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Cumbersome feelings

Updated on July 26, 2012

Inside My Head

Why am I still here?

Suffering inside my head—

What is there left for me to do

That keeps me here instead?

It seems just so unfair.

I get so tired of living

Each day no better than the one before

Not being able to let go

And walk through the veil of nevermore.

Free from the burdens of this world.

It’s not that I’m suicidal

Of that, I’m totally sure

My body is just sick and tired

I just want my spirit to soar

Being free to fly.

Without the constraints of this body

That is wearing out on me

So more medicine I’m supposed to take

A never-ending cycle, don’t you see?

When will it ever end?

I don’t know what to do anymore

I feel like I’m in the way

And all that’s really needed of me

Is my paycheck—so I stay.

Even though I know better.

Yet even though I know

I’m here for more than that

I don’t understand why

But one day I can answer that.

What do I do until then?

I want to lock myself up

And throw away the key

So these feelings I have inside

Don’t come pouring out of me

And spill over into someone else.

I know that in time

The Great Spirit will show me the way

I just have to keep looking for signposts

To the road on which to stay

Until I can soar freely.


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