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Cry Wolf By Patricia Briggs: Supernatural Romance With A Sexy Snarl!

Updated on August 4, 2012
Dennis from Atlanta on Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Dennis from Atlanta on Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) | Source

Are you a huge romance addict? I’m not talking about real life, Valentine’s Day and waiting for him to call and red roses and all of that nonsense! Much more reliable, and at least half as much fun, I’m talking about reading romance novels! It seems as if there’s a proliferation of the genre out there on the bookshelves and in the libraries at the moment, and it certainly seems to be enjoying a huge upswing in popularity. Perhaps that’s down to the expansion and diversifying of the genre. What used to be a fairly predictable, narrow set of options – historical, nursing, traditional and sweet, with the odd spicier pulp bodiceripper – has in recent years become a very broad church indeed. Supernatural, urban, chicklit, paranormal, hot, hotter, sweet, e-novels, multi-partner, omnisexual, the most crazy variations can be found out there. The long tail of Seth Godin’s predictions certainly seems to rule in romance right now.

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If paranormal romance is your personal preference then you may already be aware of the novels of Patricia Briggs, perhaps through her Mercy Thompson series of shapeshifter novels. Do you like the scary, the creepy, romance packed with ghosts, screams, blood and horror? This is the writer for you! Cry Wolf is the first in Briggs’ new novel series, the Alpha and Omega books, and is succeeded by the second in the series, ‘Hunting Ground’. (Both novels were preceded by the introduction, a short story ‘Alpha and Omega’ contained in the collection ‘On The Prowl’.)

The book features characters related to the Mercy Thompson novels. Charles Cornick, the hero, is the younger brother of her ex-boyfriend Samuel, and like him is a werewolf. Anna Latham is his love interest, an ‘Omega’ wolf who has experienced abuse and post-traumatic stress, and is having a hard time adjusting to a new relationship.

But it’s not all about the romance. There’s plenty of action involved as Charles and Anna navigate the twists and turns of their developing relationship. They’re on the hunt for a witch who’s leaving a trail of dead bodies: and Anna has another werewolf suitor, a fact that’s guaranteed to raise Charles’ wolfy hackles…

Looking for some spooky, shape-shifting romance? Patricia Briggs’s latest series may well fit the bill!


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