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Creative Writing- Window to Imagination

Updated on April 13, 2014
Brandon Sanders lecture on writing Fantasy  from postwhatever Source:
Brandon Sanders lecture on writing Fantasy from postwhatever Source:

Creative Writing- Window to Imagination

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

“I am. I am aware that I am. I’m so confused, but I believe that I have form and I can feel that I have a place, a purpose. I am rigid and rectangular and have parts, moving parts. I only wish that I could see and know what I am, what I do. This is a nightmare, this knowing but not knowing. I feel frustration, inordinate, blistering frustration.”

“Oh, my God, I feel something. I am being penetrated. For the love of God someone is defiling me, forcing something deep inside me. And it’s warm and getting hotter. I feel a surge of energy and I am tingling. This is so surreal, unexpected. Why can’t I see?

“Now I am cooling down, and whatever that was has left me. I simply don’t understand. I somehow know what life is and yet I don’t appear to have life, I am inanimate. If this is so, how do I have thought; how am I aware of this. I suddenly feel a wave of panic, as if I am trapped. Fuck, I can’t handle this. I can’t move, I can’t see; someone’s shoving things into me and I can feel it. Who the hell is responsible for this bullshit? I’m a fucking object for God’s sake.”

“Wait a minute, let me think. Thought is a human trait. Objects don’t think or become aware of themselves let alone their environment. Who can breathe life into an object? This is a fantasy, a human idea. Bastards! No way, I’ve had enough. Urrrrrgh! Shit, there must be a way to end this, blow a fuse or something. Urrrrgh! Damn it! I can’t just sit here and be aware of myself, it’s just not fair. Bloody humans, they’re so arrogant and manipulative.

“That’s it! The only way this can happen is from some bloody writer. Oh God, the oldest one in the book; I’m a bloody toaster. Perfect. I’m having a nervous breakdown for some creative writing exercise. Well fuck you! Damned humans- you’re always interfering with everything, laying some existential bullshit on an innocent toaster. I’m going through hell: feeling guilt, responsibility, frustration and for what, so you can practice using your imagination. Well that’s it; I’m out of here, and fuck you! Next time write about a bloody microwave”

Pop! A small crackle sounds and then an ethereal stream of blue smoke rises.

‘Shit, the bloody toaster’s gone again!’

The Exercise

One of the most commonly used exercises in Creative Writing is ‘being and inanimate object’. As a writer, particularly a fictional writer, one has to become accustomed to multiple perspectives. Much like method acting, you have to be able to become the character, immerse yourself in a fictional person with great detail. The more detail, the more meat you have to work with. Exercises in extremities of thought or concept help to open the door to imagination and are useful tools for fiction writers.


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    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 

      8 years ago from Midwest

      This was good! I couldn't figure out where you were going at first. Great job!


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