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Corrupted Souls Of Angels: Fate & Destiny (Chapter One)

Updated on November 24, 2014

Chapter One

Mari couldn't believe it. When Cameron showed the footage of Mila attacking Sabine, she had said there had to be a reason for it. Even when Sabine told her what happened, Mari still refused to believe Mila had turned her back on them.

During the fight in the club, Mari had firsthand witnessed the startling change in Mila. She had grown visibly more powerful and her confidence in herself marked a drastic change within her. There was no trace of the girl she used to know except for one thing that she was certain nobody saw but her.

Although Mila's multicolored crystalline eyes were shimmering eerily, Mari had noticed the fleeting but familiar grim expression accompanied by guilt and shame. It crossed momentarily on Mila's face when she had struck her. If it hadn't been all those times she had worked alongside of Mila, she wouldn't have caught it or even recognized it.

Michael and his Angels had disappeared abruptly after Mila had vanished into thin air with a pop. She had heard Michael whisper that they needed to check that motel in case she had gone back. Relieved that they left, Mari scanned the club locating her team to see what shape they were in.

Mari, what happened? she heard Cameron whisper in her mind. The club's security cams went blank. None of you are responding. From what I could get on the outside cams was that there was a huge blast then people were just running out.

Mari sighed assessing the damage. Lucifer was hovering over Viggo who was squirming around on the ground in obvious pain due to Mila breaking his leg. She relayed the message, it was an attack, Cam. Viggo's down. She probably already knows but inform Isabelle.

Okay, will do. An attack? Was it the Angels? Cameron asked her.

Mari stumbled over towards Lucifer and Viggo. Chandra had made her way over. It started off as just them, she told Cameron as she came upon the brutal scene. Mila had definitely broken his leg. Mila showed up, Cam. She attacked everyone! Not just the Angels either us too.

Whoa, I was hoping she hadn't turned her back on us, Cameron responded back. I know she beat up Sabine, but those two never got along. It doesn't make sense. Why would she turn her back on Lucifer?

She wouldn't. That's what's confusing me. Mari knelt down and got a closer look at Viggo's injury. Viggo had come to her rescue and he was met with this. She looked into Lucifer's eyes and saw the hurt confusion mixed with obvious concern over Viggo within them.

"Lucifer," she said. "I can't treat him here. You'll need fly him back, okay?"

He nodded as he glanced over at Viggo before he started to slide his arms beneath Viggo's body. Mari reached over placing a hand over his should. His eyes focused on hers again.

"It's going to be okay," she reassured him.

He gave her a weak smile. "Thanks, Mari, but you and I both know that's not true," he told her as he continued to pick up Viggo. "Will you two be okay to get back on your own?"

Mari nodded watching him as his black wings appeared and spread out. With his powerful wings, he took off into the air and zoomed out of the club in an alarmingly break neck speed. Chandra sighed drawing Mari's attention as Chandra was shook her head at the damage.

"That was really something," Chandra muttered.

Mari nodded in agreement. "Absolutely," she agreed rising to her feet.

"I honestly didn't think she had it in her to fight like that. No remorse. She kicked some serious butt," Chandra mused drawing a smile out of Mari. Her eyes widened. "And when she hit you! Wow, what a shocker!"

Mari nodded staying silent though keeping her thoughts to herself about the situation until Chandra shocked her.

"But I know she didn't mean it," Chandra admitted honestly. Mari eyed her nervously wondering if she was being serious. "Hey, don't look at me like that. She beat me down too, okay? I'm just saying she was lenient with us compared to how she was with Michael and the Angels. Yes, Viggo got injured, but if she wanted to she could have killed him just as easily instead she maimed him."

"You noticed that too?"

"I know I haven't known you two long, but you can tell she was holding back. She blocked us. She literally decimated the others. Did you see her toss one of Angels over the bar?"

Mari grinned. "Yeah," she said. "I think Michael got it the worse."

"The guy shouldn't have stabbed her from behind literally. He had that coming and then some." Chandra paused before venturing into a different topic. "Mila wouldn't betray Lucifer. I don't care what we witnessed and I don't give a damn what Sabine is squawking about. I've seen those two together. They got something deep like insanely deep. Nobody bares full mating script like they did that soon."

Mari nodded at that. That was true! Cameron and her mating script was gradually winding up their arms. It had almost reached their elbows.

"I was there," Chandra told Mari. "Y'know, when she disappeared. We had to sedate Lucifer. He kept saying he had to stop Mila before she went after Lilith."


Chandra nodded. "When he came to, he didn't mention anything after, because we were all trying to figure out where Mila had run off to," she explained. "We all know by now that Lucifer is planning to kill Lilith for the sake of humanity. The scales needs to remain balanced."

Mari's eyes widened as it all began to make sense. Why hadn't she realized that before? She eyed Chandra. "She's his mate," she said. "She'll doing anything to protect him."

"As I would do anything to protect Scorpius. Just as you would Cameron. Don't deny it. I've seen you two becoming very comfortable in your relationship."

Mari blushed at that. They had agreed to take it slow and get to know one another. She had often heard males in a blood mating would increase their connection and power by forcing the female to submit to them every sense of the word.

In the beginning, she didn't know what to think of Cameron. She had done the ceremonial ritual as Lilith required of her and then she was linked to a Fallen she had heard about but never met before while in the Heavens. When Cameron gave her the pouch of herbs to help alleviate the pain, Mari knew he had a kind soul and that everything would be okay. They had grown stronger which cemented and fortified their connection.

So when Mari looked at Chandra wide-eyed, Chandra started laughing at the conclusion she had come to. Chandra patted Mari's back as she let the information settle inside of mind and body.

"We should get back," Chandra told her as she began to head out the ruins of the club.

Mari followed Chandra knowing she was right. Cam, I'm on my way back.

Good. I was wondering why you hadn't left, he responded back. I'll keep an eye out on the cams for you. Viggo is set up on the table. We already sedated him.

* * *

Serenity wondered why Gabriel had requested her to the Heavens. She sighed making certain the soul she was looking over was safely tucked away in her bed. The girl of seventeen had a trying day at school, but for the most part, she seemed at ease and safe. After giving one more look over at the girl's bedroom, she focused her energy as she visualized the gates of Heaven.

When she opened her eyes, she was hit from behind. She groaned stumbling a bit but not losing her footing. She looked up annoyed when not even an apology was given. The warrior Angels seemed to have had a rough day as they pushed pass her not even giving her glance. She sighed shaking her head. Just because she didn't keep the demon underworld at bay didn't make her role in the mission less than theirs.

"You should watch where you are projecting."

The response was gruff and clearly irritated. Serenity scowled turning around to face whoever it was to give them a piece of her mind about the lack of polite manners when she came across Michael. She held her tongue due to one thing alone -- he was an Archangel. Unlike him and the rest of his brute forces, she at least had an idea of decorum and respect.

"I was requested to attend a meeting by Gabriel," she told him even though she wanted to throw politeness out the door and stamp on his foot childishly.

Michael gave her a look before eying her up and down. "You are Serenity... Both Gabriel and Raphael's new protégée?" he questioned. "Do you take your position seriously? I would advise you to do so, because many souls are at stake."

"I am fairly certain that I take my position quite seriously," she bit out. She shook her. "Why you need to feel the need to question my loyalty is rather insulting."

Michael smirked. "They all look pure until their true colors show," he muttered. Serenity wanted nothing more to strike him, but she kept her hands at her side. "It is my personal duty and number one priority to make certain everything is going according to plan."

"Well, everything is going according to plan," she said mirroring his words flippantly.

A beat or two went by of complete silence with Michael glaring at her with those dark gray eyes of his. Serenity remember a time when those eyes were lit with humor and compassion. She sorely missed that side of him.

"You do not like me, do you?"

Serenity snorted at that. She couldn't help it. "I liked the old you before you were consumed by war and supposed retribution," she told him dully. "This you though? No, I find this you a bit offensive and downright infuriating."

"What is it you find so offensive and infuriating? The fact I am right? The fact I am indeed above you in stature and you therefore cannot really say what is going through your mind."

"I think you are wrong!" she shouted. An anger inside of her flared. "I think entire war is wrong. You used to care about the mission and what it entailed. You used to love your job. You thrived in it. I looked up to you, Michael. You are an Archangel! The supreme protector of humanity and soul!" She shook her head as she looked him over in utter disgust. "Now humanity needs to be protected from you and your careless and selfish decisions--"

"That is enough," Michael growled out a warning.

She was too riled up to stop now. "You just had to push me! Well, I am telling you exactly what I and probably everyone else thinks," she told him. "You have lost sight of who you are and what you stand for. I suggest you figure out where your own loyalties are before you accuse anyone of lacking theirs."

She turned on her heel. She didn't even bothering turning around to respond to Michael calling her name. She continued on her way not caring if she had insulted the Archangel. She knew she had made a possible enemy out of him, but she didn't care.

Michael had put them all in danger when they attacked the demon club declaring war. Now, she had to watch her back all the time in fear of the demonic community would act on their fury by coming after her and the rest of her flock. She was incensed with the fact Michael hadn't even bothered to consider what consequences may happen due to his impulsive actions.

She gasped when a hand gripped her arm and she was roughly pushed around. Michael was standing towering over her due to his height. His muscle and sheer size caused her to feel a bit lightheaded with the way his dark gray eyes bore into hers. He evidently wasn't particularly happy with her assessment.

"Serenity, is that how you talk to your superior?" he asked. "I understand that our actions have put a bit of strain in your work--"

"Do you?" she interrupted. "Do you have any idea what you have done? We are not equipped with aggressive tactics to ward of those who obviously want to harm us. Michael, we are sitting ducks down there. We-We cannot defend ourselves against them."

She broke away remembering the memory that haunted her during her time down there. They had come at her surrounding her. She couldn't fight them then the nightmarish act that she knew would come came. They ravaged her and used her like she was disposable rag doll. She had kept that to herself, because she was too ashamed to let anyone know. She bowed her head finding she couldn't look in Michael's eyes.

Michael lifted her chin with a gentle finger causing her to meet his eyes. "Serenity, what happened?" he whispered. Her heart sank knowing he knew something was amiss. "Did something happen to you?"

Serenity felt a few tears escape as she shuddered at the memory. "I do not want to talk about it."

She tried to walk away, but he prevented her from doing so.

"Serenity, please tell me."

"They raped me, okay?" she gasped. She started laughing darkly. "They used me then left me to die. Is that what you want to hear? Michael, please just leave me alone."

She rushed away from him and was thankful he didn't follow. She looked over her shoulder at him when she reached the ancient stone temple. He was still standing there watching her. His face had gone pale. His eyes held the one thing she didn't want pity. She scowled at him before sharply turning her head and marching inside where Raphael and Gabriel were waiting for her to arrive.

* * *

Lucifer watched Mari take care of Viggo's injury and reset his leg properly. He sighed feeling the weight of his heart crush upon him as he decided it was all too much for him. He strode outside unto the fire escape once he knew Viggo was good and patched up. Nobody said a word to stop him.

When he slammed the door shut, he let out a shout of frustration. His fingers curled around the railing as he clutched the metal. His head bowed. He felt as if his entire world had once again shattered before him at his feet. He hadn't seen her or felt her existence for six long months and she just shows up looking strong, powerful, aggressive, and incidently independent. She was still incredibly beautiful even with her newly acquired multicolored eyes that swirled from one color to the next reflecting like a crystal.

He wanted his mate desperately. He knew now it hadn't been the wisest move to attempt to erase her memories, but he had only wanted to protect her. She had amazingly broke through his barriers instead eliminating the walls between their minds. However, she had apparently surmounted a lot of power if she could shield both her presence and the link. It still felt like she was gone even though he knew she wasn't now.

Maybe, she was gone in a sense. He felt some relief when the sight the ancient script still crawled up her arms. When did she learn to master shape-shifting so effortlessly? He should at least pride himself upon the fact he had been drawn to the girl with glasses and drab hair for a reason. He had saw something extremely familiar that it haunted him until he purposely bumped into her making his way to confront Michael and his lemmings.

The door opened behind him. He groaned he just wanted to be left alone was that too much to ask for.

"Lucifer?" Sabine's voice called out. When he didn't acknowledge her, she just continued on. "I-I heard what happened. You had a run-in with Mila, huh?"

Lucifer spun to face her. "Why would Mila think everyone hates her here, Sabine?"

Sabine took a step back at his question. She nervously licked her lips. "I-I may have mentioned to her along the lines of that," she stammered blushing. Lucifer growled turning away from her. "Lucifer, hear me out, okay? She all but took off. We all thought she was then and then she just abruptly shows up out of nowhere. You-You've been doing well now and I just wanted you to be safe."

"Sabine, she is my mate."

"She left!" Sabine gasped. "She can't be trusted. How can you not see that?"

"I know that!" he roared turning back to face her. He stalked towards her. "But she is my mate, Sabine. You should have let her explain herself before assuming the worst."

"It shouldn't matter!" she cried. "She left you. Damn it! Do you hear yourself? What about me? I thought we had the start of something good going."

"That," he chuckled thickly in disbelief. "Was a huge mistake. It was a drunken kiss, Sabine. Nothing more, nothing less."

"How can you say that?" she whispered. He continued to look at her in utter disbelief. "You kissed me back too, Lucifer. I felt your passion for me too."

"You felt someone desperate for their mate, darling. That's all that was," he said dully. "Nothing will ever come of it. Trust me when I say this, Sabine, whatever you may have thought isn't it. I love, Mila. I will always love her even if she screws me over."

"You are damned fool!" Sabine hissed. A cruel smile crossed her lips. "It doesn't matter anyway. She thinks you cheated on her."

Lucifer's eyes narrowed at Sabine. Before she could react, he appeared before her and caught her arms in a painful grip. Her eyes widened in her visible fear. She swallowed hard when his eyes burned into hers. He didn't care if everyone inside the apartment witnessed him lose complete control at this point.

"Go! I want you gone!" he barked. "If I so much as see you when I get back, there will be hell to pay. Mark my words, Sabine, I will not hesitate to show you exactly who you're toying with. Do I make myself clear?"

When she quickly nodded her head, Lucifer released her and whirled around. His wings appeared as he took to the skies. He needed to talk to the one person that probably hated him, because she thought he couldn't keep it in his pants.

He growled as he touched on the rooftop where she fell. He looked around while he attempted to calm his building rage.

"Mila, where are you?" he called out.

He didn't even notice the movement before this elderly man hobbled out from the shadows with a mangled wooden walking stick. His eyes were plagued by blindness and some of his teeth were missing. The ones that were still around were crooked and poorly taken care of. His hand other hand curled awkwardly in his chest shriveled and charred.

"Hush ya, yull wake the dead," his cackled. His breath whistled every time he inhaled and exhaled. "Wot's yar problems, laddie? Wot's gotcha in a twist?"

Lucifer's eyebrows raised at the man. "Do I happen to know you?"

"Do ya know me? Dunno, do ya?" the man questioned gleefully as he spun and hobbled. "I know tings. I know a lotta tings. I swar it! I swar! Arsk me anyting. Anyting ya wonta know."

Lucifer smirked. "I think it's safe to say that what I want I can't have," he told the man honestly.

The man shrugged. "Yar neva know, laddie. Neva know."

Lucifer looked at the elderly man and chuckled. How did this strange elderly man came hobbling in and calmed his anger? Relieved, he shook his head before addressing the man.

"I need to get back."

The elderly man nodded quickly. "Thas a grande idea! Ga back, laddie!" he chortled spinning in Lucifer's direction almost hitting him with the walking stick. "If ya need me, I'll be a hoot an' a holla away. Ya will! Yull see!"

Lucifer grinned. "Take care."

He took off to again letting his wings carry him off. He glanced backwards and frowned when the elderly man was nowhere to be seen. He shrugged. He had other things to tend to at the moment than the strange incident with a harmless elderly man.


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Writinglover and Vkwok -- Thanks for both of you reading it! I hope you liked it. I know it was a swift change, but I made a decision based off what I would like to happen. I liked Mila's character development, but I wanted there to be more for the others.

      WL, y'know how I said I knew exactly where it was going? Well, it keeps changing... lol.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      Very mysterious ending to this chapter. Nice as always!

    • writinglover profile image


      5 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      I read this earlier and didn't get the chance to comment. Anyway, I loved it, as usual. I'm glad that Lucifer finally put Sabine in her place. It was very satisfying and I enjoyed the scene where Lucifer came into contact with that old man. That was cool. Voted up awesome!


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