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Corrupted Souls Of Angels: Fate & Destiny (Chapter Four)

Updated on November 24, 2014

Little Sidenote

Serenity is not at all "serene", is she? I actually named her after the Serenity Prayer.


The dingy glided to the shoreline. The friction from the ground grated the bottom of the small vessel until it sluggishly came to a stop. Serenity bit her lip as she stared up at the enormous tree in awe. She quickly got out of the dingy and tugged it up further on the shore to make certain that it wouldn't be drawn back into the water.

When she turned back around, she once again gazed up at the tree that towered over her willowy frame. She swallowed as she dared to venture forward. She was having difficulty remembering Gabriel's instructions. Speaking of Gabriel, she turned slightly and looked over her shoulder to look upon her adviser across the moat. She noticed that both Michael and Raphael were now with Gabriel. All three of the Archangels were engaged in an intense conversation to even take notice her. Just as well, she thought to herself, as she turned back to the tree.

She sighed as she forced her mind to focus and function. Ah, yes! She smiled, remembering now what to do. She walked towards the tree. When she stood before the trunk, she licked her lips as she tried to work up the courage to place her hands on the tree. Not many were allowed to partake in trees knowledge, Adam and Eve were booted out of Eden, because they did so. She squeezed eyes shut and took a deep breath before she pressed her shaking hands against the rough bark of the tree.

Her eyes widened when a bright glowing light appeared around her hands. She watched as it crept up her wrists and up her arms over her shoulders until her entire body was encased in light. Then she felt her body lurch forward as she began to absorbed into the tree. She frowned when she found herself hovering in midair trapped in a prism of multicolored light. Her golden hair was being whipped about by gusts of harsh wind. Occasionally, sparks of energy zipped across the exterior of the prism. She could hear the crackle and rumble of the energy due to the energy's high frequency.

"Serenity, we are grateful you came," a voice called out, causing Serenity to jump.

Serenity looked around hastily attempting to locate the presence, but there was nothing but mulitcolored energy. She licked her lips nervously wondering if she may be hearing voices until another voice spoke above the electrical charge.

"Do not be fearful of us," the other voice told her. "We are in need of your assistance. Would you be willing to take on a quest of sorts?"

"Yes, I am willing," Serenity responded swiftly.

"Good," one of the voice said. "We know you well, Serenity. Your heart is pure. You are a passionate soul deemed with gifts that can help many. We had given you these gifts, because your soul is selfless, determined, and compassionate. You are a true survivor. This is why we have chosen you."

Serenity blushed at the compliments these ancient ones were giving her. She could't help but feel awkward that they knew her inside and out. They knew all about her and had instilled these gifts within her due to their knowledge of her. What if they were wrong about her? What if she couldn't do what they requested of her? Her anxiety was mounting dangerously.

"Your role is of supreme importance," one of the voice told her, bringing her out of her thoughts. "The balance needs to be restored, Serenity. We knew that this would come, but we cannot simply cast aside fate and destiny. What will pass will come to pass."

"The scales have been tipped," the other voice called out. "Balance must be restored. We know Gabriel and Raphael told you of us briefly. We are the Three. You must know of the trinity - mind, body, and spirit. It has been tied to ancient knowledge for a long time."

"We knew this war would cause a shift that can set everything in complete disarray," the other voice chimed in. "It has unforseen consquences that has perilous results if balance cannot be restored. As you know, you only hear two of us, is that accurate to assume?"

"Yes, I only hear two distinct voices," Serenity admitted.

"For awhile, we could watch over the actions from afar without interfering," one of the voices confessed. "Interference was never our purpose only to protect the evolution and growth of souls. However, that is being put into grave danger. If we do not interfere, absolute chaos and destruction will befall all. We cannot let that happen."

"No, we cannot," the other voice echoed determindedly. "We have already set into motion what we had known what would happen eventually. Our Third counterpart has already completed the Trinity. She is in your plane of existence as we speak."

"She-She?" Serenity stammered, realizing what that meant. One of the ancients was incarnated amongst them. "How is that possible? There have not been any shifts of known power."

"We needed to make her entrance as subtle as possible," one of the voice told her. "We did not wish to make her a target -- not when she was still vulnerable. We have reconnected with her and have attempted to repair her soul. However, there was only so much her soul could take and we could not risk splittering her soul." There was a pause before the voice continued. "We are need of you to heal the rest of her soul. Only she has the gift and knowledge to restore balance and keep the scales balanced."

"What we ask of you will place you in a very difficult place," the other voice admitted. "You will not be able to tell another soul until the time is right. You may be seen as a traitor. They may view you as a threat to their cause. Can you withstand the weight of being on the cusp of being a Fallen?"

Serenity's eyes widened at that. She hadn't expected that. She bit her bottom lip. Michael already saw her as a potential threat. Not only that, she was certain he hated her. If she gave him a reason, she would be absolutely done for. Ever since Emilia fell from Grace, Michael trusted nobody especially his female counterparts. He would be quick to mark her as a threat to be dealt with.

Ever since it was known that Lucifer was nursing the Fallen back to health to be inducted into Lilith's army, Michael completely bypassed the ceremony and dispatched the Fallen to eternal death. Serenity understood his methods even agreed with it to a point, but there was just something missing.

"He will defend you," the voice whispered softly. Serenity frowned, opening her mouth to question the voice. "Serenity, the one you fear will be your savior. You will save him from the path he is on as he will in turn save you."

"That's impossible," Serenity murmured. "Michael hates me. He will continue to hate me."

Serenity was surprised at how much it wounded her. When Michael had come across her years ago when she had finally evolved into a Higher Soul, she had barely been noticed. Nobody noticed her, because Emilia seemed to always be the center of attention. She sighed, squeezing her eyes shut. Emilia had been a mentor to her. She had aided her in developing her gifts and skills. It burned her when she had fell from Grace.

Michael had known Emilia was fond of her having spent much time with her. Serenity had always known of Emilia's affection for Michael. When Emilia fell, he snubbed Serenity and refused to believe any good would come out of her. When Raphael and Gabriel praised her for her skills and gifts, Michael seemed to view her as somebody to keep a watchful eye upon. No matter how many times she had hoped to gain his approval, he had continued his obvious destain for her. She absolutely had it with him and attempting to gain his favor when he outright belittled her to his comrades. He hadn't known she was there, but she knew what he had said about her. It continued to haunt her steps, actions, and thoughts. In the back of her mind, she wondered if the reason she now loathed Michael so much was there was a fear that he might be right. Built up so high only to fall, he had thrown out there.

Serenity blinked back her tears. She was surprised that her emotions had got taken hold of her the way they had. She had long buried her feelings for Michael when Emilia had confided in her about her strong affection for the Archangel. When Emilia fell, Serenity was quick to blame Michael for his treatment towards Emilia. Michael obviously loved Emilia and still does. He would never love anyone as deeply as he loves her. To see him cast Emilia aside knowing he loved her, there was no chance that he would ever see her in that light nor fight for love either. Serenity knew Michael saw it as a weakness to partake in affairs of the heart when there were important matters to tend to.

She would find her rightful mate eventually. She could feel it in her bones. She wouldn't let Emilia and Michael's heartbreaking tale burn down her own dreams with flames. She didn't care what Michael thought of her either when she would inevitably partake in the mating ceremony. Her heart dropped as the memories of her rape drifted into her mind. She sighed, that is of course if anyone wanted her now.

"Child, your heart will heal," the voice called out to her. Serenity blushed, realizing she had been so caught up in her thoughts when she should be occupied with the fact she was in the presence of the ancients. "You will be a good fit for him."

"Wait! What? Who?" Serenity gasped in confusion. No, they couldn't mean Michael.

"You will see," the other voice said knowingly. "He will break down your walls. You must let him in. Trust him."

"Will you take up your destiny, Serenity?"

The question was followed by silence as Serenity thought it over. She didn't know how she felt about becoming a pariah in her own community. She took her duties and responsibilities quite seriously. Anything to jeapordize not watching over her wards would devastate her. However, the war made everything difficult now. How would she be able to help others when she felt like she was slowly dying inside? The horrible memory had placed a seed of fear within her soul that would take a long time to heal.

No, she had no desire to live like that. She refused to let that fear rule her and make her become paranoid. She wanted peace and solitude. She wanted others out there watching after their wards not to be faced with the dangers and experiences she had already encountered.

"Yes," she decided aloud. "I will take up my destiny."

"Good," one of the voice responded. "Once she is fully healed, her gifts will be restored as well as her true purpose."

"Who is she?" Serenity questioned. It didn't really matter who, Serenity realized, as long as the balance was restored and she could look after her wards in safety and peace without interference. "Who will I be seeking out and helping?"

There was a moment of silence before a name was spoken. Serenity's eyes widened in shock. Had she heard that correctly? Her heart dropped as the reality settled within her. Oh, yes, Michael would definitely place a target on her back now for certain.

"Her identity must remain a secret. There will only be a handful that will know her true existence," one of the voices revealed. "We need to keep the knowledge of our existence and role under lock and key. In time, those who are privy to the knowledge will discover the truth."

"Good luck, child," the other voiced spoke. "We are all counting on you to be the light in the dark."

Before Serenity could respond, the prism she was encased in shattered. She gasped when gravity took her causing her to fall into the abyss of multicolored brilliance. The chill took her breath away as she plunged into water. Her heart raced as she realized orbs of souls were surrounding her radiating their warmth.

She looked up and saw the surface. She focused on her wings. Then with the power of her wings, Serenity shot upwards and broke the surface of the water. She hovered in the air letting droplets of waters dripped off her. Her eyes scanned the air and she noticed the dock where she had left the arguing Archangels.

All three of them had stopped in mid-conversation staring up at her wide-eyed. Serenity soared over to them. Her feet touched down on the wooden dock. She frowned when they continued just to stare at her before all three of them abruptly began to clear their throats and hastily look away.

Serenity looked down at herself then gasped. How had she not realized that she was entirely nude? Her eyes widened as she quickly wrapped her arms around herself. She was startled when Michael quickly took off his cloak and securely wrapped it around her.

"Serenity, I do apologize," Gabriel gasped. "I forgot about that part. It has been so long since the Tree called a soul to partake in their knowledge."

"Gabriel, it is okay," she whispered. She could feel the burn of the heat rising in her face. She glanced up at Michael. "Th-Thank you."

He just nodded before he took a couple steps back remaining silent. Serenity looked at her advisors who both had the grace of looking equally as embarrassed as she was. Raphael coughed as he attempted to break through the awkward moment.

"How did it go?"

Serenity just smiled. "You know I cannot share until the time is right."

"Have you accepted their mission whatever it is?" Gabriel questioned. When she nodded, he smiled brightly. "Good! I am glad to hear that."

"In fact, since you are on a mission now," Raphael said. He gestured to Michael. "Michael has agreed to be your personal bodyguard."

"Oh, that-that is not necessary--" she began, glancing at Michael who smirked at her reaction.

"Well, we," Raphael began, looking at Gabriel and Michael, "We all thought it best that the Angels on the ground needed additional protection now that the war has begun."

"Although, I am happy about the prospect of now having additional guardians on the ground to ensure the safety of their own," she told them quickly. "I am certain Michael has his hands full with the war and all."

"Valid point," Michael muttered, which Serenity caught the dark looks that both Raphael and Gabriel gave him. "However," he growled, pinning both of them with looks of his own. "If the Tree has given you a mission, it is important that you complete it. I will be there to further assist your progress."

"You have no idea what my mission entails," she said, arching her eyebrows. "They could have asked me to reproduce a soul and birth it into an Angelic body. What? Are you going to be present for that? Would you like to participate in that, Michael?"

"If it gets the mission complete," he said, boredly.

"If it gets the mission complete," she mimicked him. Her eyes flashed as did his. She stepped right in front of him, looking straight up into his eyes. She let her fingers trail across his bare skin and let his memories and emotions spill into her. "Fine then, what if the mission demanded you to partake in the process of creating that Angelic body to house that soul."

His eyes bore into hers then a slanted smile crossed his face.

"Well," he murmured, glancing down at her form still wrapped in his cloak. His fingers idly began to toy with lapels of his cloak. "We are halfway in making that happen, little Angel. Say the words."

The way his eyes traveled down Serenity's body, forbidden desires lashed out at her and flared to scorching heights. She swallowed, backing away from him and the contact with his skin. How in the world had that happened? He actually desired her? Lust obviously, but it had been unexpected. Michael was never one to give into base impulses and somewhat act on it.

Not one to absolutely back down, Serenity just shook her head clearing his thoughts and emotions from her mind. She knew the one thing that would set him off having viewed his thoughts and it would ensure that he refused to be her bodyguard.

"Emilia was right about you," Serenity said. Both Gabriel and Raphael glanced at each other then at Michael. "You really are about one thing -- the mission and completing it. That is all that you ever cared about. Never cared once about her. No wonder why she fell to get away from you and your foolishness."

"Michael," Raphael warned, stepping in front of Serenity. Gabriel was quick to grab Serenity and tug her behind him. "Now, she did not--"

Michael shoved both Raphael and Gabriel aside without any effort at all. He grabbed Serenity's bare shoulders securing her in place. She wondered briefly if he was going to harm her. She meant nothing to him. He wouldn't think twice of putting her in her place. There was too many raw emotions circling in her mind that were his. He froze suddenly looking down at her face.

"Smart," he murmured as his painful grip eased. "Empaths are too wise for their own good sometimes."

"How-How did you--"

"Knowing what presses my buttons and where it is going to hurt," he said. Serenity's eyes widened. "I have always been observant, but Empaths have that final emotional twist of the knife. Emilia told me those words you just said the night she fell at least the gist of that." Serenity opened her mouth to protest when he shook his head. "Serenity, I know we do not see eye to eye most of the time, but I do know you are not that ruthless. You are too compassionate."

"Better to be compassionate than narrowminded," she grumbled, attempting to get away from him.

It was useless. He was stronger. Serenity's gifts peeled back the harsh, hard layers revealing Michael's soul. Her heart clenched. Tears came to her eyes at how beautiful it was -- his hopes, goals, plans, and dreams. She shuddered at his peaceful presence and his warmth. The glow of his spirit causing her to subconsciously draw closer to him like a moth to a flame. There was so much hurt and pain. So absorbed in his soul and energy patterns, Serenity reached up and placed a calming hand on his cheek. Her eyes searched his as he was now studying her curiously.

"Not many people get it, do they?" she whispered. She leaned up and placed a light, gentle kiss on his mouth. "Emilia did not even understand. I just hope this hurt and pain will not forever cloud your judgment."

"Serenity," he murmured. His eyes widened in surprise. He swallowed as he forced himself to step backwards. "Serenity, I apologize I should not have taken advantage of your empathic abilities."

The hazy fog started to clear as his energy was extracted from Serenity. When she finally realized what had happened, she fixed Michael with an accusatory glare. A mix of humiliation and fury speared through her. She blushed, realizing she had indeed kissed him. He made a fool out of her once again. Why was she such a joke to him?

"You absolutely disgust me," she growled out. Her emotions getting the best out of her as she pushed at his chest again and again. "Do you think I was placed here for your sick amusement? I take my part seriously whether you realize it or not, Michael. I have a purpose and I excell at it--"

"I am aware of that," Michael cut in.

"Do you? Because as I recall," she hissed. "And I quote, she thinks she is something special. Everyone believes she will become this new prodigy. Believe me, she is being built up so high, she will only fail--"


"No! You keep comparing me to Emilia. All of you do!" she cried out in frustration. "I am exhausted with living in her shadow. You see me nothing more than a waste of time. So do what you do best and ignore me, avoid me, and say snide remarks behind my back. I do not need your help."

"Is that so? You do not need my help?" he asked as his eyes narrowed. He gestured to his cloak still wrapped around her body. "My help is covering your nudity, little Angel. I would be wise enough to hold your tongue."

Serenity paused, glancing down at her body. She was indeed clad in only his cloak. Her eyes flicked back to his before a smile crossed her face. She tore the cloak off her body and offered it back to him. He stood there too shocked to react.

"Well, here. Take it." When he still refused to take it, she just dropped it at his feet. She walked right up to him and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear, "You cannot hide your attraction to me, Michael, not even you are above bodily impulses and instincts. Is that how it was with Emilia? Is that why you cannot let it go?"

Serenity watched Michael hiss as he took a step back. He stooped down low to grab his cloak. He pushed the cloak into her hands. His gray eyes burned furiously into hers.

"Regardless of how we feel about each other," he forced out between clenched teeth. "War is here making it dangerous for Angels to watch over their wards safely." He shook his head as he tore his cloak from her hands. Once again, he quickly wrapped the material around her. "We need to band together at these times and not against each other. Do I make myself clear?"

Serenity swallowed, taking in the hardened facial features and defensive stance of the Archangel in front of her. She hated to admit that he looked brilliant. This was the Michael she had looked up to. She blushed as she wrapped his cloak tighter around her becoming all too aware of her nudity.

"Crystal," she murmured in response.

"Good, I will inform the others in the shift in plans. I will return shortly and from then on, I will be at your service," he said in a clipped tone. When she nodded, she noticed that he had taken a step towards her and fisted his hands into the material of his cloak. "This is nothing how it felt like with Emilia, but lesser Angels would have acted upon their attraction and impulse. I have and will continually show restraint. Little Angel, I recommend that you do not actively flash your nudity to other Angels quite so freely."

"Well, eventually someone will take the bait," Serenity said flippantly. She immediately wished she had kept that snide remark to herself when Michael leveled her with an icy glare. "M-Michael, I did not--"

"Little Angel, I would be careful in what you are offering," he cut in dryly. "Considering I am now acting as your personal protector, I predict I have my work cut out for me. Please refrain from getting yourself in trouble while I am gone."

Michael then turned on his heel and spread his wings. When he took off into the air, Serenity shook out from her trance and stamped her foot.

"I do not need your help, Michael!" she shouted after him. Deciding to mimic him, she continued by bellowing, "Do I make myself clear?"

Michael was already too far away to hear her. Or if he had, he had pretended like he hadn't. Serenity growled in frustration as she watched him disappear. She slowly turned to Gabriel and Raphael who had watched the entire exchange with awed amusement.

"Well," Gabriel said, clapping his hands. "I think that went well."

Both Serenity and Raphael looked at Gabriel in disbelief. Serenity just groaned, shaking her head. She was stuck with dealing with an Archangel who hated her and a destiny she needed to fulfill. Nothing was turning out the way she had hoped.


Lucifer sighed when his group came across an abandoned warehouse. The eerie, hollow vibe prickled his skin in an undeniable warning. He felt the uncomfortable force shoving into him, but he shut his eyes and took a deep, cleansing breath. When he opened his eyes, he looked at his companions. They were all waiting on him. He gave them a slight nod.

He watched Chandra smirk. She looked at Saffron and pointed to the roof. Saffron nodded in understanding. Chandra blew her a kiss to seal their agreement then she glanced sideways at Scorpius. She roughly pulled him into a quick kiss before she slightly pushed him aside. She then took off into a sprint. Her body became a blur as she zipped here and there. Lucifer watched as she somehow managed to make it up the siding of the warehouse in a flash and disappeared unto the roof.

Scorpius smirked at his mate's antics. He eyed Lucifer and the others before he mysteriously began to backed away being shrouded by dark shadows until he all but disappeared. Lucifer looked to both Alekysus and Saffron. They were ancient like him and still had their wings. They had fallen with him in the first wave. Alekysus gave him a nod as Saffron winked at him.

Saffron then took off in a sprint like Chandra had, but she was transforming while keeping up the rapid speed. Lucifer watched as Saffron abruptly took to the air soaring with her black wings spread wide. When she made it to the roof, she touched down then looked over her shoulder. Her crimson eyes glowed before she turned and disappeared.

When Lucifer looked again to Alekysus, he smirked when he realized he was standing by himself. He eyed the abandoned warehouse. Unlike the others who had taken their alternate paths, he strode purposefully towards the abandoned warehouse as he prepared himself mentally for whatever he faced within.


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks for your honest feedback! I'm glad the plotline is interesting. I completely agree that it needs a definite editing makeover with much needed revisions. There's times I read over certain chapters and just cringe, because I graduated college with degrees in English and Writing. I definitely see what you mean about the character personalities (both men and the women). I do want Michael and Lucifer to be foils in some ways, but I do also want them to feel entirely different as characters. I need to develop the women more into their own individual personality.

      I'm actually in the process of editing the first part and making it into an actual full book before I self publish it. So I will definitely take your thoughts in mind while I do that.

    • Prouvaire profile image


      5 years ago from Illinois

      This is a really interesting story. Just when I think I've figured out what you're planning to do next, you throw in a twist. The only complaint I might have (aside from minor spelling/grammar issues) is that the characters at times seem very similar. The men are largely combative and protective (although this mainly appears to be Michael and Lucifer, and if you're presenting them as foils, then this definitely works), and the women alternate between being sweet and sassy. I'd like more distinct personalities.

    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Writinglover, thanks for the kind words.

      Vkwok, thanks for stopping by. Hope it was a good read. And I'm still waiting on your next posting of Paranormal.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      Really great hub. Can't wait for more.

    • writinglover profile image


      5 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      You do a fine job telling it. :)

    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Lol yes, I'm glad you don't feel sorry for Michael. You're definitely not supposed to. He has hit rock bottom. He needs to redeem himself... To a lot of people (ha! including the reader). With the way the story was going before, he had little development and growth. Michael is a key character. Although, there really isn't any true protagonist or antagonist (within the key characters circle), because of the different viewpoints, I wanted to focus on character growth and changes. Just telling a story, yknow?

    • writinglover profile image


      5 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      Very interesting twist, MaeMG. I like where the first part with Serenity is going and Michael...*sigh* just Michael. At this point, I really don't feel sorry for him, whether he's grieving or not. Voted up awesome and interesting.


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