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DC and Marvel Comics Drop Comic Prices

Updated on November 8, 2010

The Two Largest Comic Book Publisher in the World Announce a Drop in Prices

Is your comic book addiction now interfering with rent, gas, food, and other nececities?

Never fear, for comics will be taking up a little less of your expenditures from now on! Nerds everywhere may rejoice, because on October 8th both DC Comics and Marvel Comics announced that they would both be dropping the prices of their comics!

DC Comics has made it official that all of their regular 32-page comics will now be priced at $2.99 as opposed to their previous $3.99, which is good news if you buy as many comics as I do. Marvel, no doubt wanting to stay in competition with their main rival (though I don't know how they could, seeing as Batman is boss) announced shortly after that, starting in January of 2011, they would drop the prices of many of their titles, too. Unfortunately at this point they have not expressed whether the new $2.99 price tag will apply only to new titles starting in 2011, or if they will also be dropping the prices of old titles.

So... Hurrah!


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