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Corrupted Souls Of Angels: Fate & Destiny (Chapter Six)

Updated on November 24, 2014


The moment Lucifer walked into the abandoned warehouse, his skin prickled with goosebumps. The air was thick and charged. He took a deep breath as he ventured further into the establishment. He had the distinct feeling that eyes were watching his every move and following him. His eyes slid back and forth scanning the seemingly vacant warehouse.

He stood in the middle of the large open area. He slowly turned, scanning for any sign of movement. He was prepared for any attack that may happen. So when he felt something brush up against his back, he turned to face whoever it was. He frowned when nobody was there. He felt another light touch brush against the back of his neck. He quickly turned again ready for anything. When nobody showed, Lucifer growled in frustration and shook his head. He didn't like these mind games. He was the king of them, but he himself didn't like to be toyed with.

"This is ridiculous," he muttered to himself. His eyes darted around the establishment. A smirk kicked up the corner of his mouth in a devious slant. "Well, there's only one thing to do, isn't there?"

His eyes darkened until only blackness stared back. His two fangs elongated, sliding out over his bottom lip. He rose up into the air as a smoky mist began to appear and slowly swirl around him. His wings appeared in an overbearing shield of black feathers. His entire body begun to be enveloped by the dark smoke tinged with crimson.

Purple lightening streaked through the establishment like a snap of a whip. Wind flared up with an ominous howl. It wasn't until the wind circled around him that the walls shook violently. The lights flicked on and off until everything cut out and was plunged into darkness. For a moment, everything went eerily still and silent.

Then a loud blast cracked open pandemonium. The lights, like a nervous twitch, switched on and off in rapid succession. A high-pitched screech reached painful intervals and volume. Spasms of lightening darted about creating an electrified cage. The wind whirled around and around away from Lucifer causing the cloaked Fallen, who were fading in and out of their protective shields, to lose their balance. Soon the entire group of hidden Fallen appeared and were spinning across the floor around Lucifer unable to fight against the strength of the wind. With a flick of his arms, the wind shoved the bodies outward causing them to sail across the floor. The sickening crunch of bodies slamming into the wall and any other obstacles they collided into were accompanied with groans of the injured.

When Lucifer reigned in his powers and let it drop, he drifted back to ground as he transformed out of his alter ego. He regarded the chaos he caused. He eyed the pile of bodies littering the establishment. He smirked as the Fallen slowly struggled to get to their feet.

"Lucifer, what was the point of sneaking in when you do something like that?" Chandra called out, coming out of the shadows. "Doesn't that just defeat the purpose? What happened to the element of surprise?"

Lucifer arched an eyebrow at that. "Oh, I think they're surprised."

He watched as the others appeared joining him, realizing that the Fallen they had come to find weren't a threat at the moment. Instead, they appeared to be just tending to their wounds. However, there was one woman that didn't seem so injured. She was dressed in black. Her black leather pants hugged her delicious curves. The tailored leather jacket did nothing to hide her bountiful assets as her chest strained against her low tank top. Her dark auburn waves bounced around her as she approached the group. Her exotic catlike eyes was locked on Lucifer.

She reached out, grabbing Lucifer by the collar of his shirt. She yanked him forward roughly and gave him a deeply passionate kiss. When she pulled back, she looked around at the others.

"So good of you to join us," she said, breaking out into a smile. "It has been a long time."

"Loralei," Lucifer greeted curtly.

"I hear you've come to discuss business?"

"Yes, I am. Where is--"

"Gone," she said, with a shrug of her shoulders. "He met an unfortunate end. I am in charge now. How may I help you, Lucifer?"


Mari was staring outside, distracted by the raindrops tapping on the glass of the window. She took a deep breath. There was a chill in the air. She didn't like this foreboding feeling beginning to wrap around her. She frowned, realizing how long it had been to feel the instincts and touches of intuition zipping through her. She drew the plush blanket more around her. The voices in her head faded in and out as she attempted to tune into the right volume. It was hopeless. It had been a long time since she had felt her gifts pulse through her.

Her emotions were swinging from highs to lows. She didn't even know if they were even hers. She groaned, shaking her head. A part of her was happy that she was finally could feel her gift within her, but it made her long for another time when she hadn't fallen. She used to serve a purpose greater than herself. She did believe in Lucifer's purpose wholeheartedly. She just longed for simplicity when it wasn't so cold out.


Mari turned to see Cameron holding out a steaming mug. She smiled in appreciation when he whispered in her mind that it was chamomile. She took the mug and let the heat warm her cold body. She faced the window again, staring out into the city. It was so strange to hear and feel everything again. She could sense people's emotions and hear their thoughts. So much was going on at once, but many people didn't realize it.

She felt Cameron tug her backwards as he wrapped his arms around her. Her body soaked into the warmth of his embrace. For the first time since the reemergence of her gifts, the voices became centered into a low hum. She could hear the humming of voice, but it wasn't overtaking her mind. The bombarding of emotions had melted away from her and she found clarity in what she was feeling. She could finally tell the difference her emotions and others. Wide-eyed, she gasped, dropping the mug of tea in her abrupt realization.

Mari? Cameron questioned her through their link.

She blushed as she quickly dropped down to pick up the pieces of the broken mug. She busied herself with tending to her mess. She had rushed into the kitchen away from Cameron. She deposited the shattered remains into the trash. She placed a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle the wave of horrified sorrow overwhelming her.

In ancient times, when all the angels were under one banner, they had their myths as well. Before everything became a power struggle, the Angels believed in original soulmates or rather twin soulmates. These soulmates were created from the same energy and soul pattern. They completed one another in a sense. It was the supreme soul match. She recognized it in Cameron.

Deep inside, she knew she had felt an instant attraction to Cameron. She instantly trusted him. Even after everything, she still trusted him completely. Now, she understood why she did so. She licked her lips nervously, but he wasn't ready for this type of connection. This would heighten their blood mating. If they made love, they would bind themselves for eternity to one another. Cameron, no matter what he said, was not over his former flame and a connection like this required that both be prepared for the ultimate bond.

"Mari?" Cameron called out.

Mari jumped, looking towards the entrance of the kitchen. "Yes?"

"The witch is here."

She nodded as she quickly rushed over to grab a rag to mop up the spilled tea. She attempted to pass Cameron to get out of the kitchen, but he blocked her way. She forced herself to look up into his eyes. Her heart lurched. How could she not have realized it sooner? Because you didn't have your gifts, she thought to herself mentally.

You do know that I can hear you, right? Cameron's eyebrow rose. She bit her lip, realizing that this would be a lot harder than she realized. How was she going to keep this from him? She blushed, shrugging her shoulders. She was about to push him aside when he just chuckled.

"It took you long enough to figure it out."

"Figure what out?" she asked, managing to get by him.

She was attending to the spill when she heard his response. She didn't have any time to respond when the doorbell rang. Instead, she could only stare at him as he made his way towards the front door. The only thought that entered her mind was hers: he knew this entire time?


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      writinglover and vkwok, thanks for reading and your support through this novel! It's back and more should be in the works soon. :D

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      Great chapter!

    • writinglover profile image


      5 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      This chapter was awesome! Looking forward to more!


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