunity, wink at advantage

with pen between my teeth

maybe I am the tease

Put on a Seductive Suit

Business Sultry
Business Sultry | Source

Italian Haute'

Business Becomes You
Business Becomes You | Source


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