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County Blues

Updated on October 17, 2009

As she finishes her sentence, mine has just begun.

No more taking chances, no more life on the run.

Not running from my problems, but only for fun.

Instead of trying to solve them, i only prolong what was to come.

What was on its way, was a type of living hell.

Spending day after day, in a small concrete cell.

I manage to keep my sanity, by writing down my thoughts.

Its gonna take the man in me, to deal with what I've lost.

Not only losing freedom, but also losing time.

No loved ones when you need them, is a terrible strain on the mind.

I try to keep it together, as I finish out my bid.

They assume conditioning is better, while treating us like kids.

Though that's not the case, there's no use telling them.

I try not to step out of place, I only lash out with my pen.


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