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Creating Digital Poetry

Updated on June 24, 2015

Tips for Successful Digital Content Writing

Brand communication is all about storytelling. You are relaying a brand’s values, propositions, and its identity through your messaging. Every piece of content or creative you put across needs to establish a connection with the consumer, and tell the story that the brand is trying to convey. Digital media is no different, as the diverse range of platforms provide brands with numerous avenues to tell their story.

Talking specifically about digital content, it is of utmost importance that it is in sync with the bigger picture, and efficiently fulfils its task of engaging your audience. But digital content can be tricky, as the sheer number of possible platforms demand at least some degree of customization in the content being put on them. The copy you write for a Facebook post will require a totally different thought process when compared to an AdWords campaign. Still, there are some general guidelines you can follow to make sure that your digital content stands out from the competition, and elicits a response from the consumer.

Here are 8 key tips you should keep in mind when writing content for your digital story:

1. Establish a brand voice: It is of paramount importance that every bit of content writing you do, it must reflect the brand, LOUD and CLEAR. It is highly important to understand what the brand is all about, what are its values and positioning objectives, and what sort of an image it wants to portray before deciding on your content. Make sure every bit of copy feels like the brand is talking itself.


2. Content must have context: Social media can be cluttered at times, with no assurance that your audience will see the content in the manner or at the place that you want them to. So, the key is to make sure that every piece of content you create must provide at least some degree of context to the thought behind it.


3. Clarity in call to action: Perhaps the most important part of any content piece is to drive the consumer to the desired route of action. It could be a website visit or a purchase decision, but the call to action in your content has to be absolutely clear, so that there is no ambiguity whatsoever regarding how the consumer can respond back.

4. Always be concise: In digital, every word (even characters) counts so it becomes imperative that all the content you create is succinct and to the point. Creative writing is important, as there needs to be a certain flair in your writing but it should not come at the cost of redundancy or superfluous content.

5. Know your objective: This is marketing 101, you need to be absolutely clear in terms of what your end objective is behind any piece of content. Plan and execute your digital content in such a way that it fits well into the umbrella thought and follows a single direction already set.

6. Keep a conversational tone: Brand is nothing but a social element when talking digital. It is easy to get carried away and use a ‘promotional tone’ in your content but the advisable route to take is to treat the brand just like a person. Brand must communicate like another part of the user’s social network in order to establish an instant connect and come across in a more ‘real’ way.


7. Adapt according to the medium: As said above, the number of possible platforms in digital is huge. Social media alone entails working on so many different platforms and then you have to take care of content pieces for SEO, SEM, blogging, web content, and a lot more. Hence, always pay attention to the medium you are writing for and create communication that flows well across that particular platform.

8. In the end, it’s all storytelling: Lastly, never forget that at the end of the day, digital communication is nothing but brand storytelling. There has to be a natural flow in your communication and things must evolve or move ahead with time.


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