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Crime of love

Updated on March 11, 2017


Piece by piece the castle shattered,
One by one I lost everything that mattered,
But u deserved it for I had committed a crime,
For that I was put to death, when I was in my prime,

My crime was that, with her my eyes met,
I couldn't resist the tingling, on seeing her I used to get,
My crime was that, in her hands, my heart I kept,
I would cry whenever her eyes got wet,

My crime was that with her, my happiness I bound,
Within her, the lord I found,
My crime was that I dreamt that with her I would wed,
Any my punishment was that, like an old dress from her life I got shed,

So now my punishment, is that, whenever my lips her name would beck,
I would silence them by squeezing my neck,
Whenever my heart says this distance from her it couldn't bear,
The fragment that belonged to her, I with my own hands tear,

Standing ashore whenever from her absence I would frown,
That part of myself, in the ocean I would drown,
Whenever, for any moment for her my heart had bled,
For all those moments I wished, I wished that I was dead....


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