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Crab fisherman

Updated on January 22, 2010

 A short story of rags to riches and the consequence....

Crab fisherman

A crab fishermen worked and lived on a beach. He had little but his hut and clothes. After a fierce storm he found a shipwrecked man. He helped the man back to health. The man rewarded the crab fisherman by giving him a bottle of salts.

‘Sprinkle this in your crab cages.’ The crab fisherman did as he was told and the next day when he came to check his cages they were full of the biggest crabs he had ever seen. When he went to the market to sell them he made a lot of money. On his return to the market everyone said how wonderful the crabs were. They were the most delicious crabs any of the people had ever eaten.

Each week he caught huge delicious crabs in his cages. He became famous and well known. One day at the market he met a beautiful woman. She asked him why his clothes were so poor when he must make good money with the crabs he was catching. He said he didn’t know what to do with the money. She helped him buy new clothes. When he saw himself in the mirror he was delighted. He asked the woman to attend the spring festival in the town. They danced all night and at the end of the festival they kissed. A month later they married.

The woman insisted that the crab fisherman must build a new house. He started work immediately using the money he made from his crabs to build a beautiful house. After the house was built the woman asked for things to be put in the house. Soon the house was full of beautiful things.

One day his wife noticed he was looking very tired. She asked him if he shouldn’t hire other people to fetch in the crabs. He thought this was a good idea. He could hire some of the boys from the town and he could rest in the mornings. He would only have to go to the market to sell the crabs.

He did this but only a month later he noticed the crabs were beginning to look smaller. He suspected that some of the boys were cheating him. He confronted them but they denied they were doing anything wrong. So one morning he went with them to check them but he found that the cages were only half full and they were only small crabs. He was very sorry he had accused the boys. He didn’t tell his wife. He thought the crabs would grow large again. But when his wife asked for money to buy new clothes at the market he had to confess what had happened. She was very upset.

He had to let the boys go because he couldn’t afford them. His clothes began to look old again. He told her the story of the shipwrecked man and the bottle of salts. Then his wife said to him, ‘ I can’t be married to an ordinary crab fisherman.’

The crab fisherman was very sad. He decided to sell his house and give the money to his wife. He did this and she went back to her family. Soon he was left alone on the beach. Each morning he checked his cages. After a week he noticed the crabs were looking bigger. He set them free only taking the smaller ones to market. After another week he found an oyster shell in the claw of one of the big crabs. He opened the oyster and found inside a huge pearl. He ate the oyster and threw the pearl into the sea. He continued in this way. After a month had passed he met a man on the beach dressed in fine clothes. He didn’t recognise him at first but when he looked closer he saw it was the man he had rescued. ‘Why have you refused the pearls?’ He asked. ‘I’m just a crab fisherman’ the crab fisherman replied.


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    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 8 years ago from England

      Thanks again LVM! As you say money and power ain't everything.

    • LVM profile image

      LVM 8 years ago

      I hope more people read the story learn that being too materialistic sometimes lead to self-destruction. Thanks for the hub.