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Countess Elisabetta Bathory

Updated on November 3, 2014

Countess Elizabeth Bathory | Source

The Blood Countess

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to write about “Dracula Vlad "The Impaler" but in my research, I came across Countess Elisabetta Bathory.

Elisabetta was a Hungarian noble woman who many have said bathed in her victims blood, and they believe she’s the actual inspiration for Dracula.

Strange how I find it much scarier thinking this woman might have been a serial killer or witch then if it were The Impaler himself.

The Bathory Legend

Countess Elisabetta Bathory

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A Witch? A killer? Who Really knows?

Lets remember that back then it didn't take much for a woman to be convicted of being a witch with absolutely NO proof whatsoever.

Serial Killer?

Elisabeth the Wife & Living at Csejte

Elizabeth was engaged at age 15 to Ferenc Nádasdy, they were married on the 8 of May 1575. From everything that I read it seemed to be an arranged marriage between the families.

Elisabeth spent much of her time alone while Ferenc studied abroad, and while her husband was away at war Elisabeth took care of the estate that Ferenc gave to Elizabeth on their wedding day.

Elisabeth was an educated woman who could read and write in four languages. Elisabeth helped women, including a woman whose husband was captured by the Turks and a woman whose daughter was raped and impregnated.

Serial killer ? Witch? or Misunderstood?

Photo Shutterstock
Photo Shutterstock | Source

Elisabeth the Mother

Acording to Wikipedia Around 1585, Elizabeth gave birth to Anna, Katalin, György, Orsolya Pál, András.

Elizabeth's husband Ferencz died on 4 January 1604 at the age of 48. The couple had been married for 29 years. Before dying, Ferenc entrusted his heirs and widow to György Thurzó.


Between 1602 and 1604, after rumors that Elisabeth may have done some horrific things. In March 1610 they started collecting evidence that Elisabeth may be a witch or serial killer. Witnesses told the court what they had seen at castellan & Sárvár castle.

Transylvanian born Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Four hundred years later, we're still wondering if Elisabeth committed her crimes or was she a victim of hysteria?

The Countess: A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory

Caught In The Act? Really?!

It was believed that Báthory was caught in the act of torture, there is little evidence to support this.

"It would seem that Thurzó discovering Báthory covered in blood has been the embellishment of fictionalized accounts."

"32 letters written by Báthory are stored in the Hungarian state archives in Budapest."

The Victims

Elisabeth supposedly tortured & killed countless young women (which would seem totally out of character for this woman who supported other women in times of need.)

They accused Elisabeth of severe beatings, burning or mutilation of hands, biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other body parts, freezing and starving her victims to death.

The Trial

The trial had been for Elisabeth's accomplices. Everyone testified against her but one servant and because she didn't say want they wanted her to say they gouged out her eyes and removed her breasts before being burned at a stake. Now I call that vicious!

They say that the number of bodies removed from the castle were 200. The Accomplices were found guilty and killed right away except one which had been sent to a prison due to the fact that she didn't have a lot to do with it.

21 August 1614 - Elisabeth Died - 4 Years after her Conviction

"Elisabeth was imprisoned in Čachtice Castle and placed in solitary confinement.

She was kept bricked in a set of rooms, with only small slits left open for ventilation and the passing of food.

She remained there for four years, until her death. On 21 August 1614."

Elisabeth | Source

Bathing in her victims' blood

It has been said that the countess bathing in her victims' blood to retain beauty or youth. This has not been proven and none of the court documents mention such a thing.

Dr. Irma Szádeczky-Kardoss have argued that Elizabeth Báthory was a victim of a conspiracy. Nagy argued that the proceedings were largely politically motivated.

I highly doubt that this woman did all these horrific things. She and all who knew her were targets and those who said things against her; we're probably trying to save their lives, but it back fired. Look what happened to the one person who wouldn't testify that she saw anything in the castle.

I've seen and read plenty about the Salem Witch Trials and there were obviously no proof they were witches but someone decided they were and burned them.

Women had no rights back in Elizabeth's day or even the Salem Witch Trial days. They say she was a smart woman and knowing that you know she wouldn't back down if threatened even if it was by man or the political games they used to play.

She could have been standing in the way of something they wanted, like the castle for instances or her vote for something. It's easier to make a widow look insane, especially back in those days.

Her son in-laws could have just wanted her money and needed her gone so they could inherit the estate.

By all accounts, she was a devoted wife and mother so what changed so drastically after her husband's death? Was she so devastated by her loss that she went crazy?


Elizabeth Báthory

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