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Woke Up Feeling Fruity

Updated on June 3, 2012

Her pretty work!

She also added a layer of glitter clear coat from Forever 21. The engagement ring  was purchased from a fine local jeweler.
She also added a layer of glitter clear coat from Forever 21. The engagement ring was purchased from a fine local jeweler. | Source

A look into a boyfriend's subconscious

The Girl was still awake at 3 am doing her nails, and the Guy woke up unwillingly. As she stroked her streaks of candy apple red, making the tips of her fingers a sharp crimson masterpiece. Why? She wanted to hit the town later that evening and really wanted to give her look an update.

She changed her mind on her nails, it wasn't "working" in A red color so she got out her bottle of polish remover. She began to strip off the first red nail with powerful chemical acetone polish remover, which must have awakened her Guy. He wasn't fully aware that he was now up and must have been confused by his surroundings; you see, the last thing he remembers was watching an episode of the show Mythbusters online when suddenly his body could no longer take on the day. His girl, now painting her cuticles an adorable peach shade, felt a hand on her bare thigh.

"Hey baby," He spoke out. "I have an idea."

She turned at her Guy that was still on his back, resting in his own private heaven. A smile formed on his still sleeping face. She poked the nail brush back into the bottle and gave it a twist. The Guy now had her full attention and wouldn't ruin the work on her beauty routine.

"What's your idea?" She asked him.

The guy let out a few giggles and said "A fruit stand." A few seconds then passed. She was perplexed.

"A what?" She finally inquired.

"A Mythbuster fruit stand."


The guy smiled ever so more and returned her answer. "There is fruit in the bed!"

She realized at that point that her Guy was half asleep and just wanted to talk. But, in his state, he was under the euphoria of sleep and was now babbling pure nonsense. She felt a little bit let down. She unscrewed the brush-cap on her peach polish that was called "Island Coral". She began to wonder if her Guy's ADD had reached a critical point and maybe it was time to introduce him to some Adderall; for the sake of his mind.

Before the grip of sleep reclaimed him and gave the Girl some peace, he nudged her one last time. Annoyed, she still turned his way took look over and down upon her gleefully silly Guy.

"You look so beautiful right now."

She smiled back in a loss of all control. She knew that in the back of her Guy's mind that she was the only one for him. He thought that she was the world and the most beautiful woman that lived on its surface. This was proved even further, because at that moment she only had one eye with full make-up painting it. The other eye was cleaned off. She wrapped up her painted nail project quickly and put her "hand art kit" away for the night so she could get some sleep.

The new midnight shade


The subject of idiotic dreams

Sinful Colors


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