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Creative Deadlines

Updated on October 17, 2010

Have you ever sat down to write with the whole day in front of you. You look at the blank screen and remember the laundry needs folded. You get that done. The phone rings. You talk to your best friend for a half an hour. You're done talking and you sit down to write, but you're hungry. You fix a snack. The day continues like this and when it ends you have a blank screen and an idea still screaming at you inside your head. Too much time and no deadlines can be a bad combination for writers.

What is a writer to do? You want to write, you've got this great idea, but time keeps slipping away.

Sign up for a challenge! When you sign up for a challenge you get a deadline, you get motivation "I'm involved with nanowrimo, fawm, or script frenzy" sounds so interesting to your friends, and you get a group of other writers for support.

Where to start?

The world is full of challenges. Go to your favorite search engine and type in "30 day challenge for writing" and you'll get a few options. You can even create your own challenge if you'd like. This especially works good if you have a blog and your audience can be the support and accountability.

Hubpages has it's own 30 day challenge, write 100 hubs in 30 days. I've also compiled a list of some popular challenges that revolve around writing.

Do you like having a deadline while writing?

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Why are deadlines so important anyways?

  • A sense of urgency- When a task has to be completed in a certain timeframe you give it more attention. Suddenly the laundry can wait, the phone goes on silent, and your stomach growls along as you type to complete your task.
  • Goals- The deadline automatically gives you a goal. You need to finish this writing, by this date. Goals help keep you on track and give you a direction to head towards.
  • The Fun Factor- Most challenges have a built in support group. You've got forums, or an audience that is with you along the way. Plus it's fun to explain the challenge to friends and family. It's fun to be involved in something.


 This article is full of links and ideas of organized 30 day challenges, but if it isn't exactly what you're wanting or needing why not set your own? The next 30 days are wide open. Pick your challenge and go for it!


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