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Creativity At The Speed Of Write.

Updated on October 8, 2009


Creativity at the speed of write.


  © -MFB III

I guess I'm just a dinosaur
some kind of rhyme-a-saurus
who hasn't yet realized he's extinct
it used to take so long
and required so much effort
to engineer a poem
and then get it to the public
and hope the public would get it
you had to have
a royal typewriter
or an underwood
that your dad had
stored for posteriety
a ream of white bonded
erasable sheets
onionskin preferred
plus a bottle of
for the black outs
writers often incur
three no.#2 pencils with
large dependable erasers
a well lit room
and some specific
mood enhancers
then upon completion of
said masterpiece
who "said"... I'll never know???
you'd find a business envelope
and place a finished copy
times two
double spaced
inside it
next there was a stamp
you had to lick
and apply with a
special prayer
as you dropped it into
the old blue or
green mailboxes
for it's "poem voyage"
next came a drawer
full of pink rejection slips
and a part time job
to supplement your dreams
that hadn't yet found
"Happily ever after!"
but now it takes
plus a not so timid mouse
who fetches you a space
where you can pound out
your words of angst
or joy or love
instantly correctable
and spell checked
plus you no longer have to
take a licking
cause you simply stamp
an enter button
and your poem is
whisked away on
>>>>>>>>>>>>electronic beams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
to a poetry web
where it is entangled
with others of its peers
to be perused by
any hungry spider
that passes by
of course these spiders
better known as
or the general public...
fellow poets and poetesses
read it and
then choose
to either suck the lifeblood
out of your work
with a biting commentary
or wrap it up in a cocoon
of soft silky praise
and save it for another moment
when they are hungry
to savor some inspiration
not of themselves
creativity at the speed of Write...

>>>>>>>>>>OOOOOPS!!!! there goes another one>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>beep!!


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    • magdielqr profile image

      magdielqr 8 years ago

      Excellent Hub! You are very creative.