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Crimson River

Updated on May 24, 2011

Crimson River

You show me yours but I'll never show mine

"Am I OK? Why thank you I'm fine"

I've danced before this particular dance

I'll never tell. You don't stand a chance

I am not weak, just seeking control

My head's in the sand but my mind is still whole

"These are not tears and I am not sad"

How can I smile when so much is bad?

Crimson River

Break your banks

On to the flesh colored land it will flow

I will hide behind these walls

Far outside reality calls

But I've got no place else left to go

I am not bitter, I simply see

The world for what is, not what it should be

I am not jaded, I simply know

What's wrong and what's right and what should be so

Rid yourself of all of your fear

It's been raining forever down here

Let the sun shine, forget all your pain

I think that I might be going insane

Crimson River

Break your banks

Onto the marred, dirty land you shall flow

I am still hiding behind these walls

Far outside reality calls

I've got no place else left to go

Self Harm

Self harm is an all too common occurrence. The worst part is that so often people seem to believe that it is merely attention seeking. This is not true. Self harm (cutting, scratching, ect) is done as a means of feeling in control in a chaotic world. It is used as a distraction. The truth is that physical pain can often be easier to deal with than emotional pain.

Self harm is an emotional addiction. It can be just as hard to break as any drug addiction and often takes professional help. To all those who self harm, don't be afraid to seek help and to ask for support. There is always a better way.


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    • shaleemarshall profile image


      6 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      Struck me deeply. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Two Poles profile image

      Two Poles 

      7 years ago from Morgantown, West Virginia

      Very powerful...

    • The Demon Writer profile imageAUTHOR

      The Demon Writer 

      7 years ago from The Real World.

      Thank you tammybarnette:)

      Sorry to hear about your daughter. I have never cut myself but my best friend did at one stage. I know a few others too. It is never an easy thing to deal with. The best thing that I have found is to try to find something to replace the cutting with. For my friend it was drawing. Every time she wanted to cut, she would draw. Try to get your daughter to experiment with different things she likes. The best thing you can do for her is to let her know you don't judge her for it or think think less of her, but you are there for her when she needs you. Getting her counseling was definitely a good move though. I wish you luck with your endeavors.

    • tammybarnette profile image

      Tammy Barnette 

      7 years ago

      Wow you are such an amazing poet. I have talked to you before about my daughter, she has carved words on her hands and done the cutting thing as well. We are working with some counceling but I still don't understand it's heartbreaking. Voted useful (because of my daughter) and awesome because of your amazing talent with words:)

    • profile image

      James The Destroyer 

      7 years ago

      This really hit me hard. My ex-best friend use to self harm. I remember when she told me about it and we both just cried. I tried to convince her to get help but in the end she just drove me away from her and we haven't talked in ages.

      It's so true what you said though. People don't understand it. People always make fun of 'emos' and stuff because they have never had to see what it's really like.

      Great job!

      Is it possible to follow somebody without having an account? I'm gonna have to check that out.


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