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Cushioned Cot of the New Born

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Cushioned Cot.
The Cushioned Cot. | Source

All fits of anger gets balanced in sipping her Darjeeling tea standing with a stupid languor on her 6th floor veranda observing the sky changing hues from clear blue to deep dark blue and finally to dark grey with thunders shouting from above.It seems her life too has cast a dark gloomy unwelcoming cellophane paper choking her down.Her mind just then traveled few minutes back when she combated a heated argument.

Sam putting his iphone 5S carefully on the coffee table started the sentence

"Ria its not so easy to bring up a child in today's world,if you take a 'no pay leave' for 2 -3 years the roof will come over my shoulder,need to plan the expenses of baby's food, nutrition,medical and education too".

Ria worked up "how long you want to wait Sam, every year my fertility graph is coming down,marching towards mid-thirty, when r we going to be parents ".

Sam hot under collar "Stop demanding for something I am not prepared, we have recently invested on a property, I have been working my ass off to pay the E.M.I 's every month, a property and a Baby cant go hand in hand,please get it straight ".

Ria comes now calmly "Darling we have overcome all upheavals together this time we in unison will shun all hurdles,in a span of two years you will get the Vice President seat coming along a big leap in your CTC. Whats there to worry".I will take care of the home,baby and you !

Sam replied " Give me sometime to think,sweets don't spoil our mood.Get gorgeous for the cocktail party, I am going for a shower ".

The heated zone gets cleared but a smoke of uncertainty and a spiritual vacuum of modern man labeling a baby to a big investment is sordid which lingers in their perfectly done up living space enriched with classy porcelain vases, dolls,high end Murano glass artifacts of Venice,a wall fabricated with paintings from travels around the world,the study table now flaunts with Macbook pro, Ipad 2 coupled with Iphones and few other gizmos.

Ria lightens her up by making the richly flavored 'first flush' Darjeeling tea escaping herself to the extended gallery taking the form of a roof called Veranda,overlooking the sky, in fact open out over to everything your eyes wish to witness.She comes back to her present state in two shakes.

She heard shrill squeaks of birds replacing the silent afternoon with their cacophony getting muddled by the growling from above. As she looked down the corner spotted a pigeon engaging on a sole game of picking all sorts of sticks and small branches from the children’s park. To her mere surprise noticed the bird approaching near her veranda not even waiting for permission.

Ria stepped around the corner and was taken aback to locate another pigeon sitting merrily above their A.C’s vent. At that very moment the other one dramatically bounces over her head joins the companion. This time going closer she discovered they have happily designed a home with sticks, branches, twigs, leaves and is making a soft cushioning for their bed .Sooner realizing it is for the new toddler that is yet to arrive. That same moment Ria found herself grinning like a loony buoyed by nothing more than a life’s of two common birds. The birds, however, are always out and about here, seeming to have a better handle on how to live in this townscape than the humans who built it.


Which age are we landing ?

How much she may grin but soon her grin faded out leaving her in a state of solitary retirement.Hundreds of questions juggling inside her cerebrum. ' What do we call this age? Ice age,stone age,space age,oh how can I forget we are in the Digital age which says plenty about our artifacts but a dotting little about our Society.Our Society is the plastic life we live in cocktail parties,weekend brunch meets with business associates,holidaying with colleagues in the annual global meets,connecting people over facebook and other social networking sites yet finding no time to say 'hello' to your mommy or even the next neighbor .What is this hullabaloo all about? Can anyone answer?

We were social creatures from the start ,mammalian bees who depended entirely on others.Then why are we drifting from Joint-family structures to nuclear ones,allowing ourselves for long distance relationships thus making career excelling our only mantra to attain the unattainable,even conceiving ones mind for a baby needs so much strategic planning, bringing up a child will be a different game all together.!! The anthropocene in which humans exert a major impact on the biosphere fails to mark this century from the previous ones.To Ria it was obvious,she takes a deep breath telling herself "we are entering into an age of loneliness" just then Sam calls her " darling where is my custom made Italian leather shoe, cant find it in the shoe closet ".

It started raining...

R we happy progessing digitally!
R we happy progessing digitally!
The boy with crooked eyebrows.
The boy with crooked eyebrows. | Source

The boy with crooked eyebrows

Next morning it continued to rain. In the evening while coming back from work Ria stopped by for a moment, got distracted as she heard a voice that broke out at a measureless distance away, and growing ever louder, seemed approaching nearer every second. she saw little boy with crooked eyebrows, his eye balls moving faster though she couldn't shun away his deep dark eyes with a tiny sparkle.

He was hardly 6 -7 yrs and was giving instructions to his fellow soccer friends how to kick the ball. The boy- Kick the ball lightly.The ball should only go up a couple feet, with little or no spin.Try connecting with your dominant foot first, and then alternate to your non-dominant foot. Skilled soccer players Pele, Maradona, can kick the ball just as well with their non-dominant foot as they can with their dominant one'.

He uttered dozens of such names like Romario, Bebeto, Socrates,branco...goes on. Ria kept anticipating who are they? most importantly 'how I have never heard of them yet this lad pronounces every name with full gusto and pride' she muttered.

Then she admitted due to poor knowledge of the game these names seems unheard of. But the boy's enthusiasm slowly subsides as his friends one by one departs to their mother’s call. He angrily looks as each mothers’ full of vengeance as if his rival in the business arena is taking away his clients. His eyes are growing big and round.

He tries to stop one by saying ‘It’s a Saturday why r u taking him so soon aunty. Tomorrow is a holiday for us' .The mother replies sternly ‘there are piles of homework you all have to finish. Go back home Tojo. Stop playing. Its a waste of time’ one of the boys asserts ‘hurry up Tojo don’t be late otherwise this time you have to climb the back wall to get inside your house ’ The boy Tojo stood alone in the huge park compound, rain waters gushing down to him , his shoes,clothes are dunked into dirt.

The boy with utter dismay and displeasure as if all his hopes and expectations are drowning in the muck ,hurriedly takes the soccer ball and sat on one of park benches.

Ria could not mobilize herself from seeing such a sight. He gripped his ball with tiny hands allowing all his little might thinking that sooner or later the ball will also get submerged into the earths’ smut and filth. As he looked up, rain water plummeted down his cheeks but he opens his eyes and sees the sky above.

Ria being the only spectator to this sad musing gaze of this petite. So much so it became difficult to gage what was going inside the nanoscopic mind as tears mongrels with rain water.

In a trice her thoughts took a different dimension: its ‘getting dark no one comes to take this boy. How will he go without an umbrella? If he stays long he will fall sick? He must be hungry? 'Oh my God I am actually sounding like a mother goose '.She told herself. She so wanted to go and ask him why is he feeling so miserable and that where is his mother?

She was about to go and sit beside him when she saw an old man coming towards the boy with a big black umbrella. Tojo’s frown subsides and alters into a joyous grin. I saw for the first time his face without the crooked eyebrows. I believed the old feeble man was his grandfather, supposedly the one whom these above mentioned questions also triggered. The boy held the hands of his grandfather and looked at him and said-‘ I knew you will come, will you buy a Brazil jersey for me. The old man had such calm eyes, he smiled and rubbed the sweat( now half washed by the rains) from Tojo’s face with a hanker chief and says ‘okay will buy .

The boy’s eyes instantly glittered like the sudden appearance of stars on a smoky sky. The boy further says ‘Tommorow is a holiday for me...H O L I D A Y. She thought every child in this world is like a star and deserves to twinkle.

" I am prepared...."

Ria reached home, got busy with daily errand but the thoughts of the little tot kept wavering on her mind. Those dark sparkling bright eyes,full of dreams of becoming a soccer player.

She thought as a matter-of-fact these pragmatic approach of some parents about playing a sport to come up with the audacity to take it as your career is a complete waste of time, little did they know that puncturing those dreams at such a delicate age will leave a mark that can never be erased.

"Instead of tolerating your boys naughtiness with patience and handling them with care some grownups happily resort to comparing their son either with his nearest sibling or anyone from distant family or neighborhood, ignoring the fact that your son may be racked with pain by this gesture of yours. As a child if his evenings are spent 60% playing and the remaining 40% attempting to study that still doesn't justify that he will be a loser in life" , she published her thought for the day on a social networking site.

Just few seconds later she hears a chirping sounds of the birds lashes out to see if everything is fine with mommy sparrow and their custom-made cot, she stroked dumb to see the new member to the family being cuddled,cleaned,warmed,getting wrapped in mommy's wings.What a delightful sight she thought. Godsome feeling of the world !!.

Ria puts a plate of cereal keeping it on veranda floor with a bowl of water.She has all the care of a mother, without even getting awarded would-be-moms sash she could differentiate whats not-to-do and whats-to-do lists. so why to wait and plan. Ria says 'she is ready to plunge for the mommy test'.


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    • profile image

      satyaki datta 

      4 years ago

      Matured thought weaved into fiction.Beautiful is the word.


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