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Creating a Cover for your eBook - Part 2

Updated on March 12, 2012
eBook Cover Award - Feb. 2012
eBook Cover Award - Feb. 2012 | Source

The search continues.

In the part 1 of this series, I discussed the necessity for having a well designed cover for your eBook. Today I would like to share some options I came across when researching sources for my eBook cover.

At the bottom of my recommendations is the free software. This may be okay for non-fiction, promotional eBooks that you are giving away from your website, but I’m not sure it will really compete on Amazon or other related books sites. Programs such as Paint (included free with Windows) and Gimp (available for free download) can be used to design simple book covers. On YouTube there are videos that show step by step how to create a cover. Just search “Free EBook Covers”.

Once you create a cover and spine you can save these images as .jpg files. If you take them to sites like or you can make a 3D image to use in your web marketing.

For a little more money, my will allow you to create and download 2D and 3D images for 3.95 per image or 9.96 per month. They provide templates, etc.. is a medium priced option starting at $55 for software that claims to be easy to use.

If you don’t have a graphic design inclination, you might consider paying more for your cover design. offers more professional looking covers (to judge from their portfolio) starting at $97. BookBaby charges $149 - $279 for cover design. offers cover designs starting at $77. promises a “killer eBook cover to explode your sales.” You’ll need to submit a form to get a quote.

An unusual approach to graphic design belongs to They hold “contests” in which your books description is sent out to a number of graphic designers with a bid price and they compete for the project by submitting designs. One fantasy writer bid $195 and got 146 submissions. He chose one of them that he felt had the right impact and message and that designer got the project. will set you back $750 but they promise “phenomenal cover design and eBook formatting.”

There really are a range of options out there. I hope your search for one that works for you goes well.


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