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Cry Over Spilled Milk

Updated on November 22, 2017

It was a cold shoulder night

and I had a bone to pick;

But, of course,

I boringly cooled my heels.

What the heck!

What does that mean?

To wait for a long time

Is that it?

We are all waiting then,

cooling our heels.

I know something

that does not cool the heels.

Ace in the hole

Yes, a hidden adventure

kept in reserve to use when it matters,

like stud poker as bets are placed across

the table while you wait on pins and needles.

Beat around the bush,

birthday suit,

butter someone up.

Open sesame

In my mind, I am more sinned against the sinning.

I know

Put your foot in your mouth

and forget the pie in the sky.

Because we’re not the real McCoy,

we are all skeletons in the closet.


Ciao Senorita

We’re ships that passed in the night.

Intense moment but I’ll never see you again.

It’s time for a siesta.

Yes, I feel like being a wet blanket.

Don’t be a Young Turk

You know we are just two star-crossed lovers,

doomed by the stars and the constellations.

We are just an albatross around each other’s neck.

Bite the bullet,

deja vu,

and draw the line.

Clean slate

No more hammer time, just go by the book.

Yeah, just under the wire.

No more vicious circles for you sweet.

And be careful of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, or else take a powder.

Swoosh, like flash.

Time is of the essence

and you, me, and all of us have to stop crying over the spilt milk.

Just be three sheets to the wind my friend and always take the bull by the horns.


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