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DC Comics New 52 Reboot: A Nerds-Eye View - Week 2

Updated on September 15, 2011

Here we are, Week 2. 13 more comics to review.....286 pages.....oh God, what have I done? I really hope I keep with it to the end, because honestly, I'm really enjoying reading all these, and writing mini-reviews. So, let's jump in!

Batman & Robin

This issue – Bruce and Damian are supposed to be partners. Bruce, however, is having a hard time getting over the fact that Damian is his son, to trust him completely as a partner. Damian brings up the fact that even Dick Grayson trusted him, but Bruce says he has to earn his trust, it isn’t just given out. Bruce also opens up about his parents death, and says that he is no longer going to mourn on the anniversary of his parents death, but happily remember them on their wedding anniversary, which is a big turn for Batman. Oh, and Russian Batman gets killed by an invisible person, calling themselves Nobody. Pretty basic stuff

How it differs – Well, Grayson was Batman before this, for the past 2+ years or so. Bruce has been back for less than a year, but he has also been Batman…but in other places? Grayson was in Batman & Robin, and Bruce was in Batman Inc., both being Batmens’s. Not a whole lot is different, other than Grayson is now back to Nightwing, apparently (that book hasn’t come out yet, next week we’ll know for sure).

Will I read issue #2? - On one hand, I am glad that Bruce is back, although I started reading comics after Bruce died, so this is the first time I’ve read him like this. On the other hand, this shows me how much I love Dick. …..GRAYSON! Dick Grayson! Dick’s relationship with Damian was fantastic, basically brothers, who mutually respected one another. It didn’t start that way, however, so I will give them some time to get comfortable with each other. Plus, Tomasi and Gleason did a fantastic run on Green Lantern Corps, so I will definitely be reading this in the future.


This issue – A couple is talking to the police, about an apparent ghost that shows up in their house, and attempts to kidnap their children (which we see in flashbacks). Batwoman then comes crashing through their window, but before she could stop the ghost, she vanishes, along with the kids. We then see Kate Kane (a.k.a. Batwoman) training Bette Kane (a.k.a. Flamebird) to be her partner, then Kate has a fight with her father. Honestly, I don’t know for certain what all happened, it was all splash pages and movement for me.

How it differs – Not a whole lot is different from before Flashpoint (BF? Nah). Bette said at the end of the Batwoman Detective Comics run that she wanted to be Kate’s new partner, so they are still going along with that storyline. I probably missed something that is different, but I was most likely distracted by the art.

Will I read issue #2? - When I saw The Dark Knight, I said if they put Heath Ledger as The Joker in a room, and has him read the phone book for 10 hours, I would watch it with rapt attention, and love every minute of it. If Kate Kane starts reading said phone book next issue, I will still love it, because of the art. J.H. Williams III has to be in the top 5 best artists in comics right now, but at the very top of my list. The action is gorgeous, and it just flows so beautifully, I can’t even comprehend how it happens. I would have J.H. Williams children, is what I am saying…..anyway, I will be reading next week.


This issue – If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire, The A-Team. If you want some want totally murderized in the face, call Deathstroke. It opens with a group that has him in their cross-hairs, and the leader says that Deathstroke is outnumbered. Why does anyone say that, ever?He gets out of this situation, by decapitotally killing them. He gets hired on to do another job, but is given a team of kids, that look like they are barely in their 20’s. The info that was given to Slade was not entirely accurate, and after the mission, he is not happy.

How it differs – I really don’t know what is different, but from what I read on Wikipedia, not a lot has changed. He is no longer on Titans, at least he didn’t mention it as of yet. He doesn’t really seem to be a team player in this new universe, as shown by the end of the book.

Will I read issue #2? - This was pretty good, but the art is super-meh. It was fine, but not really that great. The story is somewhat intriguing, but I am not sure if this will be a must for next month. Definitely a maybe. Definitely a maybe? What does that mean?

Demon Knights

This issue – I don’t even know… This book starts in the last days of Camelot, where we see Excalibur get thrown to The Lady of the Lake. Etrigan is being held captive by Merlin, and is bound to a human, Jason of Norwich. We then flash to The Dark Ages, where Mordru and the Queen, possess a baby with a fortune-telling demon. They then kill it. Jason/Etrigan, and Madame Xanadu are headed to the city, where they want to blend in. They meet Vandal Savage, Sir Ystin, Al Jabr, and Exorcistos in a bar, and immediately get into a fight. Then, things get, a little weird…

How it differs – In the time it will take me to research, and recap all of these characters, the next issue will be out. I will just say that all of these people are not from this time period (i.e. Etrigan was in the last issue of Batman The Dark Knight). I also don’t think these people have been together in the same book before. Also, The Lady of the Lake was not in continuity before.

Will I read issue #2? - The art is gorgeous, and really works for this medieval time period. But the writer, Paul Cornell…. I’ll just tell you the last line. The villains realize that the team-up could be a problem, so they say “Let’s do what we always do…We find the source of the problem, and we throw dragons at it.” How the frak do you not read next week’s issue? DRAGONS.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

This issue – A city is overrun by monsters. Who you gonna call? Ghost!-…Frankenstein? He’s a monster, too. He works for S.H.A.D.E. (Super Human Advanced Defense Executives Xtreme Purple Monkey Dishwasher), on the side of humanity, and so does his wife, who has gone missing. When he gets to the city, he finds he is given a team, called the Creature Commandos. There is a Swamp Lady, a Werewolf, a Vampire, and a Mummy. It was a graveyard smash. Too soon? They fight through the city, looking for Bride, and any survovirs. Hilarity ensues

How it differs – Frankenstein was one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, but this series is almost exactly like the Flashpoint miniseries. The Swamp-Lady was one of the test subjects, instead of the creators of the group, and the werewolf was almost a mindless killing machine, but they were all in the Flashpoint series. Also, there was no Mummy.

Will I read issue #2? - The art was a really big turn-off for me. On the double-page spreads, the art was pretty decent, with all of the movement, and cahracters on screen. Other than that, the art was too rough and dirty for me. The story was okay, but I really don’t know if I will read next week’s issue. I like Frankenstein since Seven Soldiers, but this isn’t as compelling as it should be. Definitely another maybe. I need to stop saying that…

Green Lantern

This issue - Hal Jordan Out! Sinestro back in! Horrible timing on DC’s behalf, considering the movie came out three months ago! This more deals with Hal, dealing with being back on Earth. He can’t get a job, so he’s evicted, doesn’t even have a car. He goes out with Carol Ferris, and says he has something important to ask her. She excitedly asks what, and he asks her to co-sign on a car loan. She throws her drink in her face, and storms out. Sinestro, seeing how his own corps is running without him, goes to Hal, and says if he wants the ring back, he would have to do everything Sinestro tells him. Odd Couple Theme Song?

How it differs - This seems to be one of the least affected books so far. This literally picks up where Green Lantern 67 ended left off. Wouldn’t you think Geoff Johns, the writer of Green Lantern, and Flashpoint, as well as the architect of this whole Relaunch, would have wanted all books to be different, somehow? Maybe he just did all of his changes before Flashpoint, and thought that was good enough. Most GL stories happen in space, so maybe space wasn’t affected, so much as Earth.

Will I read issue #2? - I never stopped reading Green Lantern, even when a bunch of people jumped ship. I have always liked Mahnke’s art, although it does stutter at times. One panel in this issue is a close-up of Hal, and it just looks....odd. Overall, I really liked this issue, and am going to guess by issue 3, Hal will have his ring back.


This issue - Cole Cash has an awesome name for a con man, and is also hearing voices. Which sucks, because he is on a plane at the time. The voice is coming from a woman, who tries to kill him, mid-flight. He kills her back, and takes over the plane. On a book released September 14th, 2011. Awkward. He doesn’t take the plane down, he just jumps out, before he is killed. We get flashbacks of Grifter, grifting someone, griftily. This book twists and turns so much, it is insane.

How it differs - Grifter used to be a part of the Wildstorm universe, alongside Stormwatch, The Authority and Voodoo. Apparently, the past time he has showed up, was in 2007, so no recent activity, other than Flashpoint.

Will I read issue #2? - This book was nuts. The story was really cool, but the art by CAFU is fantastic. It is really smooth, and the small amount of action that is in this book, looks very fluid. I can’t wait until there is a lot more action. Definite pick-up next week.

Legion Lost

This issue - Okay...I have no idea what happened in this issue, who the characters are, or anything. It took me 10 pages to figure out one of them was the villain. Honestly, I can’t give a recap. They show up in this world, find the bad guy, and leave. Some of them die at the end of the issue, apparently.

How it differs - I am not going to go into the rabbit-hole that is Legion back-story. Let’s just say it’s all different.

Will I read issue #2? - Absolutely not

Mister Terrific

This issue - A man is eating at a diner, and in a flash, he gets super honest. He tells the waitress that she is a waste of space, and does the same with a hobo, before snapping his neck. Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific) is called in to help the investigation. We get more back-story, then we move into a benefit party. Michael is chatting up a Senator, when the same flash happens. He starts to get really brutally honest, and then tells the Senator that he is going to kill him.

How it differs - Mister Terrific has a new costume in this new universe. I can’t exactly see anything that different, unless it has to do with his family life, which I am not exactly familiar with. Mister Terrific was on the Justice Society of America before, and died, came back, was injured, the usual. He seems to have gotten better, though.

Will I read issue #2? - The art kind of fell flat for me. The faces looked like blobs of clay on a body. When art is fine, you don’t notice it. When it is really good, or really bad, you notice. This is really bad. The story was fine, but I don’t think I will be picking it up next month.

Red Lanterns

This issue - Atrocitus is having identity issues. He is the leader of the Red Lanterns, the enbodiment of Rage. And he is sort of indifferent. Krona was supposed to be his kill, in War of the Green Lanterns (check my reviews here and here), but Hal got to him first. Krona killed Atrocitus’s entire planet, so his ultimate revenge was to finally kill Krona. Now that Krona is dead, he doesn’t know what to do. He may not even be able to control his own Corps.

How it differs - Again, this is in the same world as Green Lantern, i.e., not a lot has changed. The story from War of the Green Lanterns is continued here.

Will I read issue #2? - Milligan is a solid writer, and Ed Benes is a solid artist. The Red Lanterns really appeal to me in a certain way, for whatever reason...GET OFF MY BACK, OKAY!!!! If the art or story didn’t appeal to me, I would still read, for one reason: Dex-Starr. Dex-Starr is a normal cat, who was given a Red Lantern ring, which he wears on his tail. How is that not the greatest character in the history of ever?

Resurrection Man

This issue - Resurrection Man is dead. At first. His “power” is that he can come back to life (obviously), and every time he comes back, he has a new power. This time, he has a magnetic power. When he comes back, he has a new mission, that he knows somehow, like intuition. He is being pulled to a flight to Portland. On the flight, he meets this girl, who knows things she shouldn’t about the other passengers. Turns out, SURPRISE! she is not what she seems, and attacks. He dies again, and wakes up with the power to turn into liquid. He escapes the people that are chasing him. For now.

How it differs - Resurrection Man hasn’t been used that often recently, except briefly in Brightest Day. He was offered up the the White Ring as a replacement wearer for Deadman, but the Ring wouldn’t have any of it. This character was only created in 1997, so there is not a whole back-story to go over.

Will I read issue #2? - This was very interesting, and different. Abnett & Lanning are really great at taking these odd characters, and telling great stories about them. With Resurrection Man, they created him, so there’s an added bonus. Fernando Dagnino has worked on a few books, most moticeably JL: Generation Lost, but I have never seen him before. He is fantastic. I really enjoyed his art, and will definitely be reading this again. Now, if only they can shoe-horn Groot in this book, I will be in heaven.

Suicide Squad

This issue - Okay, this issue actually made me say, outloud, “Oh S#!T!!!!” We start with the Suicide Squad captured, being tortured. The team now consists of Deadshot, King Shark, El Diablo, Voltaic, Black Spider, Savant, and Harley Quinn. They are getting tortured for information, who sent you, all kinds of stuff, and none of them are talking. Most are insane. Finally, Savant snaps, and spills his guts, which leads to his captors to spill his brains out of his head. The way that this issue is is what made me yell out in surprise,

How it differs - The Suicide Squad is an ever-revolving list of characters. Harley is a new addition, as is El Diablo, and Black Spider, I believe. Harley and El Diablo were in the Secret Six, which is a similar premise, but not as deadly consequences for leaving the team. Harley looks different, instead of looking like some sort of clown, she is now this emo-goth chick, with red and blue hair. It is very cool.

Will I read issue #2? - Have you ever read an issue of a comic book that made you yell out “Oh S#!T!!!!”, and not read the next issue? Adam Glass wrote an epic first issue, with a twist at the end that I honestly didn’t see coming. Federico Dallocchio uses a grittier style for the current torture scenes, and a smoother, nicer style for the flashback character stuff. It is really effective to keep the timeline intact, and I really enjoyed all of the art. This is an obvious yes for next month.


This issue - Test-tube babies. Most are perfectly normal. Others are made from a cross between Superman’s DNA, and someone who is a complete and utter psychopath. Superboy is the latter. He was an experiment, and when he was about to be terminated, he lashed out against his captors. instead of executing him on the spot, they decided to run VR simulations, to figure out who’s DNA he was created from. Not even the team that created him know who the other person is. The simulation is very believable, although he doesn’t act quite right in every situation.

How it differs - We knew that Superboy (Pre-Flashpoint) was created from Superman’s DNA, and Lex Luthor’s DNA. We don’t necessarily know that yet, but I would assume that is still the case. His name was Conner Kent before, and he lived on the Kent farm, with Ma, Pa, and Clark. Now, he is confined to a lab, and is referred to as Superboy, but mostly “it”

Will I read issue #2? - The art in this is really strong, by R. B. Silva. He is good at showing emotions on people’s faces, while at the same time leaving Superboy’s face blank, at least at first. He is only “awake” for 10 seconds, he wouldn’t know what to do. That’s a cool touch. This seems like it will be an integral part of the new universe, i.e. being placed on a team, so I would probably read this anyway. I really want to know who else’s DNA they used, even if it is still Lex.

26 down, 26 to go.....I think I will make it. I have read a bunch of really good books so far. I will have a lot more monthly books after this is said and done.

See you next week!

Running List Of Choices

Action Comics
Justice League International
Green Arrow
Animal Man
Hawk & Dove
Static Shock
Men of War
Legion Lost
Detective Comics
Mister Terrific
Swamp Thing
Batman & Robin
Demon Knights
Green Lantern
Red Lanterns
Resurrection Man
Suicide Squad


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