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Writing Exercises, Get Your Juice Flowing

Updated on June 1, 2016

We all face it...

We all face it at times as a writer. We have finally carved out time in out busy daily lives to actually get some writing done only for the writer's block monster to hit. Well, no matter what some writers say, there is a way out of writer's block and it will only take five to ten minutes to do it. Use a writing prompt to write a flash fiction piece. (A flash fiction piece is only about 100 to 1,000 words. You can do this quite quickly.) If you want to do 2 to 3 prompts, then

that would be good for you to do as well. Here they are:

Random First Line Writing Prompts:

With these, you are given the first line and you will need to continue the story.

1. The window was open, she didn't know that that was where the noise was coming from at first.

2. The ground was so cold that it felt more solid than stone.

3. She woke up in a strange place and could smell the smoke in the air.

4. The plain began to take off even though she wasn't ready to go that high.

5. It seemed as though no matter what he did, he couldn't stop thinking about...

Random Exercises Writing Prompts:

1. Pick a color. Go for a short walk and watch for this color. Take notes as you go. Once you are done with the walk, go back and write about what you have seen.

2. Write about the sky as if you love it. Then, you will write about the sky as if you hate it.

3. List five things that you hate touching, and then five adjectives that will describe each of them.

4. Write about a situation that you were in lately, but from the point of another person in the same situation.

5. Write from the point of view of any household item. Then write a dialogue between you and the item.

Do you use writing prompts? If so, do they help?

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