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Creepypasta - Cat Just Wants to Play

Updated on August 15, 2017
davidlivermore profile image

David has had a variety of life experiences which he loves to share with his readers.

About My House

First, I want to start this story describing my house, specifically my bathroom, as it's relevant to the story

My house was built in the 1930's. It's a two bedroom, one bathroom house. The bathroom is a bit cramped. When facing the entrance to the bathroom from the hallway, the mirror on the far end of the bathroom can be seen. The mirror reaches down to my waist (thankfully). It's always a bit weird to walk by my bathroom and always able to see my reflection, but then again, if I didn't see my reflection I suppose I would be a vampire. No, there are no vampires in my story.

Anyways, to the left is the bathtub/shower. It's an old style shower that uses a curtain to keep the water from spraying out. I actually use a plastic curtain on the inside with a nice, fabric curtain on the outside. Getting in is fairly quiet, but getting out is loud due to the plastic shower curtain.

To the right is the toilet and sink. Since it's an old style bathroom, there are no vents to clear the air after taking a shower. So it gets pretty misty in the bathroom. I do have windows on either side of the mirror, but due to age they barely open at all. So after I take a shower I tend to open the door a little to let the steam out. This makes it easy to see myself in the mirror as I am shaving. Also, in order to sit on the toilet the door has to be shut all of the way. If the door is open it blocks access to the toilet, or hits me square on the knees if I am on the toilet.

So now that you know the layout of the bathroom, lets go into my regular morning routine.

The bathroom in my house.
The bathroom in my house. | Source

My Morning Routine

For the most part I follow the same routine, no matter if I am waking up to go to work or if I am off for the weekend.

I wake up and head to the bathroom first thing. I do my business right when I enter, like most people do, then I go and take a shower. I love hot showers, so the bathroom gets really steamy. Since it's such a small bathroom it doesn't take long for the steam to build up. Oh, you may be asking why I don't just keep the door open while I shower. I simply can't, because of my cat, Terra. Terra loves to be where I am at. She is a Siamese/Tabby mix. Very nice cat, and quite attached to me. She knows my morning routine. However, she hates water, so I don't let her into the bathroom while I bathe.

Anyways, I take my shower, then I get out to dry off. At this point I open the door to let the steam out to clear up the air and especially the mirror. At that point Terra pushes her way in. She tends to come in, rub up against my wet legs, gets annoyed, and then leaves. Since she opens the door wide each time, I push it almost entirely shut. Terra then decides she wants back in and pushes the door open again. This becomes a regular routine for us. I don't shut the door all of the way since the steam would never go away if I did.

The last part I do in the bathroom is shave. I take an electric razor and shave my entire face. I hate shaving, a lot. So I tend to sit on the toilet seat and shave. It's a way to be lazy as I am just waking up. Then I head to the mirror to make sure I didn't miss anything. Terra knows this as well, so she pushes on the door, but doesn't come in. I push it back again, then she pushes it wider. We do this a few times, almost like a game I play with her. Eventually she either gives up or pushes it wide enough to come in on her own.

My cat, Terra.
My cat, Terra. | Source

Play Time

So one morning I decided to wake up around 5:00 AM. It was really dark then, which is never a big deal for me. I went into the bathroom and did my routine as usual.

Terra popped in and out like normal as well. She is a bit more hyper than usual, but then again I had not fed her yet so she was just getting a bit antsy. I did my stuff and finally sat down on the toilet to begin shaving my face.

As usual, Terra began to push on the door and probably expected me to push back. I did, of course. She would push a little, then I would push back. She would push a bit more, then I would push back harder. This went back and forth quite a few times. As I pushed back again I heard the plastic shower curtain rustle and my cat pop out from the bathtub. My heart jumped as she scared me popping out of the bathtub like that.

But then, my heart stopped. Who had been pushing on the door and what have I been pushing back against? Before I had a chance to stand up, the door pushed open with such force that it pinned my legs between the toilet and the door. I looked to my right and in the mirror I saw a set of yellow cat eyes, but much, much bigger.

It looks like the cat just wants to play.

Those big, yellow eyes.
Those big, yellow eyes. | Source

© 2017 David Livermore


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 13 months ago from USA

      Awesome story. Maybe this was the reason she was antsy, not because you hadn't fed her yet.

    • davidlivermore profile image

      David Livermore 13 months ago from Bakersfield, California, United States

      Damn, you found me out. That was the truly scary thing about this story.

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 13 months ago from Missoula, Montana at least until August 2018

      Two things about this story. First of all, the photo of the bathroom. I assume you took to photo. I see no reflection, therefore you are a vampire. Second, the most familiar things offer the biggest fright. As soon as Terra popped out of the tub, I knew your knees were going to get bruised. Good story.