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Creative Writing Sites And Creative Writing Idea

Updated on October 30, 2014
Creative Writing
Creative Writing

Creative Writing Sites, If You Are Looking For A Creative Writing Idea

Here on Hubpages I think we are all obsessed with looking for more opportunities to better our creative writing. So, we are all looking for creative writing sites and that all illusive creative writing idea.

If truth be told, my creative writing skills are still zero and that is why I thought a look at all the available creative writing sites will help me get a creative writing idea. I need to write more, but the old brains are not what it used to be anymore and writing is not coming all that easy anymore.

Apart from this, the rules seem to change all the time. What used to be great is old fashioned in no time. For someone as slow as me to catch up, this all goes too fast!

Help! I need help fast. Fortunately I could go to our trusted friend Google and there were all the Creative writing sites I ever dreamt of. (Even one to help me with my bad grammar; is it of or off?)!!

Creative Writing Idea
Creative Writing Idea

Useful Sites For Beginners To Creative Writing With Lots Of Help For Coming Up With A Creative Writing Idea And More

The first creative writing site that caught my fancy was Useful Sites for Beginners to Creative Writing. This site is #7 on Google on a search for Creative writing sites.

This site is part of the site and it lists 20 sites that can help you with your creative writing. What is even better, it does not only list sites that will help you with creative writing, but also sites with other information you will need to get hold of that creative writing idea.

For instance it lists a site such as that can help you with more than 300 creative writing prompts. It also lists a site such as that can help you with coming up with names for your characters! I think it is amazing.

Another of the creative writing sites I liked was that lists the Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs that can also be immensely useful if you need help with that creative writing idea. This site comes up #3 in a search for creative writing on Google.

This site covers categories such as General (these blogs cover a wide range of issues for students of the written word) aspiring authors, published authors, improving your craft, grammar and editing (the one for me!) getting published and more. Here you will get all the help you need.

Then there is Teachnology that is actually a site for teachers but it has a very good section on creative writing and therefore I include it in this section about creative writing sites.

This site also has a list of creative writing sites that can help you. It includes many of the sites I came across in my research on creative writing as well as looking for that creative writing idea.

This site is #5 on Google and it lists 26 very useful sites. When looking at this site you should also be able to get to the site that is just what you are looking for.

Creative Writing Sites And Creative Writing Idea

What is the main reason why you are looking for creative writing sites and a creative writing idea?

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Tips For Creative Writing

Creative Writing Sites, Community Sites That Can Help With A Creative Writing Idea

The next group of creative writing site I came across is the sites for the writing community. These are site where people can connect with other writers, publish some of their work and get some feedback on their writing. This is a place where writers and readers can meet and show their work.

The first one I came across was Creative Writing - Writers In Touch. Membership to this site is free and it gives you the opportunity to publish your work and get feedback,

Then there is that is #2 on Google and it is also a place where writers can post their work and get feedback. is a site with help for authors, reader and educators and parents with many topics that can be researched on this site.

So, here is the list of the Creative Writing Sites I came across in my search for that all illusive Creative Writing Idea:

Useful Sites for Beginners to Creative Writing:


Creative Writing - Writers In Touch

Some Creative Writing PLEASE!

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  • ARUN KANTI profile image


    6 years ago from KOLKATA

    As one venturing into the realm of creative writing I find your hub very useful and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Most helpful and so well explained, information always need for many writers.

  • mpropp profile image

    Melissa Propp 

    6 years ago from Minnesota

    Very interesting list, I will definitely have to check out some of these ideas. Thanks!

  • nochance profile image


    6 years ago from Minnesota

    Very useful hub. Though I would recommend in text links for those websites instead of having them in a list at the end. It's more streamlined and easier for your reader to go to exactly the one they are interested in instead of getting to the bottom and having to scroll back and forth to see what each one is.

  • Spongy0llama profile image

    Jake Brannen 

    7 years ago from Canada

    It's so nice to find material on the topic of creative writing here on hubpages. I use the website itself as a locus for my own urban fantasy fiction projects, but I feel I am not getting the attention I could on websites that are more conducive to such a venture.

  • My Odyssey profile image

    My Odyssey 

    8 years ago from Somerset, Kentucky

    Very good Hub!

  • Rebecca E. profile image

    Rebecca E. 

    9 years ago from Canada

    consider this rated up bookmarked and stumbled upon.


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