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Cupids Arrow Strikes Again

Updated on February 14, 2017

Lovely Hearts Fly


Tender sweet hugs

Kisses in the back of your neck

Arm and arm we snuggle tight

All I can hear

Is you breathing softly

My fingers gently massaging your leg

Please could you do me a favor ?

Can you scratch that itch

A little to the right

Down a little

Up a little

Right there

Scratch like you mean it

Come on


Right there


It feels so good

As we both lay completely in the moment

Thinking of all the Valentines Days that have passed

A beautiful card

With the most beautiful saying

Thinking of all the things we have done

What we mean to each other

Traditionally it is a day of chocolates and roses

Expensive jewlery and sweet gifts

Fancy dinners and a night on the town

What about people who want more

So much more

They need real love

From the time they get up and the whole day through

Not one day a year

Each day that builds on the one before

Cementing in stone

A life we cherish

The tough times we struggled

The mean times we can't forget

No card ever dares to mention

The times we broke each other's heart

The swears that should never be said

Through it all

We realized something good

So good it should be great

A love that was meant to be

We can forgive

Which really means - for

Us to learn how to - give

What better time than now

To celebrate all we have

Forget what didn't work

Move forward

Loving just a little bit more

We have both picked each other

When we could of chosen anybody else in the world

Billions of people missed out

There is a reason we are here today

Because what we have is really special

Wonderful children come from beautiful parents

Yes we have our faults

We also have something so incredible

That no gift can ever fulfill

Only two people can make

A love so strong it flourishes

In all kinds of weather

These are just words on paper

My actions will show you how I feel

So proud to hold your hand in public

Waiting for just the right moment

To kiss you on the lips

Telling you how you make me feel

Watching your lips turn into a smile

This card is very special

It is the card that doesn't close

It springs open as soon as you let go

So there is only one solution

You have to be by my side

Guide me when I am lost

Tell me in a gentle way

When I am wrong

Help me to do better

You will always know

I am here to do the same

So as other people chase love

We spread it on as thick as we like

Giving each other that look

Eye to eye

Recapturing that love

That was the strongest we have ever felt

When we first met

Now setting it free

To do what it has always done

Make our love

Our life

In which we set the record straight

I love you

The person in the world who lights my fire

I promise to keep the fire burning

Happy Valentines Day

I am happier than ever

I am letting you know

This is a homemade card

With it's flaws and imperfections

Together we share

All the feelings two people can experience

A love so strong and always will be

My love from me to you

In it's own time

Finding it's way back

From you to me


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 15 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee Love is always beautiful. If it is love of ourselves or love of someone else. Valentine's Day can be time to enjoy. It is easy to get caught up in work and so many other things we forget what is so important. Taking the needed time a wonderful break. Thank you for sharing and hope you Valentines Day was extra special.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 15 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Homemade cards, kisses and I love yous should all stand above all the Valentine's commercialism. In fact I think that those who don't presently have a Valentine would also feel much better without seeing all those Valentine's sales and ads. Besides it is more important what comes from the heart because anyone can buy a bottle of wine and roses. Hope you had a romantic Valentine's Day.