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Corporate Social Disease

Updated on February 2, 2015

Corporate Ameяika CEO

drunkin monkey hangover
drunkin monkey hangover | Source

The Tick on Your Flea

Egghead imitation man

drowning deep in corporate sand

hidden hands dripping blood

sticky mud begins to flood

howl at the moon, long as you can?

Darkness looming up ahead

fire asleep inside your bed

open blind eye pretend to see

the best slaves believe they are free

dazed and doomed soon to be dead

Lounging on Persian carpets of shit

cobras no longer able to spit

blackness covers sweet jagged sun

flashing hole in the end of your gun

lies and fear to make us submit

Society sinks slowly into the sea

in majestic land of the cowed free

treading water in oil soaked debris

your pretend face don't impress me

suck the blood from the tick on your flea

Square-head pretentious man

immoral source of our lost land

what will you do when we turn away

stripped all alone no words left to pray

watching the worms crawl from your can

Gaping hole from torpedo blast

plug it with gum hope it will last

cover it quick for no one to see

hell fire burns with impunity

catching up with stone age past

Self important delusion man

out on a date with your left hand

can you please reveal to me

how much money it takes

to buy insanity?

© 2011 Randy Hirneisen


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