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Cross out an artificial view

Updated on February 8, 2015

It's a crowded place but there's only your face in the others eyes,

That feeling again has grabbed you again

Those many faces have fought you anew,

They managed to rule over you.

Day after day you question yourself how possible is that

you begin to stammer and sweat despite the fact

you perfectly well know yourself.

As if a white, fluid barrier in front of you

blocks the real you from being the genuine soul,

assuming shapes that neither portray you nor

your mind that need a chance to speak itself loud and clear or scream

into their faces and bring back those frightening places

that are no longer your weak spaces.

Make a move, take a risk, amaze the crowd,

clear the sky and let it shine brightly even

on those wearing the crown,

move the horde but never let them

make you bored with the common selfish issues,

but be more than they've ever wished you.


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