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Comic Book Review: "Legion Lost #9: The Culling: Part 3: Unbeatable"

Updated on May 17, 2012
Legion Lost #9
Legion Lost #9 | Source

The third chapter of “The Culling” story arc begins in the 9th issue of Legion Lost. Both the Legion (Tyroc, Gates, Chameleon Girl, Timber Wolf, Tellus and Dawnstar) and the Teen Titans (Wonder Girl, Red Robin, Superboy, Skitter, Kid Flash, Bunker and Solstice) come face to face, once again, with the Man-Monster Harvest. This time, it’s just he alone verses the entire group (aided by a few new friends: Lightning, Thunder, Ridge, Beast Boy and Doctor Caitlin Fairchild). In the issue, we learn more about Harvest’s entire plan for the two teams and what the true purpose of “The Culling” is; also we see the beginnings of a new team (with a few betrayals along the way). Written and drawn by Tom DeFalco and Pete Woods, “The Culling: Part Three: Unbeatable”, brings the Legion and the Titans closer to the endgame of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s ultimate plan for the future of humanity.

“The Culling: Part 3: Unbeatable” begins with Harvest preparing to attack the two teams. Harvest says he needs new member for his Ravagers: Only the strongest and bravest will do. He’s sent his army of Ravagers out of The Crucible so that he can face the teams alone.

Wonder Girl wants to fight, but Dawnstar and Red Robin wants to devise a plan first.

Tellus sets up a mind link between the two groups, making it easier to strategize. Bunker rushes in to attack Harvest. He is easily beaten and thrown back by Harvest.

Tyroc tells Dawnstar to track the exit the Ravagers took out of The Crucible. He sends Gates, Bunker, and Chameleon Girl to search for surviving teens in the Colony, and to look for Skitter; she’s been missing.

Lightning and Thunder run off with Beast Boy to find the exit; Ridge, of Harvest’s army of Ravagers who was left behind, follows them.

Chameleon Girl rushes in to attack Harvest, despite Tyroc protests. Harvest defeats her and calls her by her real name: Yera Allon. Wildfire is confused by Harvest’s intimate knowledge of the Legion. Timber Wolf believes he finally understands how Harvest can defend against their 31st century weapons.

Kid Flash rushes into the fray, but Harvest quickly beats him back. He tells Kid Flash his manners are poor but understandable given his upbringing.

Tyroc, Red Robin, and Tellus try to uses telepathy to read Harvest’s mind, but he is has already read theirs. He explains that the Legion didn’t come to the 21st century by chance; he sent for them.

Meanwhile, above the Crucible, Bunker, Dawnstar, Thunder, Lightning, Gates and Beast Boy are trying to find an exit while fighting their way out through a horde of armed N.O.W.H.E.R.E. guards. They run into Doctor Caitlin Fairchild. She wants to help them escape. She shows them a way out of the lab, as Rose Wilson, a member of the Harvest’s Ravagers, appears to stop them. Fairchild tells them all to leave; she’ll deal with Rose.

Bunker and Gates finish off the guards and find a Time Bubble…

Back in the Crucible, Harvest explains that his cause is just; he’s not a madman. He’s trying to save the future. Creating an ultimate team of Ravagers through The Culling is worth the deaths of thousands to save quadrillions. He has set everything in motion so that everyone was there at this exact time.

Solstice arrives and demands answers. He explains that the Titans didn’t meet by accident; each and every one of them met according to Harvest’s design. He also orchestrated that the 31st century Legionnaires sent Tyroc and his team to this exact time in the 21st century.

Back above, Thunder and Lightning are fighting off guards. As Caitlin and Rose are fighting, Wilson calls Fairchild a liar and a betrayer. Caitlin explains that she knew what N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was doing to the meta-human teenagers and vowed to stop them from the inside. Rose doesn’t care and plans to kill her.

Caitlin doesn’t care what happens to her, but she want Rose to let the teens live; they deserve to have normal lives. So far, Fairchild’s plan to stop Harvest and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. hasn’t worked out the way she planned, but she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer for her mistakes. Ridge shows up and knocks out Rose.

He heard Fairchild’s speech and wants to change his ways; he wants to help, not hurt the teens. Fairchild is glad to hear it; yet she is still mad at herself for messing things up. She hopes she can at least get everyone out alive.

Back at the Crucible, Superboy is trying to fight Harvest. Nothing Superboy can do works against him; He seems invincible. Harvest tells them that he’s planned everything to the minutest detail. He has a defense for any attack.

Wildfire asks Tellus to encased both Harvest and Wildfire in a force field. He’s going to kill himself using his anti-energy (shielded by his special armor) to save everyone else. Harvest says he has planned for this as well and it won’t work. Wildfire opens his suit and unleashes his anti-energy onto Harvest. Harvest easily reflects it back onto Wildfire, apparently killing him. He holds the lifeless body of Wildfire and tells the entire group to kneel before him.

This third episode of “The Culling” storyline happily gives us all the little tidbits that are needed to start piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of Harvest’s master plan. We’re given the knowledge that Harvest knows every Teen Titans and member of the Legion. He’s planned every detail to bring each of them to this exact place and time. His plan revolves around an army that (according to him) can save the future of humanity. He’s crafted the power to defend himself from any of their attacks; he now seems to be in complete control of the situation. This issue also gives a glimpse of the creation of a new team (the members so far are Thunder, Lightning, Fairchild and Ridge) for the new upcoming series, “The Ravagers”. Those familiar with Images Comic series “Gen 13” series will obviously recognize Caitlin Fairchild, the super-strong redheaded leader of the team. As for “The Culling” storyline, both the Titans and the Legion have their work cut out for them; if they don’t get to the bottom of this situation and defeat Harvest, they are all doomed to be his puppets. Here’s looking forward to the conclusion of this story in Teen Titans #9.


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