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Cést La Vie

Updated on February 18, 2016

Others knew it as a song
Some use it as expression
For me, it was our story
"C'est la vie"

How can I say this?
So many words to express
How will I start?
Let me say I love you with all my heart

From a distance we crossed our paths
Of all the people why the two of us?
They say everything happens for a reason
Alright, let me hold on to that

We became close
We shared our thoughts
Joked and laughed together
Seems like it'll be forever

Time didn't bother me
As long as I can feel you're with me
Truly, you made me happy
Though I felt something's missing

A year passed, everything changed
What we had is the opposite of now
What happened?
Can we bring back the past?

People come and go
A fact that's hard to accept
Now I know the reason
"C'est la vie"


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