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Courage from within

Updated on February 5, 2013

Courage from within

Sadness, fear, hope and love

Happiness, guilt, restriction and hate.

Fueled with madness

Filled with guilt

Pain and destruction escalate

that which once we believed

is forever, hopelessly gone.

Friends, lovers, family and strangers

are beguiled at what has become us!

Fueds carry on

fueled by hate

filled with anger

and haste.

Time marches on

as does our souls

to grasp that

which haunts us most.

Pulls us in

tugs at our heart

in hopes we fall

for total deceit.

Lies among lies

no truths be told

that which scaves us

our hearts doth hold.

Things that we feel

sometimes become surreal

Pain never ends

seems all unreal.

Soon we close ourselves off

to that which tortures us

Numb in feeling

our way of coping.

Then we are judged

for being unfeeling

by those not recognizing

the true signs of healing.

Sometimes we have to let go

of things, those things which...

include everything our

hearts once desired.

Deep in darkness

our soul hides

burying our feelings

so we can't confide.

We lose ourselves

hoping no one finds us.

We push those away

who try to help us.

Soon we are buried,

buried deep within ourselves

wanting to burst out,

out of our shells.

Scared and alone

we feel

not knowing

how to deal.

The touch of a hand

or arms to hold us near

terrorize our hearts and thoughts

in utter fear.

Overcoming the fear,

the fear of being hurt,

of being judged,

of being Me.

All of this takes

a lot of courage.

Courage from within.

© Published 2012


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    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Awesome photos. I enjoyed this!