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Lovers Island

Updated on October 5, 2009


The sun dribbles love across the sea

Inviting the mind to explore and seek

That one who will for fill all needs and wonders

Speaks passion, but fierce as thunder

Splashing romance against the beaches soft sand

This is paradise in my lovers land

Beams of lust

Surrounds the two of us

Breaks loose the need to clench

Me against you, eyes dreary of suspense

We come as one to unleash our natures

Mind, body, and soul

Utopia is my goal

Golden gates open as you lock on me

Your presence is disturbingly

Cause the universe couldn’t catch my attention

You receive a visitation

Of love beyond your wildest imagination

Let your body loose against the gentle vibration

Of intimacy along the parlous journey

Standing hand up, in front of the attorney

To confess my love for you

Put my heart against the tables what I’ll do

Ride stars endlessly through our minds

As our nature intervenes

Calm breezes of soft words enter your ear

Words of passion that only you should hear

We feel tempers escalating as I pull you near

Love aloud as I hold you near

Scream in desire as I please that urge

Our passions converge

As we stop the clock

I pull into your dock

And release the overloading love I thrust

Through desire into a chamber never to open again

Casting lust away and bringing love in

Hot like an open oven

When we begin touching

You filled that gapping emotionless hole

No one else could help make whole

You are paradise in my lovers land

Wonders that no other man

Could give during your love demand

I could be your wonderland

Just hold tight as we journey the deep crevices

In your heart as we find us

Hide not if someone finds us

This is no lust nor crush

This is my love I Extend

Will you be there till the very end


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    • writing menace profile image

      writing menace 7 years ago from Virginia Beach

      i know i just love this poem... its get the mind to imagining whats going on... and making the words visual... one of my favs... thanks for taking the time to read and joining the visual rollercoaster...

    • Heart Felt Book profile image

      Cheri Taylor 7 years ago from New York, NY

      Wow so amazing! I truly feel connected this is deep and thoughtful. Very sexy. Great job loved it thanks.

    • writing menace profile image

      writing menace 8 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Yeah this one of my favorites

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 8 years ago

      Ooh this is good! very very good!