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Corrupted Souls Of Angels: Fate & Destiny (Chapter Two)

Updated on November 24, 2014

Chapter Two

Mari watched Lucifer take off leaving Sabine frozen in shock. She smirked glad that Lucifer had finally put Sabine in her place. She watched as the brunette turned around slowly and scanned the living room area. Everyone quickly pretended they didn't witness what had just transpired between Lucifer and Sabine. Mari immediately pointed at something at the security camera and Cameron cottoned on making small talk about nothing. Chandra who was sitting on the sofa with Scorpius launched into conversation with her mate.

From the corner of her eye, Mari watched Sabine stomp across the room disappearing into the hallway leading to her room. She shook her head at the audacity of the brunette. Did she really think that catching a guy when he's at his most vulnerable would actually work? In Lucifer's weakness, Mari watched Sabine weasel her way into his side only to be shot down. The girl had the gall to steal someone else's mate.

When Sabine appeared with a duffelbag and an over-sized knapsack, she glared at all them. Mari raised her eyebrow at her wondering if the chick was that stupid to address them. Apparently, she was.

"You're all so stupid then," she told them. "If you really think following Lucifer is the wisest choice. Lilith probably already knows of his betrayal and she will punish him and those who decide to follow him."

Scorpius growled. "Sabine, just go. Don't make this harder on yourself," he bit out. "You made your bed. Go lay in it."

Chandra smiled in pleasure over her mate's words and trailed an adoring hand across his chest. Scorpius gave her a lopsided smile.

"You're siding with him?" Sabine gasped in outrage.

"You did too at one point," Chandra remarked.

"Before he justifiably booted you to curb," Mari added casually crossing her arms. "So I suggest you do as Lucifer demanded and leave before he shows back up."

"It's all because of that stupid girl! If she hadn't ruined everything, Lilith wouldn't have forced him to mate with her in the first place--"

Instinctively, Mari opened her mouth to defend Mila, but it wasn't her voice that echoed in the apartment.

"That girl!" Scorpius interrupted getting to his feet. "Saved my life and everyone else's that night. Why don't you can your damn hysterics Sabine and just get out of here?"

Sabine opened her mouth to respond, but she thought better of it. She glanced around at everyone slowly realizing that she wouldn't be receiving any sympathy for herself at all or anyone to side with her. There was no way she was weaseling out of this mess. She growled in frustration as she walked towards the door.

Where are those parting words? I know they're coming, Mari thought to herself as she watched Sabine reached for the doorknob. She noticed Cameron smirk at hearing her thoughts. Sabine paused looking over her shoulder at the group. Ah, here they come! Cameron chuckled softly at her antics as he gently nudged her leg with his fingers. She just shrugged in response.

"Whatever, I don't need you losers," she told them. "There are plenty of the Fallen who side with Lilith over Lucifer. Trust me, this won't be the last time you see me. I'll be back."

With that, she stormed out of the apartment. Mari couldn't have been happier that narcissistic psycho had finally left. She shook her not at all impressed by her parting words. They were so cliched 'I'll be back!'. Nothing better to come up with apparently. Beauty, but no brains, sad combination. She rolled her eyes as she felt the tension leave her body now that Sabine had indeed left. She's not even that pretty, Cameron whispered to her which made her beam at that. Sabine was the classic type of beauty men usually fell for and salivated upon sigh. She placed a hand on her mate's shoulder and squeezed. It was nice to think that her masculine counterparts weren't as dumb as they are pegged out to be if they could see past deceiving looks to a black heart.

Mari glanced at the screen noticing one security camera was focused on Lucifer talking to a funky elderly men. Cameron snorted shaking his head at the sight. I'm going to nab some stuff from the kitchen, he told her through their link. Want anything?

Get me something to drink, please? So thirsty. Mari responded while Cameron got up from his seat. He nodded as he made his way to the kitchen. She turned back to the screen watching Lucifer and the elderly man. Lucifer had taken off into flight. His back was turned so he couldn't see what she saw. She watched the elderly man shapeshift into the silhouette of a female who was looking directly at the security camera and saluted it before vanishing into thin air.

Mari stared wide-eyed at the security camera. Her heart began to race. Mari and Mila used to salute each other when they were doing their patrols when they saw each other in passing. It was there way of alerting the other of their presence especially if it was too dark to see each other's face. They did it to let the other know they were on the same side.

"Mari, are you okay?" Cameron asked aloud drawing her attention as well as the others.

Dumbfounded, Mari looked up at Cameron. She opened her mouth to respond, but Lucifer swooped down unto the fire escape balcony. The metal rattled at the force. Mari eyed Lucifer warily wondering about his mood. There was a slight amused smile gracing his face. So the conversation hadn't be hostile, she was glad to assume. She thought she heard him mutter under his breath 'quirky old guy'.

Mari? Cameron placed her glass of orange juice down. She gave him an appreciative smile which he responded with a questioning look. She just shrugged while she watched Lucifer walk into the apartment and close the door.

"The trash has been removed," Scorpius alerted him having settled back down on the sofa cuddling with his mate.

"Good, it was time to take all the trash out," Lucifer responded with a firm nod of his head as surveyed the people in his apartment and smirked. He walked further inside in front of them. "We need added protection now. I hate to say it, but my mate is a serious threat."

Mari snorted shaking her head as the humor of the situation was overwhelming. Mila wasn't a threat at all. If she was, she could have very well done away with Lucifer right then and there as that elderly man. The fact she deliberately alerted Mari by a signal only she and her knew. The salute made Mari come to terms with where exactly Mila's loyalty was obviously located with her mate and the cause. She couldn't help but feel nervous relief flood through her system. She just wanted to laugh now. Maybe, cry? She glanced around realizing where she was finally and rethought it probably best she didn't do either.

Lucifer was giving her the same wary questioning look that Cameron had been giving her the entire time. She flushed as she cleared her throat attempting to force herself be serious.

"Oh, yes, mm-hmm," she agreed. "Mila equals monster threat got it."

Lucifer frowned at that knowing something was up. "What's up with you?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just here at the screens," she told. "Did you happen to meet anyone interesting along the way?"

"I get it," he said with a smirk. "You saw me talking with an elderly man."

"Did he seem at all familiar to you? What did he want anyway?" Mari pried.

"He said he didn't know me. He came by after I was shouting Mila's name. Please don't ask! I don't why I thought she'd come if I called out her name. Instead, this elderly man comes out asking me why I was shouting."

"Ah, I see," she replied strangely. Well, she did come when you were calling her. You just didn't realize it. Cameron frowned hearing her thoughts. She smirked a she quickly promised to fill him in later. "He was friendly though right? Non-threatening, you would say?"

"Uh, yes. He's off his rocker, but he was definitely harmless," Lucifer said still staring at her strangely.

"Okay, okay," Chandra cut in. "So what's going? How are we going to strengthen the protection enchantments?"

When Lucifer turned away to address Chandra, Mari grinned at the secret Mila had shared with her. So she hadn't turned her back. She hadn't infiltrated them just to get an upper hand as she had led them all to believe at the club. She didn't use her for a fake friendship after all. What in the world was up that girl up then?

She glanced at her mate who was still staring at her strangely. She blushed when his eyes narrowed slightly as he was attempting to figure her out. I'll fill you in later I promise, but you're going to have to trust me when I fill you in on this. He sighed nodding his head as he placed a hand on her shoulder indicating his loyalty to her and Mari couldn't help but smile at that.

* * *

Serenity walked through the temple admiring the large ivory pillars. It never ceased to amaze her. The massive structure was entirely open erected by a column of never-ending tall pillars. Angels were milling about in conversation discussing their different jobs, their advice, and of course, the war that was being waged. She tensed up knowing how much war had indeed affected her.

Releasing the breath she didn't know she was holding, Serenity started her never-ending walk to other side of the temple where the gardens were located. She had finally made it to the other end where the steps down led to the lush garden that seemed to appear in between patches of clouds.

The Garden of Eden had been risen to the Heavens after Adam and Eden's fell from Grace. She loved how beautifully enchanting the garden was. She ventured closer to the middle of the garden where The Tree Of Life and Knowledge was planted. When it came into view, her heart filled with joy at the sight. The Tree was surrounded by a large moat of water. Within that water was where the souls circled either absorbing back into the Tree to be birthed into a mortal life to evolve and grow with the next lesson -- only the Tree had knowledge of that.

She noticed her sacred advisers watching the Tree as it reincarnated the many souls. She continued her way to them. They were standing at the dock that reached into the moat. A dingy was tied to the end of it. Only the most High and Elevated were allowed to partake in the Trees knowledge.

"Ah, you are here," Gabriel said noticing her.

Raphael turned and smiled warmly. "Good to see you, my dear. Hope all is well?"

"For the most part," Serenity answered honestly with a weak smile.

Gabriel sighed patting her arm. "I know, dear. It has been tough with war going on," he said. "I hope nothing has happened to you, because of it."

A flashback almost crippled Serenity. She could almost feel the excruciating sharp pain as this demon forced himself upon her. His dirty fingers twisting in her hair as he kept shoving her back roughly against the bricks of the wall. He hissed in her ear, "Not so pure anymore, huh?" She had tried to fight back, but his strength overpowered her.

"Serenity?" Raphael asked drawing her out of her thoughts.

She sucked in her breath forcing herself to keep it together. She had already lost control of her temper with Michael earlier. No, she didn't dissolve need to dissolve into tears now. She was much stronger than that. She gave them a smile hoping to dispel the worry creeping in their eyes.

"Not that I am issuing a complaint. Why did you call upon me?" she asked hoping to distract them from focusing in on her.

"Oh, oh yes!" Gabriel chuckled. "The Tree requested your presence."

"My-My presence? Uh, why would the Tree ask for me?"

Serenity glanced at Gabriel then slid to Raphael. They were looking at each other before they returned to her. She flushed at how they closely inspected her. She felt her heart begin to race.

"This information must be kept secret. You cannot tell another soul," Gabriel told her in a hushed tone. "You have been chosen by the Tree to inherit the wisdom given to you by them."

"Wait! Them? Who is them?"

"The Tree is consisted of the Three that are in charge of reincarnating souls," Gabriel told her nervously. "I know this is going to sound strange. Please, bear with us? We need you to keep an open mind."

Serenity worried her bottom lip before she sighed nodding her head. If Gabriel and Raphael felt she had the comprehension to understand then she would at least try.

"This Tree is alive," Raphael further explained. "We do not usually go into details about the dynamics of how the Tree works, because it is usually not needed. The Tree is dying and needs your help."

"The Tree is dying and needs my help?" she repeated. Her eyebrows raised at that.

Gabriel sighed knowing she wasn't understanding then a thought appeared. "You have heard of the Fates in Greek mythology?"

"Yes. There were three Fates. One spun the thread of life, one measured the thread, and one cut the thread." Serenity looked at Gabriel. She frowned then her eyes widened in shock. "Three Fates. The Three. The Tree is... That is not possible. The Fates are goddesses in Greek mythology. They are just myths!"

"They all existed on this plane of existence at one point," Raphael confessed. "Before they all decided that in the best interests of the evolving souls that they would move to a new plane by sealing off this one. It used to be easier to pass from one plane of existence to the next."

Serenity looked from Raphael and Gabriel hoping that this was some joke they were pulling on her. When they remained serious regarding her apprehensively, she realized the punchline wasn't coming. She opened her mouth then closed it.

"God works in mysterious ways," Gabriel reminded with a weak. "God is not even one spirit or one soul. He is many souls. The universal and collective energy that binds us together. He is everything and in everything. It is easier to refer to God as one being and one presence. That is why the gods and goddesses left in the first place, because they were continually fighting over dominance and the evolving souls suffered for it."

"So they left us to carefully watch over the souls as they had done?" Serenity asked softly. "Guard, watch, and only interfere when necessary. They placed us here to do what they could not."

Raphael nodded. "In essence, yes," he agreed. "They all still watch over us from their plane, but they usually never get involved. It is like TV for gods and goddesses," he suggested playfully. "However, the Fates were different. They were entrusted from the beginning to deal out souls lifetimes to ensure they evolve and grow. They are highly prophetic, gifted, and powerful. They are the overseers of souls."

"They planted the Tree and instilled it with their essence and energy. The Tree is the weak point, because the Tree lives in both planes of existence," Gabriel further explained as he gestured Serenity to follow him. "The Tree needs your help. They know of you, they know what you do, and they know of your gifts. You can never fool them. They already know."

Serenity nodded following Gabriel and Raphael down the stretch of dock to the little dingy tied to the end of it. They gestured her into it. Raphael offered and without thinking Serenity took it. She watched Raphael suck in a breath and jerk back slightly.

"Raphael, are you okay?" Gabriel asked confused.

Raphael looked right into Serenity's eyes and she knew he had seen what happened to her. She quickly looked away in shame. Raphael was gifted with touch and visions. He could take a person's hand and see what is ailing them and hurting them. She knew he did, because he was the one that taught her how to master hers. She was gifted with many of the same gifts as he was.

When she was in the dingy, she once again looked up into Raphael's eyes as he released her hand. She was surprised to see anger reflecting in his eyes. He gave her a tense smile as he drew back.

"I wish you told me. You did not need to suffer that alone," he said softly. He looked at Gabriel. "I need to speak to Michael. Can you carry on without me?"

Confused, Gabriel just nodded watching Raphael leave in a huff taking off into the air. Serenity swallowed hard as he disappeared. Gabriel was looking at her with a mix of speculation and concern.

"I will be fine. I suspect Raphael will inform you soon."

"Okay then," he responded as he knelt down to reach over and untie the dingy from the wooden post. He tossed the rope in the dingy as he grasped the side keeping it still. "Paddle to the Tree. When you get there, place your hands palm flat on the trunk and just wait."

When Serenity nodded Gabriel shoved the dingy away with his hand, she gave him a smile which he returned. She turned around and eyed the two ivory oars at her feet. She quickly put them into the holders on either side of the dingy. She looked into the water and gasped when she saw the glowing orbs of souls floating about. She carefully placed the oars in the water and made her way to the Tree.


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I think I focused so much on the romantic aspect between Mila and Lucifer (I can't help that! I'm a romance writer!) and built their relationship up that I lost sight of the story. I would have run out of conflicts and recycling conflicts about Mila being so insecure get boring after awhile. Also after awhile, I'm like why did I even write Michael's perspective?

      lol I put the two elderly women as an experiment to switch things up. When you mentioned the Fates, I cottoned to that idea. There was a huge debate going on in my mind and I finally just let the change happen. Serenity will play a huge role in this as well... as you're starting to read. And Mila is definitely not gone. Her actions will just be more cloaked until she shows up of course.

    • writinglover profile image


      5 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      Awesome! I loved how you threw in different point of views.It just makes the story much more interesting and engaging. As for your last comment from chapter 19, you think you know where you're going and then it changes all of the sudden. I know. Been there and still doing that. LOL! Voted up awesome!


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