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Old and Young!

Updated on September 4, 2014

granning and childing

Babies twain have I at home –

Senior one groping her way to eighty

And the younger crawling towards her year,

Not much of a difference though!

With spare teeth they nibble

Over food and sleep they niggle;

No time for myself to spare

Inadvertently, they just don’t care!

Altering between tub and diaper

Constantly I cut a caper;

Meagre clothes giving them comfort

They toddle within our greeny fort!

Sponge bath and a hot bath

Freshens them up respectively

With all make up done

They glare at me respectfully!

Their TV views offer me some respite

And their sleeping time is my recreation

Otherwise on toes for them

Offers me the solace of a dual mother!

Holding an aged hand on one side

And tender fingers on the other

The miles of my life I traverse

Speaks of the volumes of my love

For my old mother-child

And my own baby-child!

Thank I, my Almighty,

For blessing me

With two generation of blessings -

Both old and young alike

Bridging the gap!


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