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Its now or never.

Updated on October 13, 2016

It's getting ever closer.


If I had to think Of a special quote

Martin Luther KingWould get my vote.

If I had to thinkOf someone I admire

Muhammad Ali's pictureWould be above my fire.

If I had to quote

Who kills more of its people

Syria,Iraq and others

Would be top of the steeple.

If I had to pick

On tv every day

What wretches my stomach

Kids dying, I'd say

When I think of the wealth

The world has for sure

Our everyday ignorance

Really is pretty poor.

We are shocked at the time

We express our disgust

But we still carry on

With our misplaced trust.

We don't take the steps

We don't end this curse

More and more die daily

The problem is getting worse.

Tyrants keep bullying

Those they profess to adore

The same old story

It's getting to be a bore.

Money talks most times

Why not do it now

Why not get rid

the taste that's so sour.

No,it's easier to ignore

or to turn a blind eye

Easier for us to close our door

Easier for our conscience

To sweep it under the floor.

While we ignore,dispute and digress

Peoples lives are still in a mess.

People still dye,every single day

Upload our conscience

For these people we will pray.

We think of them sparingly

As much as we can

All the while being bullied

By a tyrant of a man.

Is there an end

To the suffering we see

sincerely hope there is

In the future we will see.

If a solution is found

That's not dependant on cost

Foundations must be sound.

It has to come soon

Too many people are dying

I'm sick of the news each day

Full of people crying.

Men missing wives,children and kin

They pray for an end,when will it begin.

When is it time for life

To be given a chance

We all need to stand up

And take a universal stance.

Then and only then

Will humanity be the plea

Happiness and joy

As far as the eye can see.

Never ending.

Almost daily we get the stories about Syria. We hear about the daily deaths of children as Assad bombs his own people in hospitals. Killing innocent women and children. When is enough going to be enough? All forces were quick enough to jump in to depose Saddam Hussein,and Colonel Gadaffi. What's so different this time? People are dying,cities being bombed beyond recognition, what's different this time? Why is nothing being done? Why are the United Nations still debating what to do with this maniac? I think his time to go is long over due. It needs to end,these people have suffered enough.

The reality.

Time is the loser.




Its really not fair.

Fear,frenzy,hope is lost

Homes,possessions,everything tossed.

Assad sits in luxury,

Picks them of one by one

When will the Syrians

Feel anything but numb.



the world sits

the chaos reigns

emotions are pleated

tears are strained.


Syrian people want to feel on TOP.

normal life, if only for a few

mobilise nations forces,it's up to you.


The noise of war,is all to familiar

the Syrian people,very familiar

can't walk to the shop,for fear of being killed

they prey for peace,for the stronger willed.

no food supply,Assad stops that too

his troops bombing trucks,food for a few.

trying to starve them in to submission

getting confessions of their own volition.

think of your children ,starving for days

messes with my head,puts me in a daze.

when is it coming?

The relief,when is it coming? That's what I've seen on camera. A wee girl with her face cuts to shreds with shrapnel. She was begging and sobbing for someone to help her and her people. She couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 years old. All she has known in her short existence is death and war,it's not right.

The Doctors didn't even have medication to heal the girl,or painkillers to help a child feel slightly less sore,but she still came on to television to plead for help. She's the bravest little girl I've ever seen.


I think most people would agree that Assads regime needs to be brought to an abrupt halt. He kills with impunity without fear of being prosecuted or killed. That's better than most of his people feel every day. They wake up wondering who will be next to be killed in their family. This is supposed to be a more humane world,but this suffering is still happening every day of the week, it seems to be never ending.Imagine all your family sleeping in the one bedroom in an attempt to increase your families chances of survival. That's what Syrian people are doing every day in what's left of their houses.


ASSAD-What do we do?

When is his tyranny going to end?

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    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 18 months ago from On planet Earth

      Lovely poetry and Article in one. Yesss it is indeed sad...This world we live in is growing more WICKED everyday.

      Its very painful...but many lacks compassion and kindness

      Thanks for sharing