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Cousin Jim & Cousin Clem

Updated on May 11, 2013

Cousin Jim & Cousin Clem.

Don't nobody wanna be like them.

Nowhere, I swear, will you find a pair of chummier chums.

Even in daylight, they're not too bright, they are the dumbest of the dumbs.

Don't worry, conversations with them are sure to be brief.

For you will succumb, dang near go numb, from the stench of Marlboro Reds & the spectacle of rotted teeth!

Reasoning with them, oh boy, is such an epic FAIL, there's simply no use.

They will lie, defy, & have an alibi, quick to scrounge up an excuse.

All day they ride around in their rusted, busted, & much traveled truck.

Dreaming & scheming, jiving & conniving, hustling to make an easy buck.

When night falls, they slumber, then arise to do it all again.

Cousin Jim & Cousin Clem, in their mind, they ain't too far behind, waiting on that day when they finally win.


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