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Reasons for the writing of the real history of Asia India and the Turkish - Islamic struggle

Updated on December 2, 2019

Great dreams and hopes flourish

Black khan Ali wanted to take over the head of the state, so he did not recognize the great khanate of his brother yusuf kadir khan, while the Ghaznavids had taken over the harzem and were now more interested in the blue river events.

Since they considered Ali Tiğin as a disturbing person, they decided to support Yusuf Kadir Khan, as a result of this, the situation of the lion Yabgu became even more important. There were tens of thousands of Turkmens horsemen at the command of the Lion, Call Bey's Anatolia The influx of Seljuks was greatly increased the reputation.

Mahmut Ghaznani, supposedly to meet the lion yabgu'yu, Samarkand invited to the city and deliberately captured and exiled to India, selcuklu yabgu'u castle was shut down for 7 years and died in 1032 in the dungeon.

The arrest of Aslan Yabgu gave significant results.

Some of the Turkmens left headless for a while scattered, tuğrul gentlemen who wanted to gather them together and the crowded tribes against the pressure of the call gentlemen went to various regions of Horasan with the permission of the Ghaznavids. They spread south to eastern anatolia and from there they went to azerbaijan.

The sons of Tuğrul and the call brothers and the lion yabgu did not forget this unjust treatment and this had a great effect on the violent struggle of the Seljuks against the Ghaznavids.

Upon the arrest of Aslan Yabgu, the call and the brothers of Tuğrul came to the forefront in the history of Seljuks.

Seljuks in harzem

The brothers and sisters of the Seljuks, the tuğrul and the call, thus rose to a mighty state, the management of the Turkmens was theirs, but according to the organization they chose their other uncle Mosa.

In other words, the situation was inconvenient to the land of the Han Khan Ali, cunning and deviant call to the brothers and offered to manage their state together, this was cheating, Tugrul Bey did not accept, then began to sprinkle seeds between the Seljuk family, but succeeded, musa yabgu'nun son Yusuf ' U wanted to give wide lands, to make the Turkmuse, yusuf did not accept this offer and was killed by a raid.

Call and Tugrul Kardelr, defeated the army of the Black House, took the revenge of his uncle, but on the side of the attack on the increase in the pressure of Ali Tiğin'in increased, Turkmen losses were severed by harzem pulled around this difficult situation harzem shah gold stone to the region showed.

In the meantime, the Ghaznah mahmut died in 1030, instead of his son Sultan Mesut, Altintas was appointed to the campaign against Ali Tiğin, Ali Tiğin, whose country was in danger, asked for help from the Seljuks this time, Seljuks who wanted to establish an independent state were able to evaluate this situation. And approved to take advantage of, they accepted the offer of friendship.

Great ruler of Ghaznavid state

Mahmud of Ghazna
Mahmud of Ghazna

Unwanted events and hazards

The new governor of Harzem also supported Harun's attempts at independence, thus forming a trilateral unit against the powerful rival Ghaznavid state.

However, the judges of the cend judge had been an unrelenting Seljuk enemy of the past, killing 7 - 8 thousand Turkmens in a sudden raid on a sacrifice festival, and many horses were lost.

Tuğrul and call brothers

Tuğrul and Çağrı Kardelr could only get out of this congested and dangerous situation they had faced by passing to Horasa and they thought that this would be possible.

The ambition of the two powerful brothers and slaves of the Seljuk tribes, without permission from the Ghaznavid state, crossed the river Ceyhun by passing to Horasan 1035.

Tugrul and the call brothers, musa yabgu, ibrahim yinal and others were all together, as they progressed towards merv and nesa in horasan, the unattended Turkmens also joined them.

Thus, the transition of the Seljuks to Horasa was one of the important turning points in the history of the world, one of the bravery and heroism, the other high statesman and political intelligence, the call and brothers who made a reputation in history, the foundation of one of the largest Turkish Islamic political institutions in Horasan.

When the Seljuk rulers came to Nesa, they asked the governor of Ghazna to mediate for the Sultan to give them the land to settle in. Sultan Mesut was in a hurry, he went to Nishapur, he prepared a large army supported by war elephants, Hacib Beğtoğdi, the army under the Nesa Plain. They were heavily defeated by the Seljuks.

The Seljuks had undoubtedly won their independence war, and after long and arduous struggles, they had achieved their goal of forming a state.

Importance of Dandanakan War

The Sandanakan war had important results and aims, the Seljuk state established at the end of this war, the most important state of the Islamic world in a short time has become the most important state, Seljuk state has taken over the task of the protection of Islam.

The strengthening of the Seljuk state and the victory of Malazgirt with 1071 and the opening of the Anatolian gates by the Turks resulted.

The foundation of the Seljuk state and the rise period

Immediately after the victory of Dandanakan, the elders of Selcuk were declared tuğrul bey, sultan, and after a while the state council convened in merv, important decisions were taken at the meeting opened with the speech of tuğrul bey, the lands at hand would remain in nişapur and manage the iraq region, Call bey, the state center will remain in the center, kavurt, around kirman, lion yabgu's son was blessed, curcan and dümgan'a yusuf'ın yusuf'ın son Ibrahim, kuhistan'a were appointed, they were tuğrul bey.

The region between Ceyhun and Ghazna, the central merv, call bey's central herat, the bust and sistan around musa yabgu [1040] Seljuk state was officially established and organized.

The period of Tuğrul Bey [1040 - 1063]

Moses yabgu, seized the city of Herat with five thousand horsemen, son of Yusuf Yinal and Ibrahim, Yinal's brother Ertas, sent to Sistan, Ertaş, connected here and the bust of the Seljuk state, Ghaznavids wanted to seize this region, Ertaş had returned to horasan because of his deterioration with musa yabgu.

Founder of Seljuk State

Seljuk beg
Seljuk beg

The Memorandum of Kirman and Oman

The conquest of Kirman in the hands of Buveyhiler was given to kavurt, black lion wolf, when he came to this region where he was headed with a horsemen of 5-6 thousand people, he met with strong resistance, first seized the northern region, then the center, and finally the southern side, Kirman was connected to the Seljuk state, Hormuz Emirate, was connected to the Seljuk state with the request,

Kavurt conquered Oman through it, thus extending the Seljuk borders to the Indian Ocean.

Expedition to the West

The western expeditions under the command of Tuğrul Bey were expanded with successive victories, the armies of the sultan, taberiistan and curcan were connected to the state, and later, the Kazvin, Isfahan and Dihistan regions were dominated.

Ibrahim Yinal, under the control of the sultan, has made important conquests, Ibrahim, near Tehran and Iran, which is considered one of the most important centers, reigned, the Seljuk state was connected to the state of Seljuk and the city was declared.

Buffered from the Turkish raids, the Byzantine movement took action, Ibrahim Yinal, Tugrul Bey was sent to Azerbaijan by the Byzantine army that came to this region between the forces of Ibrahim Yural encountered in front of the youth, the Byzantines, were defeated [1046]

Ibrahim took the kuta with the troops to the plain of Erzurum, where the Georgian and Abaza forces once again met with the Byzantine, Georgian and Abaza forces were supported, the number was up to 50 thousand, the battle took place in front of the castle, the Byzantine was defeated once again.

Türk tipi savaş taktiği

The Byzantine army was defeated again

The Seljuks captured tens of thousands of enemy troops in this war, hundreds of cars full of booty, the Pasinler victory 1048] Georgian king liparit was among the prisoners, so that the sluts captured the city of Erzurum.

Upon the victory of Pasinler, the Byzantine Emperor Monomakhos sought ways to make peace for the Sultan Seljuk Sultan Tugrul Bey, who accepted the Byzantine Ambassadors who brought valuable gifts as salvation tribute to the release of the prisoner Georgian King Liparit.

And gave the Georgian king his freedom.

Baghdad center, a large area dominated by Bühdehis, the tremor that began to increase day by day, the situation Seljuks, Iraq, Persian, elcezire seized large areas such as, troops under the command of Tugrul, moved to eastern Anatolia, Muradiye and Van Lake coast. I conquered.

They besieged Malazgirt, but Sultan Tuğrul, who did not expect the castle to be taken, then divided his army into three parts, asked the first to advance to Erzincan, and the second was to seize the regions on the other side of the Coruh valley, and the third was commanded by Sultan Tuğrul. 's besieged and moved to the plain of Pasin, Byzantines, could not resist the Turks could not resist because of the lack of courage.

And the malazgirt was besieged again, but as the winter approached, Sultan Tugrul lifted the siege to return in the spring and left Anatolia.

A veteran on the battlefield

Heroes are brave.
Heroes are brave.

Seljuk State Founder

Seljuk beg
Seljuk beg


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