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Updated on April 20, 2012

-Night Sweats-

In the night the sounds grow distant,

The winds don't blow,

All stands still.

In the silent of the darkness,

Creepers lurk these very grounds,

If your caught a breathing Sleeper,

These breathless Creepers will take you down.

In the distance there's a baby,



In advance.

The baby awakes, from dreaming,


Knowing the future holds no chance?

The baby dreamed,

A Sleeper dreaming,

Seeing all the future holds,

And see's it's own time in the future,

From toddler, to pr-teen, young adult,

Into It's very days of old,

The tears fall down the baby's cheeks,



Momma can't wipe them tears away,

For; the baby is now a seer,

The Creepers took it on that ride,

Through the darkness to the future,

From the future souls can't hide!.

The Creepers laugh in melancholy,

Innocence they know is lost,

For the price of knowledge UN-wanted,

The Creepers know there is a cost.

The Creepers dance and drink the darkness,

To put into the Sleepers eye's,

The Creepers know they live for ever,

Wandering through our mortal eyes.

The Creepers know that for the seer,

Seer's are mortal,

They shall die..........,

The baby cry's, and cry's, and cry's..........


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