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Creative & Fun webpages

Updated on April 25, 2014

Some Quick Info

The first such page I encountered was It contains multiple articles, pictures and reviews about many variable topics. From art, to life hacks. From social media, to politics. But mainly interesting and modern art and advertisements.

The second one is, very similar and also contains most of the post, which one can find on Boredpanda, but sometimes there are new and even amazing things that everybody should have a look at.

Both of the websites represent the more unknown side of the Internets creativeness and interesting, funny and amazing pages. They have amazing articles about photo manipulations, life hacks, advertisement ideas and tricks.

Boredpanda also has its own shop, where some of the introduced products in their articles can be bought. One of my favorites, which I have bought, are the "Invisible bookselves". They look really amazing and grab the looks of every guest in my room.

So if you are bored with 9gag and hugelol, check out Boredpanda and Demilked and you will truly be amazed. Also both of them have newsletters, which are really useful.

The Logos

Did you know about Boredpanda or Demilked before you read this hub?

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