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Cosmic Beauty

Updated on April 25, 2013

The Loving Wife

Hi All,

I hope you are all doing wonderful. This hub is a hub that has been inspired by my better half, the lady who stands by my side through thick and thin. Yes, the Loving Wife. I am so fortunate to have her in my life that it gives me great pleasure to glorify her publicly, so I wrote this poem with her in mind.


Bright and brilliant is her wonderful smile

Eyes cannot resist her enchanting eyes

All admire her charm and her sweet style

Under the stars she shines and never lies

Thoughtful she is with words that hypnotize

Yes, she will win all hearts just wait a while.

Better than life, is to be by her side

Each day she fills my life with such great love

Always in love we will walk stride by stride

Under the sun she still flies high above

Together were are a hand in a glove

Yes, on this planet we’ll go for a ride.

Beauty brings the bright sun into my life

Each magical moment we get to share

Always makes me remember she is my wife

Under the Lord’s Sky she show that she care

This love lady lives life with no fear

Yes, we will live with pure peace not with strife.

I hope you have enjoyed this poem and I wish you a great day.

Dhira Krishna das



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    • Darrell Roberts profile image

      Darrell Roberts 4 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank your for your kind words manatita44, I wish peace and love to you and all your loved ones as well.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      It is wonderful to feel for our near and dear ones in such a loving way. Peace and love to you both.