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Could You Not Tarry One Hour? by Larry Lea #5 Book Review

Updated on August 18, 2020
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I love reading. I want to share with you short reviews of the Christian books I have read in 2020. I encourage you to read them too. ❤️


I had the desire to pray as a new believer but I lacked the words. I remember the longest I could pray was less than one minute. So after my salvation, I slowly progressed to five minutes. I loved praying three times a day and my prayer was repetitive since I sincerely lacked the words to say. And few months later when I was able to pray in tongues, I completely shifted from praying in English which lasted five minutes to praying in tongues which could last an hour.

It would have done me more good if I had access to some good teachings on prayer back then. But if I compare myself now and back then, I have really grown so much when it comes to prayer. I want to share a little about a book that teaches on what people call the "Lord's prayer", as a prayer outline. I read this book this August and I learned a different perspective on prayer. We never stop learning, as they always say.


Could you not tarry one hour?

In his book, "Could you not tarry one hour?", Dr. Larry Lea puts emphasis on the question Jesus asked his disciples when he found them sleeping instead of praying. Dr. Larry teaches on how Christians can pray the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples for one hour. This might come as a shock to some because many are used to reciting that prayer and they in no way see it as a prayer outline.

Dr. Larry breaks down what Christians call "the Lord's prayer", in six sections and teaches on how to pray in each section. I like the personal stories he shares of himself as a new believer. His testimonies on how his ministry started is very encouraging. The simple humorous phrases he uses in each section makes it easier for the reader to remember the important lesson. His openness on how he had been successful in ministry but lacked a prayer life is really impactful.

He shares of His desire to pray at least an hour a day and how it took him six good years to answer the call to pray. What I loved about the prayer outline is how I got to personally learn the many names of God and the benefits of hallowing God's names. Larry takes the reader step by step in each section of prayer to help you grasp whatever he has taught. He assures the reader that following his steps will enable you to move from seeing prayer as a duty and move to being disciplined which will finally help you see prayer as a holy delight.

His simple writings and yet deep teachings are so simple and clear that it made it easier for me to be able to pray the whole prayer outline for myself in just few days without needing to refer back to the book. I could simply sing a new prayer song out of his prayer guidelines and feel even more connected to my creator.

The questions after each section makes it fun to test how much you gained from reading. The questions are so simple and I found myself taking my notebook and pen in excitement to answer the questions as I always expected to score everything right. I felt like a student in a class of a very loving, caring and understanding teacher who understood how to make classes fun for students.


I have so much to say about this book but I want you to experience the joy I did as I grasped knowledge and wisdom laid out in this book. You will enjoy praying for at least one hour if you never did before. You will have words to tell the Lord in English for at least one hour if you previously lacked the words. You will know how to find the perfect time for prayer and give the Lord all your attention. You will understand the power of learning to forgive immediately as you let the Lord defend you. What more could I say? The benefits are many! Shalom!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Milly Light


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