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Creative explosion

Updated on February 24, 2012

These words

These words come to me hard and fast and with feeling that burns white hot. These thoughts circle through a mind blown searching for liberation.They break through with an electric pulse and race out of my saturated mind through each shoulder and each arm until they have reached my fingertips. Possessed, my hands search frantically for release. Soon in my left hand I find paper and in my right a pen. One by one these thoughts make their mark liberated from the metaphysical world as my pen races along the repetitive lines of my notebook until every space is exhausted. Once again the pressure builds up. This time it rips my feet from the Earth and step by step they take me to my laptop. Silhouetted by the glow of cyberspace I continue the release. My fingers begin their relentless assault. The unstoppable crack of each of each thought escaping one letter at time soothes my soul. Faster and faster my fingers type. My now blistered fingers are too much for this top of the line machinery. Each thought typed adds to the Que of letters my bloodied fingers administer until it is too much and My thoughts collective slam into the blue screen of death. Without skipping a beat they climb up my arms and out of my mouth and into the ears of others. One by one, the thoughts I exhale you breathe in. My liberated thoughts come slower and slower. My jaw starts to cramp and my thoughts are once again stockpiled in my body. With no place to go they inhabit my insides, every space filled every organ occupied. I gasp for air to fill lungs occupied with jumbled, cramped thoughts. Each word overpopulates my person as I start to swell. My skin stretches to the out line of vowels and consonants until... POP... I succumb to an creative suicide. My thoughts, they rain down upon the Earth and are absorbed by you and by you and by you. Finally my thoughts have a home.


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    • profile image

      Mark Pitts 5 years ago

      Intense! Looking forward to more!

    • donnaisabella profile image

      Donaisabella 5 years ago from Fort Myers

      I should say this is really beautiful. The presentation here is deceitful but the delivery is amazing. I loved every moment of it. Please keep writing, I am sure it will bless many. Welcome to hubpages.