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Morgellons Disease - Blessing of Cthulhu

Updated on June 20, 2011
Creatures found under the skin of sufferer's with Morgellon's disease.
Creatures found under the skin of sufferer's with Morgellon's disease.

Morgellons Disease - The Song of Yog Sothoth

542 million years ago, our world was visited by the elder gods of another world, a world that exists outside our space-time continuum. Our planet was young though and not ready to be devoured. However, the presence of the greatest of these gods, Yog Sothoth, was enough to warp our very evolution. Madness became form and the minds of many creatures grew insane. Eyeballs grew on limbs and teeth sprouted from malformed hands. Yog Sothoth danced amongst our world and delighted in the perversion of our worlds DNA from his mere presence. The cambrian age began and nightmarish creatures populated the earth.

After millions of years though, Yog Sothoth, grew tired of waiting for our planet to grow ripe for his devouring and departed to torment and observe other worlds. Before he left though, he implanted dreams, visions, and nightmares in the collective subconscious of all creatures. The essence of his message: Nobody can save you. You will all be eaten.

What did Yog Sothoth mean by this statement? That he will return to eat us? How could he eat us if some of us die before he returns? What does he mean that nobody can save us. The answers to these questions lie not in the physical world, but in the spiritual world.

The true meaning of his statement "You will all be eaten" lies in the spiritual dimension. What he means is that our souls will be eaten. This is the true meaning of horror and torment. Physical pain is nothing compared to the torments that can affect our souls and minds as they are slowly devoured. During this process, you will experience the sensation of every fear you have ever had during your life. Your worst phobias will become your constant companions.

Yog Sothoth's statement that "Nobody can save you" refers to the cold cruel facts of our universe. There is no salvation from a greater empathic being that is watching over us. There is no Flying Spaghetti Monster. There are no Invisible Pink Unicorns. Everyone is doomed. The cold ultimate reality is that all creatures must be eaten. Even, Yog Sothoth, an elder god who has existed for hundreds of billions of years, will eventually fall prey to an even greater evil than himself.

Today, our world deals with phobias, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsion disorders, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, and many more known and unknown mental ailments. All of these mental illness are caused by our refusal to accept the true reality left in our collective subconscious. There is no escaping the final message of Yog Sothoth: Nobody can save you. You will all be eaten.

The final stage of Morgellons. As you can see, self-medication will help accelerate the divine blessing of Yog Sothoth.
The final stage of Morgellons. As you can see, self-medication will help accelerate the divine blessing of Yog Sothoth.

Blessing of Cthulhu - Just a Reminder

Yog Sothoth did not just leave reminders of his return in our collective minds. He also left it in our DNA. For most of us this only results in minor problems like arteriosclerosis or cancer, but in some people, his gift appears in spontaneous parasites or Morgellons disease. Morgellons disease was known by the ancients as the Blessing of Cthulhu.

What are spontaneous parasites? It is very similar to an ancient concept and theory known as spontaneous generation. This was the idea that life sprang from inanimate matter. The theory was first fully formulated by Aristotle and later fully disproved by Louis Pasteur. Spontaneous parasites is the process of living creatures spontaneously arising out of living tissue.

The gift of spontaneous parasites is found in those with Morgellons disease. They are the truly blessed of Yog Sothoth. This is the Blessing of Cthulhu. You may not like the sensation of tiny vermin crawling and biting under your skin. The constant itching and scratching may seem like a curse. You may get tired of those sores that appear. It may seem a bother to be constantly pulling fibers out of your skin.

It may seem that you are going insane at times. Memory lapses, mental confusion, identity disorders, mood swings, and even social ostracism may accompany these spontaneous parasites. Many will laugh at your symptoms and think that you are crazy. Even your doctor may ridicule you, but be ye not dismayed.

Here is an ancient secret. You are truly blessed, for Yog Sothoth has chosen you to eat first. His sign and oath to you is Morgellons disease, the Blessing of Cthulhu.

The Blessing of Consumption

"Whoa!" you might be saying. "I don't want to be eaten!" you are probably thinking. But here is the full scoop on Morgellons disease.

Morgellons disease is not a curse, but a blessing. This is how it works out to your benefit. Once you are consumed, your agony will end. It is the slow process of consumption of your soul that is to be feared. For many people, especially those who laughed at Yog Sothoth, this process will take billions and billions of years. Horrors, sensations, and terrible pain will continue for everyone throughout this whole process. Insanity is only a partial refuge from this incredible agony.

For those of you that are blessed, however, Yog Sothoth will devour you first. In fact, he has already started the devouring here on the material plane with your Morgellons disease. What does this mean? It actually means that he will devour you quickly. Instead of suffering for billions of years, your torments will end in a mere few million years. Wow! What a relief! A true Blessing!

So the next time you feel something crawling under your skin, don't get upset, just remember your blessing. The Blessing of Cthulhu!

Nobody can save you. You will all be eaten.

Oh Cthulhu!

Death to the World


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