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Could Morning bring a New beginning?

Updated on March 5, 2011

Its better during the day,

it's easier that way,

To many tasks,

No time to think of the past,

No time to think of how you

Treated me, so harsh

No time to think of you and her,

Under the same Umbrella,

Of deceitful lies,and not enough trust,

Let me fold and snap the Velcro,

Close this chapter on a love,

we once shared,

Its plenty of tears and burning inside

Mistaken for Acid reflex

A pain so close to my heart,

No prescription from the Med-x

Can ease this ache,

Mark for life, as the scorn wife,

Is that what happening to my life,

You let her take you away from me,

Could Morning bring a new beginning?'

will it be the same pain.?

Why is time taking so long,

To wipe away wrong?

My nights is so lonely,

The silent nags at me,

The sheets seem so cold

But l found my soul,

Through pray and therapy,

One day this will all go away,

The pain!


I heard the sound of the cars passing by

And my thought turns to you,

I am still wondering why?'

Did l allowed you to come into my life,

You confused my cycle,

You made a fool of me,

Now its like a scratch CD

Going round and round,

with the same songs stuck,

Is this my luck?'

My favourite song,

I cannot regain, neither your trust,

One big error, and she had you hook,

You walked out that door,

straight to your whore,

Lonely nights lonely hearts,

All over this place again,

Could be the generation,

Of deceitful liars?

Trap in a jail house,

Like prisoner of pain,

Could morning bring a new beginning,

or it's same pain

why is time taking so long

to wipe away wrong. by Darknlovley 3436, W.lander




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