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Corrupted Souls Of Angels: Fate & Destiny (Chapter Three)

Updated on November 24, 2014

Chapter Three

There was knock on Lucifer's door. Lucifer pinched the bridge of his nose as he took a deep breath. He then rose to his feet and walked to the door. He swung open the door to find Scorpius on the other side.

"Scorpius?" Lucifer questioned.

Scorpius gave him a lopsided smirk. "May I come in?"

Lucifer nodded as he stepped aside and allowed him entrance into his bed chambers. When Scorpius stepped through, Lucifer waited for his comrade to address him. Scorpius turned to him finally after sweeping his eyes over Lucifer's chambers. If Scorpius had any questions about why Lucifer still hadn't managed to dispose of Mila's belongings, he was wise enough not to bring it up as he turned to face Lucifer.

"As you know, Sabine was not happy with the turn of events," Scorpius told him honestly. Lucifer gave a curt nod of agreement. "Well, she had spat some colorful parting words."

"Which would be?"

"She believes that there are some of the Fallen that do not agree with your cause."

Lucifer remained silent for a moment looking at the ground. He crossed his arms over his chest as he returned his attention back to Scorpius. It wasn't a claim that was unheard of, Lucifer thought grimly. He knew some of the Fallen weren't particularly happy with the Heavens for savagely casting them out and leaving them to meet Eternal Death. Although, they respected Lucifer, they had ever right to harbor resentment and had the right to choose their loyalty to whatever cause.

"She's right. There are more than quite a few Fallen who won't rally to my cause," Lucifer admitted to Scorpius. "I don't hold any ill will to them," he added as he ran a hand over his face. As exhausted as he was feeling lately, he couldn't ignore the tension that was building lately in the atmosphere. "I think it's time we pay a visit to the other known sightings of Fallen groups to see where they stand."

"I think that's a wise idea," Scorpius agreed.

"Inform your mate, Alekysus, and Saffron to prepare. We will all be leaving tomorrow at dawn. Pack light. We will be traveling in haste."

After Lucifer issued out that request, Scorpius nodded and was quick to do his will as he took his leave. Lucifer sighed as he shut his door behind him. He leaned his forehead against the door. He had no desire to travel at the moment, but he knew he had no choice. He needed to know who was on his side when that inevitable moment happened.

He frowned abruptly feeling eyes upon him burning into his back. He quickly turned around to face the invader who had made the unwise choice of sneaking up on him. When his eyes landed on the culprit, his heart literally stopped at the sight he came across. Mila stood in the open window with a mischievous smile playing on her lips. He forced himself to swallow as he continue to stare at his mate.

There were so many things he wanted to do at this moment. He wanted grab her and shake her for how much stress she was putting him through. She had no idea how much her disappearance had affected him. Also, now that she was here right in front of him, he was having trouble not grabbing her and throwing her on the bed to show her how much he physically missed her.

"I should just kill you on the spot," Lucifer muttered darkly.

Mila chuckled as she jumped off the windowsill and unto the floor. Her multicolored eyes sparkled even now in the dark room. Her dark hair flowed around her. She seemed the same, Lucifer thought to himself. He took inventory of her body and realized he probably should have rethought observing that particular aspect of her.

"Oh, Lucifer," she sang, venturing closer and closer to him. Lucifer clenched his hands into fist to prevent himself from grabbing at her. "It's good to see you. Although, I'm quite certain you aren't as happy to see me."

"You've been gone for six long months," he snapped. He shook his head. "Then you come back and attack Sabine?"

Her crystalline eyes flashed. "That whore deserved what she got!" she growled as she finally stood right in front of him. He still continued to remain still. "Oh, yes, that reminds me," she muttered before slapping him hard across the face.

Lucifer hissed at the sting of her hand. He touched his cheek and rubbed it as he glared down at his mate. However, the hurt and rage that was radiating off of Mila stopped him from reacting harshly. He held back wondering what else his mate would reveal next. So far, she had admitted she still had strong feeling for him and still cared enough to react like that.

"Clearly mentioning Sabine rubbed you the wrong way," he said, feigning boredom.

"Clearly," she bit out.

"Aren't we being a bit temperamental? Overreacting and such?" Lucifer stepped closer to her so he towered over her petite frame. He smirked, trying not to find sick satisfaction as his mate fumed. "You were gone for an entire six months, darling. What was I supposed to do?"

Lucifer knew was deliberately playing with fire, but he couldn't help it. The way Mila was getting worked up was more than worth whatever she attempted to do physically to him. He wasn't surprised when she shoved him hard against the door.

"You!" she gasped as she slapped him across the face. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes as she balled her hands into fists and begun beating against his chest. "You deceiving, backstabbing, lying a--"

He grabbed her petite body and quickly spun her around switching their positions. She was now with her back up against the door. She struggled against him as she attempted to deliver physical blows at him. Apparently, when she was falling apart, she forgot that she had an arsenal of unimaginable power that Lucifer had witnessed firsthand. He covered her hands with his and pressed them against the door.

"Stop! Mila, stop! I didn't sleep with her!"

Mila frowned in confusion as she slowly ceased her attempted assault on him. Lucifer smirked at her as he looked straight into her eyes so she could see the sincerity in them.

"Yes, we shared a kiss. A drunken kiss that didn't amount to anything, at least in my mind," Lucifer explained. Mila was panting as peering up into his eyes and his face. "Mila, you have no idea what kind of hell I've been through when you disappeared."

"Well, maybe, you shouldn't have tried to erase my memories."

"Yes, I regret that happened."

Lucifer let her hands go and grabbed her about her waist lifting her until she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her arms went automatically around his neck as he pushed her roughly against the door in his need to be close as possible to her. Mila licked her lips as he grabbed her chin forcing her to tilt up her head. He captured her mouth in a desperate kiss that stole away any intelligent thoughts within his mind. He continued kissing her as the gears shifted into a more desperate, needy desire to possess his mate.

When he pulled away for a moment, Lucifer groaned once again placed his forehead against the door the second time tonight. He took deep breaths as he attempted to cool the flames burning between them.

"Darling," he murmured. "If this goes any further, I won't be able to stop. I still don't know where I stand with you."

"Does it matter?"

"Does it matter?" he repeated her whispered question. Of course, it mattered! He sighed, knowing exactly what she meant. It didn't matter if tomorrow they faced off against each other. Tonight, with these precious stolen moments, he would pretend once again that she belonged to him and only him. "I suppose not," he muttered brokenly. "Darling, you don't make things easy for me."

Mila smiled at him as she deliberately molded her body into his causing him to shudder. Lucifer hissed, attempting to collect his thoughts and gain control of his body, but it was a losing battle. He licked his lips as he took in the dark desires reflecting in her eyes.

"I want you," she gasped.

He nodded his head. "I know," he murmured. "I-I want you too, but will you want me tomorrow, darling?"

A look of sadness crossed Mila's face as she regarded him. "It has never been about wanting or needing, Lucifer," she told him softly. "If it had been, there would be no question of where I'd be. But there are things that I need to do just as you need to do what is necessary."

"It doesn't make it any easier, darling."

"I-I know," she stammered, blinking back her tears. "But we will make do. We'll have to."

Lucifer nodded in grim agreement. Mila lightly brushed her lips against his cheekbones. He felt her skim across his sensitive skin until he waited in anticipation for her mouth to make her way to his. When she pressed her mouth against his, he knew he lost the battle for self-control. He needed this. They both did, he realized, as she gripped and clung unto him just as painfully. For awhile, they discovered the beauty of their bodies as they danced to a secret tune that only they could hear and understand.

When it was over and the closeness of dawn threatened, Mila had slipped from his arms while Lucifer pretended to sleep. He watched her when she wasn't looking as she quickly put on her clothes. He shut his eyes when she turned to him after she had finished dressing. He could feel her approach the bed. He felt the bed sink as she sat down beside him on the bed. Her fingertips grazed his cheeks and swept over his mouth.

Lucifer felt the bed shift more as her body moved. Her hair swept across the skin of his chest and then across his neck and shoulders. Her lips pressed lightly against his forehead then over his mouth.

"I love you," she murmured. He felt droplets splatter on his skin then the bed shifted and he knew she had gotten up from the bed.

As she walked back towards the window, Lucifer watched as she made her exit. Mila didn't even bother to turn around as her hands touched the frame of the window. She froze as she took a breath before stepping up on the windowsill. When she finally leaped out of the window, he sighed as he squeezed his eyes shut against the tide of tears that threatened to come.

For a moment, Lucifer took the time to settle his emotions and push back the pain. He finally threw back the covers of his bed and quickly got dressed. He still needed to pack. He had important matters that needed to be settled. As he walked to his closet and opened it, he paused as he reached for his backpack. A lopsided grin appeared as he reminded himself that she did still she love him.

* * *

Mari had Cameron looked over the footage. Cameron frowned watching as the crazy elderly man morph into the figure of a woman. When the entire footage played out with the woman saluting the security camera then disappearing, she watched Cameron's eyes slid to Mari. His hazel eyes slightly narrowed as he studied Mari's face. She flushed at his close observance.

"What?" she gasped, uncomfortably.

That's Mila, isn't it? His question burned into her. Mari licked her lips nervously. She didn't exactly know where Cameron stood with all this. She didn't even know if he'd even believe her when she explained her reasoning behind why she didn't bring it to Lucifer's attention.

Cam, no secrets, right?

His eyes met hers before he nodded his head. Mari quickly filled him in about what the salute meant. When she was finished, he just couldn't to stare at her. She didn't know how he was taking it. He showed no true emotions on his face except that look of speculation. She sighed before launching into an explanation.

"When it used to be just Lucifer, Mila, and me, we would continually go off by ourselves to patrol the city looking for a recently Fallen," she told him as she looked away. "It would be dark out and we would be standing at a distance. Mila and I decided to use a signal to tell the other person that we were on the same side."

"So you saluted each other?" Cam predicted as he rewound the clip. He continued to stare at the scene before looking back at Mila. "I'm impressed. She got the message across to you without Lucifer figuring it out. She's changed a lot since I first met her."

Mila nodded in agreement. She crossed her arms. Did that mean he believed her? She began to nibbling on her bottom lip as she continued to observe her mate's body language and facial language. Just like him, she had a gift of knowing empathically knowing when something was bothering someone -- physical ailment or emotional. When she was serving as an Angel, she was a guardian angel and looked after the emotional welfare of the souls she cared for. She was a healer of souls.

When she had fell from Grace, it had been a surprise to everyone just as she was certain it was when Mila had fallen as well. She viewed Mila much like a sister. How could she not? They three of them were always around each other. They eventually formed a bond of trust. So when Mila seemingly turned her back, Mila couldn't help but feel the ultimate betrayal. She looked at the screen and watched Mila salute the security camera.

"What do you think?" she asked.

Cameron turned to her. "There's obviously why she wanted you to know. I know you took it extremely bad," he said. Mari frowned wondering how exactly he knew that. "I figure that sharp pain I felt in my chest that had been during tonight was from you."

"Yes, she-she basically threw it all back in my face," she whispered, remembering how well Mila had played it off that night. "And to add insult to injury, she struck me."

"Well, she had to sell it. I can't imagine anyone taking her claims seriously if she babied you."

Mari once again agreed with Cameron's assessment. So he still hadn't come out and said if he believed that Mila was on their side or not, but he didn't seem to be against it. Mari frowned when she heard a thump in Lucifer's room. Both Cameron and her glanced curiously in that direction. Cameron arched his eyebrow at another thump.

"Um, I don't even want to know," Mari muttered, shaking her head at the thousands of reasons for the strange thumps. When it came to Lucifer, she never knew anything. He was an individual of contradiction. "I wonder what had Scorpius and Chandra rushing back to their apartment. It looked serious."

"Oh, that's right!" Cameron gasped. "You were in the kitchen. Scorpius, Chandra, Alekysus, and Saffron are preparing to leave with Lucifer at dawn. They have some business that they needs to be taken care of. You and Isabelle are to look after Viggo as he recovers. I'm, of course, on the cams."

Mari smirked, surveying the screens portraying thousands of live security camera feeds. She didn't know how he managed to keep so alert and sort through all the date. Even when she had been on earth as an Angel, she never really needed to get up to speed on technology. The way Cameron handled technology was beyond magic. How did he know how to hack every single camera system and not get caught?

She watched as Cameron looked back at the screen when he noticed something pop up. He bit his lip as he let fingers fly over the keyboard then swiftly moved the mouse here and there before he minimized the tab. When he returned his attention back to her, she blushed realizing he had caught her staring at him.

"What?" he chuckled.

"How-How is it you know so much about technology?" she questioned. She shook her head as she eyed the different widgets and apps always open and monitoring. "I mean honestly? Who seriously know all the stuff you do?"

"Well, my assignment was to infiltrate the government. Get hooks in their system so to speak," he said with a shrug. "A bunch of us were trained well. With technology running the lives everyone, it was just imperative that it was a trade that needed to be learned. I excelled I guess. That's how a bunch of us here met. Before Lucifer decided to focus primarily on saving the Fallen, he had worked with all of us. He was the mastermind behind all of our assignments, y'know? Natural born leader."

"That's how all of you met?"

Mari never had asked about how everyone had known each other whereas Mila and Mari were the odd ones out. She didn't bother to ask, because it never came up. They all warmed up to them quickly except Sabine. Sabine seemed to think she was better than everyone which aggravated her, but she tried to bite her tongue. She was just glad Sabine hadn't tormented her as she had Mila.

Cameron nodded his head in response. He gave her a smile as he checked on the screens before he glanced at her. He quickly shifted some stuff on the screen and more windows popped up. Then he swung the chair around to face her and he got up. He stretched his arms and Mari couldn't help admire the muscles that rippled beneath his loose shirt. Mari couldn't help but be amazed at the shape he kept himself. Considering he was on the computer most of the time, Mari did find it impressive that he was still in top shape.

The nice bulge of muscles caused Mari to gape at his arms. She groaned as she shook her head. She needed to stop thinking with her mind in the gutter the way it seemed to always be. Even though they were mated, they really knew nothing of each other. She decided that needed to change. Since they were alone, Mari decided it would be now.

"No secrets, right?" Mari questioned, causing Cameron to freeze in surprise before he nodded his head. "I don't know anything about you."

"That's a shame," he told her. A cheeky smirk crossed his face. "I know a lot about you." Mari frowned at that and he chuckled. He gestured to the computer. "This shouldn't come a surprise, Mari. I'm what they call a watcher. I can hack into pretty much anything. I know when you fell from Grace, you developed a habit of drinking a lot of Starbucks."

"Okay, that's creepy."

He openly laughed at that. Mari flushed as she thought it was nice to hear him laugh. Come to think of it, she hadn't really had the chance to enjoy some of the finer things of her mate. She walked to the sofa and sat down. He followed suit, but he gave her some room to relax. She sighed, looking over at Cameron before she gave in. She swung her feet up on the sofa and crossed her legs indian-style.

"So, tell me about yourself," she encouraged.

A small smile touched the corners of his mouth before Cameron decided to share anything. Mari waited impatiently, bouncing her knee. He placed a hand on her knee causing her to suck in a sharp intake of air. She blushed as she hoped he hadn't noticed her reaction.

"Relax," he whispered. Mari's eyes widened at how the word came out like silk touching skin. She knew he hadn't meant it to be anything but comforting. However, when he used that tone, it did things to her she wasn't prepared to acknowledge. "I've been around for a long time. I didn't fall from the Grace with the first wave that joined Lucifer. I was among the second wave that fell."

"There were two waves of fell?"

"Yes, I'm not surprised you didn't know," he told her honestly. "The first wave paved the way I guess. The second wave happened during the actual battle between Lucifer and Michael. As you know by now, it had never been about disobeying God or anything to do with that. It had to do with have faith that a soul had the right decide their fate without grand interference."

"Well, I guess what I did would seem to be interference to you then."

"Mari, I know what you did."

Mari's eyes immediately went to his. She frowned, wondering how exactly he knew what she did. Why had he looked so familiar to her? Her eyes narrowed slightly as if she was trying to pull upon a memory. She knew those eyes looked hauntingly familiar. Her breath caught as she remember a couple of Fallen that had interfered with her work with one of the souls she was protecting.

Their interference had led to that poor soul to begin to fragment. From what she remembered, it hadn't been Cameron's fault. It had been the woman he had was with at the time. That woman was a nasty piece of work! She shook her head, attempting to calm down her emotions.

"It's okay," he said softly. "I'm not proud of what happened." Mari's eyes sharply snapped to his. She watched him swallow uncomfortably. "Lorelei was out of line. She shouldn't have toyed with the girl's mind. I'm not a fan of mistreating souls like that."

"Did you know she was raped by her boyfriend later that night? She had finally worked up the nerve to leave and she had to place those thoughts of fear in her. Do you know what that feels like? To feel like you failed in keeping her safe? I had to watch her get raped and beaten by her boyfriend. I couldn't do a thing to stop her."

"I know."

Now that surprised Mari even more. How did he know? Pent-up anguish and pain rushed to the surface. It had been awhile since she had brought herself to those dark memories. Memories she didn't care to remember, but they had always been there lurking ready to pounce on her -- the failure that she was.

"Mari," he said. Tearfully, Mari forced herself to look at him. "I was there the night you fell. I know why you fell."

"What the--"

He grabbed her when she attempted to leap to her feet and run. She struggled against him as he brought her back down against him. He was much stronger. "Mari, stop," he gasped. "It wasn't your fault."

"I couldn't save her!" Mari cried out. "How can you say it wasn't my fault?"

"Because I saw everything that went down. I was worried about Loralei's handiwork so I tracked you two," he confessed. Mari stilled. "I got there too late. You were one of the good ones, Mari. I had watched you before. You had the right mindset. You helped to heal them indirectly. You should have never fallen in the first place."

Mari's breathing began to slow as she began to calm down. She brushed at the tears that had streaked down her face. She slightly shifted away from him on the sofa. She looked into his eyes and knew he was being sincere. His honesty was reflecting in those dark chocolate depths.

"I-I didn't fall because of that," she whispered. Cameron frowned at that. She gave him a weak smile as she patted his hand. "I fell, because I was mad at the Heavens. I was mad that they let this happen to this girl. She was this innocent bystander in this war between the Heavens and the Underground. I got fed up. I didn't understand why we couldn't all work together. It would've made things easier."

"So you never hated us?"

"No, I think it was more that I hated that it came to this," she confessed. She had never told anyone this. She feared if she so much as breathed a word in the Heavens that they would peg her as going against them. "I hated that after so much time that nobody had come to a better way of existing with one another."

Cameron smirked. "I guess I lied. I didn't know that about you. I had thought you were one of those types that were hardcore the Heavens are always right."

"Cameron, it was my job to look after souls and help them heal their emotional wounds to evolve. I'm was an empath working with energy has always been a core of my being," she told him with a shrug of her shoulder. "Most of the Fallen I met when I was working in the field, they all felt lonely, hurt, and misjudged."

"And you aren't an empath now?"

"I still have some of my gifts, but I think I locked up a piece of myself inside me after what had happened. They come and go, but nothing like how I used to be." Mari blushed when Cameron gave her a speculative look. When he got into those deep thinking movements and studied her, she couldn't help but feel a thread of discomfort that he may see that she was a mess underneath her hard exterior. "So what was this Loralei woman to you?"

Mari watched as Cameron shuttered off his emotions completely. He had always been hard to believe, but she had never felt a straight up block from him. She frowned at this new development. It made her even more determined to understand what this woman was to him to cause him push her out of his mind. The tension in the lines of his muscles told Mari that she had indeed hit a nerve.

She licked her lips when Cameron finally let out a sigh. The tension in his body didn't leave though. He continued to keep that block up effectively keeping her out. Not that she managed to further their connection to unearth the other gifts that mates were privy too, but it bothered her that he was purposely keeping his secrets.


Cameron was looking down at his finally. When he finally focused on her, she was nervously waiting for his response. "Mari, I don't know if this is the best thing to bring up," he told her. There was wariness in his eyes. "Please, just let this go."

"No," she said. She shook her head. "I want to know. You-You promised. No secrets, remember?"

"Mari, Loralei and I were together for centuries."

"You mean you two were--"

"Yes, we were lovers. We always felt that we never needed a label," he whispered. He licked his lips as he continued, "Lucifer called upon us to join Lilith's cause. We did so. As you know, Lilith tends to like to blond bind mates, because it's one of the most binding rituals. The only bind that surpasses it is energetic soul binds."

"I know all about soul binds and energetic links, Cam. I was an Empath, remember?"

Mari hadn't meant to snap, but it was a shock to hear that Cameron had centuries long relationship with the woman that indirectly destroyed her Grace. She had felt Loralei's energy and felt a coldness there. It hadn't sat well with her and to hear that Cameron was linked to her for that long made her wonder if she truly knew him at all. Had he been deceiving her the entire time? Had she imagined the kind of Fallen she believed he was?

"Well, Loralei was bonded to another half a century ago."

"Did Lilith know that you two were..." Mari trailed off when Cameron gave her a mocking smile and she knew the painful answer. "Wow. That's absolutely horrible." Her heart dropped at the amount of pain she felt radiating off of Cameron's aura. She frowned, realizing she was seeing his aura. Swirls of color danced around him. "Cam, did you love her?"

Cameron gave her a pained look. "Mari, I had been Loralei for centuries. What do you think?"

"You still love her," she murmured, recognizing the colors sparking from his chest. He was still hurting over it.

A thought came crashing down upon her as she remembered the night that he had stopped a very passionate moment. Humiliation caused Mari to build up her own walls. He had said that he didn't want her to do anything she'd regret. Instead, what he really meant to say that he would regret.

"Were you seeing her still after we mated?"

The question burst out of her before Mari could take it back. She didn't want to know the answer. Why ask questions that she obviously didn't truly want to know the answers to? She waited apprehensively for his response. She knew it wasn't good when he wasn't quick to answer. He was hesitating.

"Damn it," she hissed as she got up.

"I ended it," he gasped. Mari began to pace. "I ended it after the night you and I had almost..." he trailed off. He swallowed. "I realized she and I were heading in two opposite directions in our lives now. It wasn't fair to any of us to continue down this path. So I made the decision to let her go."

"I doubt she was happy with that."

"No, she wasn't," he whispered. He squeezed his eyes shut. "Mari, we had been together for centuries. When you've been with someone that long, it's hard to just let it go. It's not something that is just easily undone."

"Cam, this is not something you'll most likely ever get over." Mari bit the inside of her cheek. He was an open canvas now. She saw his energy. She saw the signs. If his soul inhabited mortals bodies, he would need lifetimes of healing to evolve. "I feel it inside of you. I see it in the colors."


Mari's eyes widened, realizing she had said that aloud. She hadn't told him that she could read his aura know. No secrets would he be able to keep, because she could plainly see the answers now. Even though, she was certain he was attempting to block her, his aura never lied.

"Nevermind," she muttered quickly.

"You see my aura, don't you?"

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter if I do," she whispered. Her heart was sinking with the weight of pain. It was an anchor that caused her stop and feel it begin to fester and poison her. "No lies. No secrets, right?"

Cameron opened his mouth to respond, but the sound of a door opening caused both of them to turn. They watched as Lucifer walk out of his room with a backpack. Mari's eyes widened as she saw his aura flowing off him. She groaned, realizing something had triggered inside her opening her up to her gifts. After being without her gifts, Mari wondered how strong they'd come back.

It had taken a long time to hone her skills. There were times in the beginning that Mari wanted to lock herself away and never come out. She could feel, hear, see, and sense people's emotions. Now that her gifts were resurfacing, it was something that she would need to once again get a handle of. She used to believe it was both a blessing as it was a curse.

Lucifer stopped briefly to mention that a witch would stop by a few day strengthen the wards while he and the others were gone. He told Cameron that he'd be in touch regularly with him about their position. He also asked him to do his research about the last known areas of the Fallen, which Cameron accepted the task. Mari just watched the colors of his aura dance and swirl before her eyes.

What had triggered her gifts to resurface? Mari's eyes slid to Cameron still listening to Lucifer's instructions. Of course, her mate would have to trigger them. Her mate that was still madly in love with another woman. The dreams of the type of bond that Cameron and her could have had disappeared before her eyes. She couldn't help but feel a tide of crippling pain swallow her whole.

Mari watched Cameron place a hand on his chest abruptly faltering with his words as he glanced in her direction. Horrified, she belatedly started to realize that Cameron could feel what she felt. Her heart dropped when Cameron's eyes slid to hers suspiciously while he still listened intently to Lucifer. There was a combination of fierce determination, sadness, and something else she couldn't put a finger on.

You can try to hide what you feel from me and for me, Cameron told her in a whisper that echoed in her mind. Her heart clenched as her fears were slowly coming true. It was one thing knowing how she felt, but it was another to have him know as well. But both of us have ways of knowing things. You don't know everything about me. I certainly don't know everything about you. We will have our own centuries to sort through this mess.


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Writinglover and vkwok, thanks for reading! I reread the chapter and cringed at all the typos and errors. Glad you got through that. With new perspectives, there is always added drama. So many personalities at once. I just hope I can keep it together and not mess up on the names and characters.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      A lot of drama and feeling at every word. Great!

    • writinglover profile image


      5 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      I liked how you added Cameron's history into the story. New perspectives bring new fresheness to the story and a new twist (I've said that a lot). That was an awesome chapter. Voted up awesome!


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