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Creative Writing Course - Courses to Enhance Your Writing Quality

Updated on August 18, 2012

The Art of Writing

Those who don’t wish to be known in the field of writingareveryless. Beaware of the fact that living in that field which is sharper than a sword is reallywonderful. Story, poem, novel, journalism, scriptwriting, contentwriting etc are the entirely different and a bit singular ways of writing. If you are able to shine in this field the things awaiting you are fame, money andrecognition (along with criticism). All these factors have changed creative writing in the form of a career.

Is it possible to learn the art ofwriting? Thefact is that we can improve it through studies rather than being able to study. To live along with writing is a bit difficult but something that gives us a lot ofhappiness. Whatevertype the writing may be it is sure that it will give us some good moments daily.

It’s not necessary to say that all kinds of writing are creative writing. As there is a rapid growth in the fields of book, cinema and media, we can see that a lot of people have started entering into this area. Starting with story, poem, fiction, remark, biography, criticism, script, drama along with journalism, copy writing, editing are the different forms of writing. That’s why there is a great growth for the career of creative writing.

What is Taught in Creative Content Writing Course?

Actuallyit’snot taught here to write. Instead the ability to write is rehashed. For that some recesses of writing are being trained. They are presented before you. There is no doubt in the fact that there must be creativity within you. Earlier this form of education and training was given only in foreign countries. But today many institutes in our country are providing writing courses.

1. The act of writing is improved.

2. The training for how to expand the story and its characters.

3. Introduction and training to different methods of writing.

4. Training given how to write for different types of people.

5. Increasing the word knowledge and idiomatic ways of expressing the words we already know.

It’sbeing discussed that is it necessary to teach to write. But to gain the training to write would be good. This study will help us to understand the following things such as the need for editing, the factors to be noted while giving a format to the story and its characters, the changes brought about by usages, the change in the meaning that a full stop and comma can make, grammatical mistakes etc. Be aware that as lots of people have changed to this field, being popular in this area has become tough. But more important than this is to have an ability and creativity in you. If you go forward through the world of writing, you can grow a lot.

How to Write Fiction Stories: Creative Writing Lesson

Where to Study ?

Today there are a lot of institutes that promote creative writing courses. There are writing courses offered by famous universities such asOxford, Cambridge etc. The British Council is preparing degree, diploma certified courses for creative writing. The period of a diploma course is eight weeks.

  1. Classes are being arranged in differentcentersofBritish Council in metro
  2. Creative writing is taught as a subject in MA English Literature course at Jawaharlal NehruUniversity (JNU)
  3. There is a diploma course in creativewritingatCalcuttaUniversity. The Delhi Bharathiya Vidhyabhavan is conducting a PG Diploma
  4. A one year diploma course is conducted by the Centre of Research in art of Film and Television (Craft)
  5. Diploma courses are offered by Indira Gandhi NationalOpen

Creative Writing in Hubpages -an Example


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