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Cussing: Good, Bad, or Neither?

Updated on May 5, 2011

Cussing: Good, Bad, or Neither?

What is a word?

- It is a visual or vocal symbol to which we assign meaning

What is a cuss word?

- It is a visual or vocal symbol to which we assign meaning intended to show disapproval of another.

But is that really what a cuss (swear) work is in modern society?

We've been taught never to say a cuss word ever since we were in preschool and onwords into highschool and adulthood. Students are given detention or even suspended for saying these symbolic representations of meaning, but why should they?

Can a cuss word kill a person? Can it in any way inflict any damage beyond the other's interpretation of the word?

- No

A cuss word is as harmless as this sentence, but we only assign a negative connotation to this word which today, isn't always the case, yet most people flinch at the mere mention of the word "F***!" or "B****", even when it isn't intended to express disapproval of another.

Why shouldn't we use cuss words? In our modern society, these words add humor to a dull conversation. When words like "F***", "C***", and "B****" are used in terms of humor, it isn't any more dangerous than the word "cat" or "dog".

Do you find these quotes at all "bad"?

- “I say we grease this rat-f*** son of a b**** right now.” – Hudson

- “Was it legal? F*** legal! Not nice? F*** nice! The nation says I’m not nice? F*** THE NATION!” – Roy Cohn

- “Your mother sucks cocks in hell!” – Regan

Maybe a few of you may say - that's mean, but the majority of us will probably get a nice chuckle from reading them. That's how must swear words are used, yet we are condemned but any use even if it is meant to be humorous - due to or illogical conditioning from society which taking the time to question what the purpose of a word is.


I propose that we break this age old and illogical discrimination of terminology - that from this age forward, we understand the meaning of words and sentences rather than fall prey to our conditioning. When we live our lives by questioning even the tiniest details, misunderstanding will cease to exist.


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    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 5 years ago from North Texas

      Agree that cuss words are not a big deal. The words marital relations, copulation, intercourse, and the F-word all mean the same thing, yet only one of those words is considered inappropriate. Seems like a bunch of elitists got together in their ivory tower sometime in the past and decided that certain sounds would be considered nasty and nice people wouldn't use them, yet other words that mean exactly the same thing are acceptable.

      The one thing you do seem to be confused about is cuss and swear. The difference between them is that swearing takes the Lord's name in vain and cussing does not. Abusing God's name is a sin.

      Otherwise, I agree people should spend more time worrying about things that matter and make a difference than about graphic language.