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Cougar's Weekend

Updated on May 20, 2011

He stood in my sun

A dark, beautiful figure

A wide smile

with the tiniest imperfection

But the gap gave personality

And that personality so strong

So willful so challenging

Hanging on every word

as he spoke fire with awesome wit

A challenge

A nemesis

Could he handle Me

Me, the aged me

The confident me

The wise me

But he could

It wasn't hard to look at him

to lust after him

to wonder how a chest could be so perfect

A stomach so chiseled

and it led to a tattoo

that drew the attention away

from the fabulous face

below the belly button

In places I'm not supposed to look

Oh no

look away

But i can't

the lines the creases

so inviting

It seemed to speak to me

Oh no don't answer

play it cool

Maintain my swag

I'm a Lady

I'm a Lady

i say as I fantasize about this man

the young man

oh so young

I feel so bad

I feel so bad

I feel so good

Wow he's good

I was done the moment he entered my space

But I play it cool

I must be coy

I must play hard

I must

Was that his hand

massaging my back

I cant

I wont

I did

And when I did

I felt renewed

I began to float

Who taught you that

You re too young to know

what a woman needs

But you did

you did it perfectly

with no promises

No lies

No commitment

Just bliss

and thanks young man

if I never see you again

don't lose the thing

that thing

you have

that made me laugh

and made me smile

that challenged my spirit

and fed my soul

It was amazing


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