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Critical Thinking and Writing Exercises

Updated on October 8, 2013

This is another writers block exercise, what I do when I have trouble thinking about or formulating an article or post for one of my websites is to write whatever thoughts come to my head and do it consistently for at least half an hour. Yesterday I went for an hour and managed to get 1200 words out. Out of that I could have made two articles on two different subjects. So the exercise does work. Today I’m finding my thoughts drawn to the mood of the workers around me. It’s early in the day (just before nine) and most of them are still probably running on their breakfasts and coffee. My morning schedule tends to have me eat a bit of yogurt and pop out the door, and then I’ll wait until ten and have a coffee and a nature valley crumb bar. I find the peanut butter one tends to make less crumbs.

I also find that since there is a long weekend approaching that peoples spirits are up, knowing that you only have to work the rest of the week in order to have a three day weekend makes the workload a lot more tolerable. As a result people are more productive and are more prone to offer help. As much as we like to think we are all unique, and we are, there are still some very deeply set similarities between us. We all like to adhere to a schedule or routine and when that routine becomes disrupted we tend to get agitated.

I drove past a three car accident this morning, thankfully it didn’t back traffic up as it just had happened. As I drove by I happened to see a very cute woman get out of her car. First I thought, I would mind getting into an accident with her as she did not look upset. That being said she was in the car that got rear ended. I could saw who was at fault but she didn’t look upset. As I continued on I thought about what that disruption would have on her schedule. It’s now going to be a pain in the butt to go through insurance and have her car repaired, and use a rental in the time being.

Now that I have had my first distraction of the morning I look at the time and it’s ten after nine. Two calls from the same client with two different questions have been enough to knock my train of thought off course. Now my mood after having this happen my mood hasn’t really changed aside from how distracted or disjointed the post may appear. To me, that’s real life. Modern life is full of interruptions, most unexpected and each one having different effects on your life. Some small like my client calls or something larger like a rear end accident.

A big part of how you handle these inevitable instances is your disposition. How you choose to handle is a direct reflection on your upbringing your habits and your position in life. This is what makes each one of us unique. No two people will see and interpret an identical situation the same.

I watched a youtube video, or rather listened to it while cooked yesterday evening. I t was about the concept of abundance and how our train of thought can be disjointed to not allow ourselves to welcome abundance into our lives. In my opinion, it was a good video. I think in order to change our lives in a meaningful way we need to come to terms with the fact that our current actions and thoughts do not allow us our desired results. They keep us in our routines as they are more comfortable than change. Sure we want change but desire is only one step in actually changing our lives. We need to also rewire our thought process to accept that routines will be broken.

As easy as it is to say something like that, or type it, is easy. To actually do it, well that is the work portion and in our instant gratification orientated society it’s harder than that. Routines take about two weeks to change and another two weeks to form to actually last, this is based on my personal experiences. I know that if I want to cut weight for the summer I start one month before I know meaningful change will happen. This means at least two months before mid-June, July.

I have now approached nine-thirty and have the following article. Our moods and thoughts dictate our actions but we dictate how we feel about our experiences. I believe that output is a direct result of input. Think about what you want, understand that it’s not something you currently have therefore your current thought process about the subject is flawed. Knowing that it’s flawed will allow you to identify what changes need to occur and then take the action to make those changes. It reads simple enough but is no cake walk.

The rewards and knowledge of your hard work will greatly exceed your expectations when the effort is there.


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