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Crossroads in a Labyrinth : A Mother's Love

Updated on May 13, 2012
A lark
A lark | Source

I know it may be a little late to talk of Mother's Day. This is my view of the extremes a mother's love extends to; sometimes, a cause for her own grief.

Lackeys lost in vestiges dark,

Skimming heavens in hope so lush,

The lark, nomadic, scours in rush

Sight of abode away, a landmark,

Beside which the gem of her chest,

Her child, naïve, peacefully rests.

Unheard, the azure lager aspires,

In vain to voice, to lampoon.

Her path uncrossed, her eyes as pyres

Hauntingly search that haven cocoon.

Undeterred, she snarls at hurdles seen

Who sway in joy, blocking way bunched keen.

A fallen swallow beckons in plight

Her eyes wet for mother’s kiss and feed

Nomad pauses, hurry low in flight,

Evil falcon she spies take her lead.

The bloody chunk his beak pierces harsh,

The twin wing of weakling down the marsh.

The hunter swiftly turns the oak

Her baby in sleep unknowingly smiles

Her mother came and did lull awoke

Yet humble prey, she, complies

To serve the omen now stalking the nest

The child, trembling, would be a conquest.

The lark with the swallow did hear a squeal

Echoing in the darkness around

Her child, she knew, was lost to feel

The pain, misery by the winged hound

Her eyes shone in tears unshed,

The swallow to shade she then led.

An injured swallow
An injured swallow


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    • jeanihess profile image

      jeanihess 5 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      It is never too late to post on mothers or mother's day:)

      You relate very closely to nature and other living beings; beautiful:)

    • silverstararrow profile image

      silverstararrow 5 years ago from India

      Emotions are not limited to humans alone; maybe it's our delusion that we rule supreme over the rest. But the fact remains that a mother's love is the same irrespective of the species.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading. I'm immensely flattered by your reponse. Regards. :)

    • cruelkindness profile image

      cruelkindness 5 years ago from an angle view.

      I love the way you tell how we are not so different from all creatures.

      Cruelkindness (Subliminally Thoughtless)